ASICS TRABUCO MAX. New maximalist trail running shoe from the Japanese. The Asics trail range of shoes continues to grow with launches of great interest. This 2021 finally addresses a deeper upgrade of its icon. Recently we showed you ASICS TRABUCO 9, lighter and more agile than ever.

Today we are going with the maximum cushion version. It goes up 20€ in pric3e, for a total of 160€. Earn 2mm of sole in front up to 23-28mm versus 21-29mm of the range icon. Drop down up to 5mm for more stability. And interestingly, lose 10gr to 295gr. It uses the same Asics Grip sole. Let’s go with the review, by Mayayo.


The Asics Trabuco saga takes a step forward this 2021 in its long history, after 23 years in the market. Its previous name as Asics Trabuco reached version 14, plus the nine that it adds now, renamed as fuji-trabuco.

A lot of changes have already been made last year, such as adjusting the drop to 8mm or setting it with a great rubber of its own, the Asics Grip. Now, the iconic shoe takes a new step further, with a general cure for weight loss and tighter adjustments. But also… this new TRABUCO MAX arrives with more height to the ground than ever before, to give maximum cushioning to those who seek it.

The Trabuco family has had two eras in the Japanese house, before and after 2012. While mountain races exploded globally from 2006-2008 driven by a constant development from Salomon, pioneers such as Asics or Adidas suffered from a few years of immobility, confident in the success of classic bestsellers such as the Asics Trabuco and its 14 editions or the Adidas Trail Response that reached until 21.

Asics Trail GEL-TRABUCO 14 V2 & Adidas Trail Response 21

Asics finally reacted in July 2012 by rebuilding his entire range to a more advanced design within the trail. All Asics trail shoes became lighter, more agile and more flexible, earning more and more points each year. And so it has continued, renewing step by step its range, with a final key jump in 2018 with the Asics Gecko XT that with 285gr/Drop6 applied for the first time a completely different last, sharp, clean, light… but also much more demanding with the technique of whoever wears it.

Then came the Fuji-Trabuco Pro with cable laying, the Fuji-Trabuco Lyte. The first notable leap forward in Trabuco was in 2020 with fuji-Trabuco 8, the queen of the house. This 2021, ASICS TRABUCO 9 added a double step to the previous one. And now, this new ASICS TRABUCO MAX. looks really good too…

ASICS TRABUCO MAX: A step forward.
(Price 140€;Weight 295gr ; Drop 5mm; Rubber Asicsgrip )

The ASICS Trabuco Max is an innovative trail running shoe, really. It arrives with an increasingly common form of “rocker” in shoes that seek to help us save energy. That chassis, combined with a wide damping, which will give it a sense of rebound.
High-protection rocker geometry and midsole are designed to offer a competitive option on ultra trail or long runs of daily training.

The set is topped with aggressive lugs and a well-protected cover, which also lowers the weight of its sister Trabuco 9 by 10 grams. Let’s go with the striking differences between the two.


Below you can see it face to face with Trabuco 9. Let’s go with the details to understand why, even though it is so similar to the eye, the TRABUCO MAX on the left and the TRABUCO 9 on the right are two very different solutions on the mountain.


Weight: 295 grams; Asics Trabuco 9 reduced weight to 305 grams. Meanwhile, his rival NB Hierro V6 of 2021 stays at 339 grams for a 28mm heel to the ground. The maximalist Salomon Ultra Guide, with 32mm of cushion back promises an incredible 260 grams… but it won’t reach stores until 2022.

It’s clear the Japanese have worked hard. Logical, having its own sole, now perforated and optimized since rubber is the heaviest of each shoe. Then we see it in more detail, you’ll like it.

Upper: From year to year Asics has been fine-tuning the silhouette. This year 2021 has perhaps been the critical point of change, which we saw in Trabuco 9. For this similar sister, the Trabuco Max draws attention to its new, much thinner and stylized exterior appearance by removing reddying protections in the laterial. In return, toe and heel continue to maintain generous reinforcement.

Cushioning: Joint work continues to progress with Asics’ Flytefoam, released in 2019. GUIDESOLE technology consists of a reactive raised toe. It is the famous “rocker” that according to the brand has been scientifically proven to save energy in the long term. By reducing leg load between treading and foot takeoff, this technology seeks to use less energy to cover the same distance.

The sole: The 2019 design brought major changes, which are now going a step further. Then he was finally behind the very limited AHAR rubber compound to bet on the new Geckotrac who performed so well in his pioneering Gecko XT sisters.

Renamed Asics Grip in 2020, the same rubber is still here. But it makes it very refined, drilled to the maximum to save weight, a lot of weight. In the case of trabuco Max (right photo down) a more perforated adjustment pattern is applied even more perforated than in Trabuco 9 (left) to improve agility in displacement by variable topography.


The ASICS Trabuco Max combines a high FLYTEFOAM mattress height with its GUIDESOLE technology to stabilize the tread. It aims to offer us a race-efficient and highly padded option for almost anyone.

It’ll fit the ultra runners, of course it will. But also to those who seek comfort in their daily walks on trails. The thick lugs on the sole and the protections at the top seek to make the Trabuco Max a companion with which to devour kilometers on the trails for many months.

Will it work as well as it looks? Soon we will start the test thoroughly to check its cushioning and stability. With that fact sheet… it would not be uncommon for veteran runners, with good technique, to bet on that light weight and that drop 5mm before by their sister the “classic” In any case, two 2021 pitches that promented and a lot. Nice work, Asics.


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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain