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February 07


SIERRA NEVADA 2022: SNOWRUNNING WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS VERTICAL AND CLASSIC. Our SKYRUNNING section celebrates the first Snowrunning World Championship where 60 runners from all over the world competed druing this weekend in Sierra Nevada, Spain, in two modalities: Vertical and Classic. SIERRA NEVADA 2022: SKYSNOW WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS VERTICAL AND CLASSIC “Edition zero” of the SkySnow World Championships will take place […]

February 01


GORBEIA SUZIEN 2022 (8-OCT) SKYRUNNING WORLD CUP FINAL. Our  MOUNTAIN RACES CALENDAR 2022 section celebrates another great official international event that will be held in Spain. We recently published that Canfranc Canfranc will be the final WMRA Long Distance World Cup 2022 and world candidate Mountain and Trail 2023. For its part, in the Basque […]

January 21


SKYSNOW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: SIERRA NEVADA (SPAIN) FEBRUARY 4-5. Our SKYSNOW section bring us today the final information about the SKYSNOW World Championships that will launch the first World Championships on February 4-5, 2022, in Andalusia at the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort, Granada, Spain. Some weeks ago we already mentioned the creation of this new discipline […]

October 28


VK OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS: LIMONE EXTREME. Our SKYRUNNING section bring us today the cellebration this weekend of the Final VK Open championships from the ISF.   VK OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS: LIMONE EXTREME The VK OPEN Championship was introduced earlier this year by the International Skyrunning Federation to highlight this longstanding and highly popular discipline – the Vertical Kilometer® – for those who like […]

October 18


SKYSNOW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: A NEW SKYRUNNING DISCIPLINE. Our SKYRUNNING section bring us today a new disciple form the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation): SKYSNOW and it does it with a new World Championship that will be cellebrated on Sierra Nevada, Spain, 4th-5th February 2022. Snow represents one of the classical elements of skyrunning, especially at high […]

April 08


SKYRUNNING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS READY TO RE-START. Some good news to kick off the year’s sporting calendar. The Skyrunning World Championships and Youth World Championships are back with teams from no less than 29 countries participating across the two events. After the 2020 postponements, the championships are confirmed, and athletes are raring to get back in […]

November 04


Despite the current worldwide situatioin, the thirteenth International Skyrunning Federation General Assembly took place on October 30, 2020, via Zoom from the ISF operational headquarters in Biella, Italy. The 2020 AGA via Zoom with the participation of 53 participants from across the world. ©ISF A record 31 members took part, and, while the personal contact was […]

June 03

Emelie Forsberg (Salomon Running) interviewed at Zegama by Mayayo: 2013 Memories & Objectives for 2014

  Emelie Forsberg ended up the 2013 skyrunning season on a most dominating note, with an impressive track record, including her skyrunning world cup title, and european titles both for skyrace and ultras. Also relevant were some prestige victories at races like Transvulcania 80k or the Zegama Marathon. She also ran her first 100miler, at the […]

May 27

Zegama Aizkorri 2013: Race report, full results and photos. WINNERS: Kilian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg.

Zegama Aizkorri is a 42-km/DT5.472m mountain marathon hedl at the Basque village of Zegama in Spain. Kilian Jornet has just won this 2013 Skyrunning world series event  for the sixth time, this year in 3h54m.  Salomon Running teammate Emelie Forsberg took the women´s field in 4h48m.  As it happens every year at Zegama, animation was extraordinary,  with […]

Skyrunning World Series: Pikes Peak Marathon results & photos. Winners: Kilian Jornet – Emelie Forsberg. Mireia Miró takes 3rd.

The Skyrunning 2012 season visited yesterday one of the great american classic trail runs: The Pike´s Peak Marathon. The race was won by Kilian Jornet  in 3h40 with Alex Nichols coming in second and Max King in third. The women´s race got a full Salomon Running podium with Emelie Forsberg on top, Kasie Enman second […]

Skyrunning World Series: Spaniards Kilian Jornet and Tofol Castanyer take Speedgoat 50k (USA) and Giir di Mont (ITA)

The Skyrunning 2012 season had once again a double session this weekend, with the Atlantic Ocean in between:  The Speedgoat 50k Skyrace was run Saturday 28Jul in the United States, whereas Giir di Mont was run 29Jul in Italy. Skyrunners from Spain once again dominated both races: Kilian Jornet (ESP) took Speedgoat and Tofol Castanyer (ESP) won […]

Skyrunning World Series: Dolomites skyrace (22k/D+1750m) Results & photos. Kilian Jornet, winner and new record. Mireia Miro 3rd.

The Skyrunning 2012 season celebrated last Sunday  the 15th Dolomites Skyrace (22k/D+1750m). The demanding Trentino Vertical Kilometer held on thursday did not have a spanish winner. But in the skyrace, Kilian Jornet pushed relentlessly to achieve not only victory, buy a new course record. Bravo!. In the women´s field, Mireia Miró held its first “long” race after […]

Skyrunning World Series: Vertical Kilometer Dolomites. Spaniards take 5 of 10 top spots. Kilian Jornet 3rd Mireia Miro 2nd

The Skyrunning 2012 season had a double session this weekedn at the Dolomites, with the Trentino Vertical  Kilometer (2,1k/D+1000m) on thursday and the Dolomites Skyrace (22k/D+1750m) on Sunday. The demanding VK did not have a spanish winner this time. Nevertheless, the skyrunners from below the Pyrenees took yet 5 of the top 10 spots, with […]

Zegama Aizkorri 2012 (42k/DT5.472m): Track, profile and superb entry list for 20th May

Updated 22may: Zegama Skymarathon race review, full results & video here. The Zegama – Aizkorri 2012 alpine marathon, (Spain) is to open up the ISF Skyrunner World Series this year on an extremely high note A superb entry list for this basque trail running event has just been announced today by the International Skyrunning Federation The list […]

ISF Skyrunning Calendar 2012: 4 events to be held in Spain

Aquí resultados Copa del Mundo skyrunning ISF 2011 Aquí crónica y resultados supercopa skyrunning ISF 2011 en Kinabalu. Llega una nueva edición de las Skyrunner ® World Series para 2012 con un formato que vuelve a crecer para abarcar más carreras y categorías. El objetivo, ser la referencia mundial de la especialidad de carreras por montaña […]

Copa del Mundo Carreras Montaña 2011: Hernando & Kortazar campeones.

La Copa del Mundo de Carreras de Montaña 2011 (ISF Skyrunner World Series) llegaban tras la carrera suiza  de Sierre-Zinal y la norteamericana Pikes Peak del pasado 14 y 20 de Agosto con dos españoles como líderes a falta de la carrera final del campeonato. Luis Alberto Hernando y Oihana Kortazar arrancaban pues como favoritos al […]

Calendario Vertical World Circuit 2011

Ayer  25 de Enero la International Skyrunning Federation confirmaba oficialmente el calendario 2011 del Vertical World Circuit:  El único circuito mundial de carreras verticales. Se trata de ocho carreras que cubren prácticamente todo el globo: Desde las grandes capitales occidentales como Nueva York, Londres, o Berlín, a las grandes ciudades orientales como Taipei y Singapur. […]

Campeonatos Skyrunning 2011 ISF

El segundo Campeonato de Europa de Skyrunning, organizado por la ISF,pondrá en juego los títulos individual, por equipos y combinado en las dos modalidades del mundillo:  Una prueba en línea (Skyrace) en Suiza y un Kilómetro Vertical en España. Las naciones asociadas a la ISF Europa que se disputarán el título son Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, […]

Arrancan las World Series 2010

2010 World Series kick off (Info recibida de la ISF) This year the Skyrunner® World Series celebratesseven years of world-class athletes and events with 14 races in 12 countries across four continents.   With700 kilometres to run and 30,000 vertical metres to climb, the 2010 World Series will not only sweep you off your feet but also take […]

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