SAUCONY EXCURSION TR16 GTX: ALL-TERRAIN WINTER TRAIL SHOES. Our TRAIL RUNNING SHOES  section brings us a shoe whose range of use is enormous, because as its name indicates it focuses on alternate running/walking use and in this GTX version with the membrane to be covered all year round.

The Saucony Excursion saga is maybe little known, despite having been on the Saucony catalogue for many years. We recently brought you a more agile model for winter, the Saucony Peregrine ICE+ 3, designed to run in winter conditions. Today we are going with this model to go calmer through the mountains.

130€ | 286 G. | 8 MM  DROP

The Saucony Excursion saga bears in its own name the definition of the objective for which it was designed. It is a shoe that seeks to be fully adaptable whether we want to run with it or walk. This particular model represents the 16th generation of it, and also comes with the Gore-tex membrane, like a waterproof shoe that moves on all surfaces.

It offers us both men’s and women’s versions for a shoe that is consistent with its objective: Less cushioning than other sisters more focused on running, running. More solidity in contact with the mountain so that it lasts longer. A high drop always throughout the 8-10mm saga so that it does not ask for the fine technique of its sisters with 4-6mm drops. So before we go on an excursion with them, let’s go to the technical data sheet.


  • Price: €130. Being a veteran shoe already, you can surely find offers below in various stores.
  • Weight: 286 grams. Over the years, the Excursion has continued to get lighter and it’s appreciated.
  • Stack height & Drop: 23mm forefoot / 31mm heel. A perfect 8mm drop to spend many hours in the mountains with them, vs the 4-6mm of their sisters Peregrine and Xodus Ultra.
  • Midsole: VERSARUN. A Saucony classic that doesn’t look so much for the smoothness and lightness of the PWRRUN+ but for a better feel on the ground at softer rhythms.
  • GTX membrane: The classic Gore-tex for trail running shoes, waterproof and breathable.
  • PWRTRAC OUTSOLE: The brand’s rubber has proven its reliability and grip on all terrains, with wet rock perhaps as its weak point
    Neutral Shoe: All trail shoes are, but we remember it here for those who want to come off the asphalt. And it is that, in the mountains, no two steps are the same, so if the defect is slight, it does not need adhoc correction, while if it is serious, it is better to provide your own templates made by a professional.
  • Gaiters compatible: Always recommended on rainy/snowy days.
  • Recommended use: Running and walking in the mountains in winter weather. It does not require fine technique and will help both the novice and the average runner who is looking for a more solid alternative for those days of long winter walks, where the clock is the least important thing.



The Excursion TR16 GTX is a trail running shoe for the neutral runner. Apart from this data, which we review for those uninitiated in mountain races, this shoe The shoe is designed, we insist, for all kinds of winter mountain outings.

They’ll do just fine for an ordinary nature walk, but they’ll also move if you trot or gallop down an alpine trail. The cover has a waterproof GORE-TEX finish that, as always in the brand, protects your feet from water, but is also breathable so that your feet stay fresh.¿

Is the membrane worth it? In this concept of shoe I see it as logical. My personal opinion, regarding versions with/without membrane, is that one of these generally adds 20gr/€20 to the weight and price. In return, it will not be able to prevent you from getting wet if it rains a lot or there are many puddles because the water will enter through the ankle if you do not wear ghettos. Now, in those cases at least you will be more clothed. And yes, be careful with soaking in water or you will take it INSIDE, not outside.

On the other hand, if you choose to go through the snow with them and the fleece logic, all are advantages since this will hardly pass the membrane of the shoe and your feet will also be warmer since the membrane covers you. A pat of details for that case: Do not forget the light crampons in the backpack, just in case. And try to wear merino wool socks because even when they get wet they will continue to give a sensation of heat, unlike polyester ones.

VERSARUN CUSHIONING: The midsole has VERSARUN cushioning, which keeps you balanced and reduces impact from the ground. It is not the most modern of the brand, of course. We have that one in her sisters Peregrine and Xodus, but she is a solid and proven veteran that will take us at ease in her rhythms.

PWRTRAC SOLE: The PWRTRAC material also provides the best traction and wear resistance properties, since as you can see it is made of carbon and carbon rubber, maintaining in this case a thick profile for great grip on any surface and long durability. As you can see, we have prominent studs of about 6mm to go calmly through the mountains, there is mud, snow or similar. Good.


The Saucony Excursion TR16 GTX has a long life behind it and it is not by chance. It can be a great gift for that friend or family member who always dreams of going out into the mountains in winter to take walks or even join us for a run, but still doesn’t have what to do it with. It is appreciated that they have a version of men’s trail shoes and women’s trail shoes, with an almost identical base and finishes, by the way.

It can also be a self-gift, for those days where speed is not the first thing, but going well wrapped up at medium and low rates. Or our companion for long journeys.

If you want to see how they are in the official store of the brand for Spain, you have them here SAUCONY EXCURSION TR16 GTX

ALTERNATIVES? SAUCONY PEREGRINE ICE + 3. IF you are looking for a trail running shoe for running, running in winter but well wrapped up and also, if you touch a sheet of ice that has more grip than normal without spikes, this is yours. For €190 you will have an ICE sole that makes a difference, with a 4mm last and a combined weight of 300 grams.


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