VVX 2023 (18-20MAY): VOLCANIC EXPERIENCE WITH 7 DIFFERENT MOUNTAIN RACES. Our TRAIL RUNNING CALENDAR section presents us with a new edition of this mountain festival that in previous years welcomed stars like Kilina Jornet, François d’Haene, Camille Bruyas, Dawa Sherpa…. The VVX (Volvic Volcanic Xperience) mountain races return on MAY 18-20, 2023.

As is the tradition in this very special event, there are races for all tastes, from 9 to 224 km, also for children.

 FROM 9 TO 224K

The mountain festival known in France as VVX offers a lot of races… and much more: The event was born with the aim of hosting a festival of the forests, villages and volcanoes that make up this region, whose best-known icon is the Puy de Dome.

Thus, for almost a week we have all kinds of activities to share with family and friends: sports initiations, cultural visits, animations for children, concerts, brass bands and dances, there is everything on the agenda,

A very varied program The VVX is a unique experience that brings together great athletes, nature lovers together with all nature enthusiasts in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys – Faille de Limagne listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They are three intense days of sharing races, food and parties, all kinds of emotions in a warm atmosphere.

It is also an adventure that wants to be eco-responsible, really: Thus, the VVX was the first trail event in the world to be certified as carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust. It has been sought that respect for the environment is at the heart of the experience.

VVX 2023 PROGRAM MAY 18-20

With six mountain races, two hikes, an orientation course and a children’s trail, the athletes are delighted.

The Volvic Volcanic Experience consists of 7 mountain races (15 km, 25 km, 43 km, 80 km, 110 km, 224 km) plus 2 hiking hikes (16 km, 15 km) in the heart of a preserved volcanic landscape that is distributed throughout these three days. As usual, the longest ones come out first, while the shortest ones are held on the last days.

They are races through a medium mountain terrain, where the harmony between its towns, forests, mountains and the passage through the old trails offers an enjoyable rolling terrain for all types of audiences CHRONICLE VVX 2021, ORO D’HAENE Y GERMAIN

In addition to the races, cultural activities and visits are also scheduled to discover the traditions and history of volcanoes, stone and water in Volvic. Festive food and a concert will be on the agenda during the closing night to end in style.

  • Thursday May 18 Withdrawal of numbers Conferences Animation opening night
  • Friday May 19 Races. Sports initiation. musical evening
  • Saturday May 20; Food walk. Visits. Animations in the city center Closing party Concert.

A program rich in activities that will delight young and old alike.


More than just a trail, the Volvic Volcanic Experience was born with the hope of being an authentic event, discovering a territory made up of Volcanoes, Stone and Water.

Two are the names that are at the origin of this race, whose first edition dates back to 2017: Jean-Michel Chopin, former director of operations of Evian Volvic World and former president of the Volvic water company, and Thierry Courtadon, renowned sculptor and ambassador of the Volvic stone.

Two friends driven by their territory and who dream of creating a sporting event in harmony with the natural environment that hosts it. They were quickly joined by Bernard Echalier, a great connoisseur of the Chaîne des Puys, and the Volvic town hall.

In this way, the VVX has become the meeting of 3 universes (sports, culture and party) that make this meeting a unique event of its kind. It is an invitation to tour the territory in all its diversity with family and friends, from trails to emblematic sites, through traditions, local knowledge and a sense of partying. Finally, we do not want to forget that vocation of being a supportive and eco-responsible project strongly supported by the Volvic Volcanic association, which welcomes 3,000 trail runners, 650 volunteers and 10,000 visitors every year.

Our personal experience in it, as Spaniards, has always been positive. Both our editor Mayayo and our skipper Abel have wanted to live their marathon from the inside, enjoying it a lot and well and the party before, during and after the race. We have also had Spaniards at the top of the podium, such as Pedro Jose Hernandez gold Marathon



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