KILIAN JORNET & COROS?.  Our  GPS WATCH  reviews today what could be a change, after more than fifteen years of Kilian with Suunto. INFO UPDATED ON 07.03.2022 HERE

Kilian announced on 30NOV 2021 that he was ending his relationship with Salomon. In addition, Suunto is in the process of being sold from Amersports, Salomon’s mother house, to China’s Lisheng. Thus, the photos of the recently contested Swedish 100 miles and other indications have  rise to our editor Mayayo who bets on Kilian with a prototype of the Coros Apex Pro 2. What do you think?


When Kilian left his longtime sponsor Salomon, with whom he has been in contact since 2003, he only announced that he was working on creating his own projects. In fact, his wife Emelie Forsberg has been leading her own nurtition brand, Moon Valley, for several years now, alongside Ida Nilsson and Mimmi Kotka

On the other hand, with Suunto on the verge of leaving Amer Sports, it was not necessary to link the end of Salomon’s sponsorship to Suunto’s sponsorship. I could continue with the brand if it finally becomes Chinese. However, as you can see officially on the Strava account of his wife, Emelie Forsberg, a couple of weeks ago that she is officially using.

However, as you can see officially on the Strava account of his wife, Emelie Forsberg, it has been a couple of weeks since she is officially using the Coros Apex Pro


Thus, it seems that the chances are accumulating, little by little, that Kilian Jornet could well replace his usual Suunto with a Coros. So we can see it, in fact, also collected in media such as U-Trail or Monte-cardio-gps, among others.

From this website, we have first of all put ourselves in direct contact with both Suunto and Coros. Neither house has so far confirmed or denied the change, so from that side there is still no official confirmation.

We are still waiting and we are trying to move forward while why it would be a Coros.. and if so, which model in particular.


Kilian Jornet himself made an unexpected stop in his usual winter ski season and published his goal of doing official nutrition tests for his sponsor Maurten in these hundred miles. Logical that he will also perform tests of the rest of the gear.

As you can see in the different photos below, published on facebook by Christian Pau: Sila nutrition is officially Maurten, the front is obviously Moonlight, the shoes have Hoka air, the backpack maintains a clear Salomon silhouette (although he has published photos skiing with Ultimate direction too, for the record) And the gps watch? Because here you don’t see anything clear.


Within the series of photos of H. Reutersward with which we opened the article, has caught our attention this below, where we do see a white watch on Kilian’s wrist, although it is half hidden by a sleeve. Obviously, if Hoka is the great growing power in running shoes, Coros is in terms of gps watches.

Photo: H. Reutersward Instagram

Perhaps the confirmation should be seen on Strava: The first upload of the data of these hundred miles to the online network by Kilian also contained, as in the case of Emelie a phrase. In this case: “Wearable Coros”

If I remember correctly, when I had the opportunity to test the prototype of Coros Vertix 2 before its official launch, it did something similar to me, it appeared not as a specific model, but with the generic brand.



On the other hand, it would have all the logic in the world to think that if the Coros Vertix 2 has already been launched (50h gps battery) and on the other hand Emelie is running with the Apex Pro (40h gps battery), Kilian has a unique opportunity to try the new Coros Apex Pro 2 whose launch we all hope is imminent.

In fact, KiIlian’s great companion in Maurten is Eilud Kipchoge… who already sponsored the launch of the recent Coros Pace 2 with the linitada edition EK, remember?


1. The data consistency, typical of Coros: For an official race of 160.5km to give 163k is to be very precise. In my case, for example, the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak which was for years the most accurate of the Finns gave me 175km for my UTMB 2013.

2. The Strava tab co-signs power data, there are those 170W. Training for watts of power is one of the great trends today in running, imported directly from cycling where it dominates years ago. It would be entirely logical for a lover of physiology like Kilian to bet on analyzing and processing that data, of course.

However, for Suunto GPS watches to record running power, an external sensor such as the Stryd must be used. And besides, in the last ultra that Kilian in October 2021 with a Suunto 9 Peak, we do not see power graph.


As we pointed out before, there is no official confirmation from either Suunto or Coros  about kilian’s status, that first. However, in view of the accumulation of indications:

  • New white gps watch on Kilian wrist
  • Emilie as a confirmed Apex Pro user
  • Apex Pro 2 release pending
  • the precedent of Kipchoge Coros Pace 2
  • the strava screenshot of Coros Wearables
  • power data
  • the consistency of the gps..

What does the Apex Pro look like? Check it out.

With all that, I think it’s not unreasonable to think that:

  • Kilian Jornet is running with a Coros gps watch.
  • Coros would be delighted to have Kilian try out the Coros Apex Pro 2.

Of course, this is not any official news, just a speculation of a journalist in love with this world. A journalist who, by the way, after almost ten years with Suunto I have recently moved for my personal use to the Coros Vertix 2, for the extra battery time and the improvements in accuracy gps data that give me.

Any more data? It will be a coincidence, but you know that since last 11DIC 2021 the CEO of Coros likes Kilian’s social media posts. The same CEO who for years has had sports cracks to develop his products.

If you like climbing, the protagonist of THE DAWN WALL, the mythical Tommy Cadlwell was key in the development of the Vertix 2. If you don’t know who Tommy is, hit the play: You will be amazed!



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