INOV-8 TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX: graphene, synonymous with durability and reactivity. 300 km test by Héctor Rubio. Our #patroncarrerasdemontana has been able to test the first mountain shoe with graphene midsole and sole designed by the English brand Inov-8 in conjunction with the University of Manchester.

A few weeks ago we brought you the first technical analysis with all the details of the model, and nowits time to tells us how they have been from the Swabian forests, through the Black Forest and reaching the Allgäu Alps.

We started with video analysis by the hand of our #patroncarrerasdemontana Héctor Rubio after more than 300 km with them.


Let’s review the technical data we saw in the technical analysis, of which the graphene midsole, the “Adapter-flex” chassis and the boomerang template stood out.


  • Price £170 / $190 / €195
  • Weight: 300g (average weight across size curve)
  • Drop 6mm.
  • Ground height: 30mm heel / 24mm forefoot
  • Sole: Inov-8 G- Grip. Rubber rubber and graphene, with great traction and a lot of durability, already tested in previous shoes.
  • Midsole: New G-fly foam with graphene.
  • Chassis: Adapter-flex. New 10mm grooved last under your feet.
  • Boomerang Insole. Increased cushioning and rebound.
  • Lug depth: 4mm
  • Fit: Grade 5 (inov-8 fit scale in the toe box is 1-5, with 5 being the widest)

They arrive with a 195€ price, weight 300gr and a 6 mm drop. Without a doubt, graphene makes the difference, being the most striking aspect of the shoe.

Let’s reel off the experience with them and the details in parts:


The technical information told us that the graphene-enhanced rubber offered the toughest grip in the world: greater traction and greater durability. Just as the 35 multi-directional 4mm-deep lugs offered an improvement in both front propulsion and rear braking.

I was able to verify and enjoy that the brand information was true: maximum grip on any type of dry terrain. Going from forest to technical grounds of stones, with total security and firmness in the advance.

As for the durability it is the same, there is only a small wear in the landing area after these 300 km in very varied terrains.


This spring, in southern Germany, has been very rainy, so whether I wanted to or not I rund with these Inov-8 Trailfly with mud and rain. The first impressions in wet zones were good, I would even say that little humid terreins somewhat could become the ideal for them, although, the moment the mud increases, the grip of the graphene decreases, becoming “dancers” which accumulate all the soil  they find in their path in the sole, as you can see in the photos below.

Being a shoe intended for the ultra distance, this is an element to take into account, because in long races we can not avoid finding areas with mud or very wet in which if the distance was minor, we could chose another model of shoe, with more tlugs mm.

The fact is that in areas of a lot of mud, these shoes and their 4mm lugs leave their comfort zone and would be one of the only points to be considered for future possible  improvements by the brand.


One of the “star” aspects of these Trailfly is the midsole, for the first time in a shoe, made of graphene: G-FLY cushioning foam improved with graphene that is more resistant to wear. It has a soft touch that is close to other cushioned shoes on the market such as the Hoka Speedgoat 4 or the New Balance Hierro V6, without becoming as soft as the Hoka.

I have to say that in these three months rolling together, the feeling of the first day remains the same, that is, I have not perceived any sign of wear and tear with the passage of the kilometers; although, the midsole, feels “hard” the harder the surface on which we run, that is, running on asphalt with them, they have a touch a little more of “wood” than if we take them out in soft terrain, forest or dirt roads that are what I would call their “natural habitat”.

In this sense, the midsole feels reactive all the time, and really offers this return of energy and reactivity with which the brand advertises these shoes. Obviously it is not a shoe with carbon plate, although, in my case I have squeezed it until I can almost not see differences with carbon shoes and I have to say that in the same training circuit with this shoe and with scarbon plate shoes I have made very similar times brealted to similar efforts.

This return of energy and reactivity, are appreciated even after long rouns helping you to keep the pace even with fatigue and effort accumulated after the passage of kilometers.


The boomerang insoles are part of the reactivity combo offered by the graphene midsole and sole, that is, they really offer a feeling of comfort and cushioning, without having lost properties in these first 300 kms.

As you can see in the images below, the one on the left corresponds to the soles on the first day of use and the one on the right after two and a half months. The only thing that is appreciated is a discoloration, without having lost, I repeat, properties and comfort.


Polyamide single-part with lateral buttresses in fabric that give it greater support and fixation to the foot. Its front is wide, being 5 out  of 5 according to the categorization of widths of the English brand. With a very breathable fabric that gives you great comfort even on hot days.

It closes to the ankle in a very tight way but without pressing or rubbing anywhere, preventing it from entering dirt, sandstone or stones.

In the heel area it is fixed well to the foot, next to one padded area in the upper part that hugs the Achilles area. All this gives you great comfort as there are no areas of friction, feeling at all times a perfect support of the foot inside the shoe.



If I had to summarize in just three words what I think of these Inovv-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max I would say: reactivity, fit and durability.

Luckily I don’t have to choose just three words, so I’ll extend a little more… The sensations from the first moment you put on these shoes are very good and comfortable, as I said a little above, without becoming as “soft” as the Hoka Speedgoat 4 but in the same direction, being these Inov-8 much more reactive, thanks to the graphene of the midsole.


This reactivity, makes them shoes to be able to run fast, long and safe through the mountain providing theupper (for me one of the great deals, forgotten by the brand when promoting these shoes) an exceptional adjustment, like very few other shoes on the market. I mean the size/fitting equation.

As we all know, it is often very difficult for us to opt for one model or another of shoes, depending on the adjustment in relation to the size: in this case, my size is usually 42 2/3 in Hoka, 43 in Nike, but depending on the model some leave more space in the heel or fingers.


Well, these Inov-8 in size 42 have adjusted me to 100%, being hyper-mechanical on long climbs, without noticing that they are keyed in the heel and without carrying much the twin.

As for the descents, they have the necessary space so that the fingers do not touch the front and the foot does not “dance” inside the last, allowing you to jump and run fast without having the feeling of losing control, more when the graphene (provided that the ground is dry or half dry) clings like cat’s feet to the rock


Another aspect that has caught my attention is its durability, because after 300 km there is hardly any wear on either the sole or the upper.


Does it pay to buy a shoe with soles and between graphene soles for its durability? I would answer yes directly to that question, but with nuances. It is a shoe intended to run long, with a price similar to many others on the market, but that would deireference for its reactivity and durability.

That is to say,for the same investment I think that this shoe can take a few extra kilometers when compared to other models, with which the investment is more than justified.

Of course, as I have explained, I would choose it knowing that most of my routes will be dry or semi-dry, because in areas of a lot of mud and water, they do not behave like other soles of the market, for example: Vibram Megagrip.

My final conclusion is that it is a complete shoe, offering multiple aspects in a single shoe such as reactivity, durability, grip and comfort, so, I would choose them again as travel companions, and in fact they will continue to roll with me all summer because their adjustment, grip and reactivity give me the motivation and security necessary to continue running with them on paths and sidewalks.



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