ADIDAS TERREX TRAILRIDER: VERSATILE TRAIL RUNNING SHOES. Our TRAIL RUNNING SHOES section today brings you another novelty of interest. It is the new mid-range shoe for mountain running from the German brand, which arrives as a pillar of the Adidas Trail Running 2023 range.

The Adidas Terrex Trailrider offers a version of trail running shoes for men and women. Both share a €120 price, with an 8mm drop and 20mm-28mmstack height, plus a Continental sole with 3.5mm lugs, the most common in the medium and high-end Adidas Trail range since years ago. Let’s go with the details.

120€ | 320 G. | 8 MM DROP

These ADIDAS TERREX TRAILRIDER are the one of the key shoes of the range: As you can see here, they have many shoes above and below, so we can never see them as the entry shoe to the brand, but rather as a central pillar for the majority of runners.

  • Lower prices up to €70: Two rivals such as the Terrex Trail TR for €80 and the Terrex Tracefinder for €70.
  • Above up to €180 you have: Terrex Agravic Flow 2 (€140); Terrex Agravic Ultra (€180) Terrex Two Ultra (€180), Terrex Speed ​​Ultra (€180)
  • Even at €120, it has two sisters: Adidas Terrex Speed ​​Flow 2 (€120) in the Speed ​​range with an agility focus as well as Adidas Terrex Two Flow (€120) in the Terrex Two range.


  • PRICE: 120€, The “base” price for understanding us in the core range of the brand, as I explained above. You can pay up to €180 and more for Adidas Terrex, but there are also from €70 as entry to the range. This level would be the most logical for the popular runner who wants to get the best value for money from the brand.
  • TYPE OF USE: With a medium-high weight and a rather dense cushioning such as EVA lightstrike compared to the mixed ones with Boost, Adidas focuses it as a trail running shoe to do many km in mountain races with all kinds of outings, standing out on firm terrain and short and medium distances, where safety and reliability prevail. Logically, it does not have the lightness or cushioning of the high ranges that I pointed out at the beginning, but we have known its basic technologies for years.
  • TECHNICAL MESH COVER AND LACES CLOSURE: It has been sought, as the veterans will have appreciated at first glance, a solid shoe, very reinforced for what we see now. It should be noted that it has more than €50 of recycled components, something increasingly common. For all these reasons, except for surprises once we can get them rolling, these shoes should be able to take us well beyond the usual 800km. In these times, it is appreciated.



  • EVA LIGHTSTRIKE MIDSOLE: We already know it, as the third generation that, from the first failed jump to Boost 100% and the logical return to EVA later, arrived as a new EVa to lighten and refine the shoes a little more. It reacts consistently, but in the end the set adds a very different weight from its high-end and competition sisters
  • STACK HEIGHT AND DROP: The brand declares 20mm in front and 28mm in back, for an 8mm drop. Identical for men’s and women’s running shoes. Curious combination today, combining a high drop so as not to require fine technique and yet not raise them off the ground as much as the usual stilts today in many high-end shoes and even rivals in the middle. In return, to run technical and firm terrain in short and medium distances, that adds up. And in the end….Isn’t that what we do most days in the motley platoon to which they are dedicated?
  • WEIGHT: Men 320 grams for size 42 2/3 EUR. Woman 280gr size 38 2/3. Curiously, although Adidas almost always marks the official weight on the tongues of its shoes, it does not do so in this model. Perhaps because with those weights we are almost the same as its cheap sister »Terrex Agravic Trail TR, whose midsole is also the same and therefore the Continental sole would be the key difference. To justify €50 difference? Well, the issue is not black and white, but the truth is that they share much more than meets the eye.
  • CONTINENTAL SOLE &  3.5 MM LUGS: It is the Adidas Terrex sole for its medium-high range in mountain races. Its own rubber is traxion, which years ago gave way to Continental’s (unique) rubber compound where the studs hardly vary.


The MEDIUM range of Adidas Trail Running has a well-earned prestige for its good balance between quality and price. In that €120 band, it comes to complement (we’ll see if it replaces in the future) the Terrex Two Flow and Terrex. These Adidas Terrex Agravic TR are versatile and affordable trail running shoes that in several aspects offer similar characteristics to the Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2 for half the price

It has a standard EVA midsole that will likely be a bit firmer than the more modern LIghtstrike midsole in the Agravic Flow 2, a reinforced shell for abrasion resistance, and a moderately aggressive outsole.

The lower price of Agravic TR is for something, of course, and that is that this weight and geometry reveal the seniority of the concept with which it was created. But hey, as we said at the beginning, if you’re looking to gift a moderately padded all-round shoe that will encourage a friend or family member to hit the trails with you…or if you yourself prefer an everyday workhorse that can handle it all for less, it’s very difficult. give more for less than what this Adidas Terrex Agravic TR asks of us.


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