COROS GPS WATCHES:  Vertix, Apex Pro, Apex and Pace 2 choirs. Range analysis. Our GPS WATCH section brings us today a complete analysis of the entire range by Abel and Mayayo. The Amreican brand Coros GPS watches, whose devices and dizzying sales figures confirm that they came to stay.

Here you can see the complete range of the brand, with the five different GPS that this wolf has already thrown against the usual Garmin-Suunto duopoly. From the 200€ of the brand new Coros Pace 2  to the 700€ of the Coros Vertix Icebreaker.



Does a Coros GPS watch work well? They’ve barely been in Spain for a couple of years, right. But, from our actual experience with them, we can confirm that they do. And very well: TEST 1.000KM COROS VERTIX that published recently our colleague Abel de Frutos.

For 2021, we start the panorama of the range with the comparative table of each watch, according to its technical data sheet. Thus, we can place ours in the differences in price, weight, battery life and other technical data, to from there I will refine the user who will best come each one.



Top of the brand’s range. For a price of € 600 will give us a superlative battery in a solid box. As a watch alone, up to 45 days. At the top of gps tracking (1sec) gives 60 hours, with the Ultramax mode it lengthens up to 150h. The new Suunto 7 Peak boasts of arriving a little more, 170h. You would have to see the accuracy of both compared, because in the case of Garmin that Ultra mode loses up to 15% accuracy over a distance of 100 miles, as a reference.

Very solid, with bezel and titanium case, but also light with a weight of just 63 grams. It monitors oxygen in the blood, which will help us in acclimatization. It stands out in cases of extreme cold, because in temperatures of up to -30ºC its battery manages to perform even at the top of gps up to 21 hours.

At the level of athletics, note that it has a special “Track Run” mode to avoid the usual uncomfortable deviations of gps watches when we are going to throw series on the tartan or similar work.

Common to the whole range: The manual and tactile control of the watch, the interface as a mobile app are also well valued, although it is missing to be able to cacharrrear with it on the PC to polish more things, as with all its brothers. Both Bluetooth and ANT+ connection An option that will allow you to recycle Garmin chest bands, for example with them, without buying a new one.


Top range from the brand. For a price of € 500 will give us a good battery in a solid box and something more compact than the grandote Vertix. At the top of gps tracking (1sec) gives 40 hours, with the Ultramax mode it lengthens up to 100h. Solid, with sapphire crystal, titanium bezel and aluminum case, but lightweight with a weight of just 49 grams.

At the level of athletics, note that it also has the special mode “Track Run” to avoid the usual uncomfortable deviations of gps watches when we are going to throw series in the tartan or similar work.

It was the first Choirs to offer manual and tactile control of the watch. The interface as a mobile app are also well valued, although it is missing to be able to cacharrrear with it on the PC to polish more things, as with all its brothers.

  • Pros: Very similar to its big brother, something more compact and lighter, also for 100€ less
  • Cons: 20H less battery than the band leader and a tad less reinforced.

COROS APEX 46MM (350€) 42MM (300€)

Mid-range of the brand, two units distinguished by their dimensions and price, even with the same heart. For a price of € 350 the Apex 46mm and € 300 the Apex 42, They maintain the good battery and solid box of the brand, now in versions somewhat more compact than the Apex Pro.
The battery reaches up to 30 days in clock-only mode. At the top of gps tracking (1sec) gives 35 hours, with the Ultramax mode it lengthens up to 100h.

Solid, with sapphire crystal, titanium bezel and aluminum case, but light with a weight of just 45 and 38 grams respectively.
Perhaps, a priori, we can think of the Apex 46mm as more a tuned to the male doll, larger, while the 42mm fits better to the female. Now, these conventions of use in watchmaking have less and less real weight for many users. Decide for yourself, whether a little bigger or compact.

  • Pros: Very similar to the Apex Pro, somewhat more compact and lightweight, also for € 150 / € 200 less, according to version
  • Cons: It has 5H less gps butt battery than the Apex Pro. as the main handicap.

COROS PACE 2 (200€)

THE youngest and most urbanite of the brand, but with a tremendous value for money. If your brothers have mountaineering voation and very solid boxes, the specific digital glass and the plastic polymer case are not here so resistant, because it is designed to be used as an “asphalt” watch in the city. Or at least, where we are not going to rub it or hit it with rocks on a regular basis.
It is the smallest and lightest of the brand, with just 30 grams on the wrist. Perfect for weight obsessed in career like the pròpio Kipchoge. Handle the dual Bluetooth/ANT+ connection like all its siblings.
Despite its tiny size and weight, its battery reaches up to 30h in gops mode every 1sec. It’s a superlative achievement, which is 20% higher than the original Pace, which was already very good in itself. And in case you are an ultra-deep asphalter, it also has ultramax mode with which you can go until 60h of the pull, losing some clear precision. In daily use as a watch it only goes up to 20 days,
Remember that it is not only the duration of a charge that matters, but that the fewer charges / recharges we have to do, the longer the clock will last us in useful life. POr that this advance is worth double if we want an investment in the medium / long term.

  • Pros:Lightness and minimal bulk, but great battery. All that for only 200€
  • Cons: Asphalt and urhano approach. Good for training on the track too, not so for the mountain.



During the last weeks we have had the opportunity to test, test and evaluate in EvoLab the renewed sports science platform of COROS to evaluate the physical condition, fatigue and performance of the runner. This new platform will be available in its beta version today, May 18 for 1000 COROS users (COROS PACE 2/APEX 46mm/APEX Pro/VERTIX) through an update of the watch and app and in mid-July when it is fully tested for the rest of users.

EvoLab is focused on improving workouts throughout the season. It offers us metrics to be able to monitor the daily, weekly and long-term training load, it also allows us to manage the recovery, intensity and load of the workouts. Based mainly on the Career mode, this update will provide us with additional features so that the runner can improve their performance, in the future more features will be added to other types of activity.


  1. Fitness, load impact and fatigue to evaluate our training with metrics simple to understand and measure
  2. Frequently changing metrics available on the watch and those long-term available in the app such as VO2 max
  3. Three additional Widgets that will allow us to monitor race performance, fatigue level and energy. This way we can properly decide the load of our training.
  4. 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon rhythm calculator based on hybrid algorithms using multiple data sources. Including heart rate and rhythm zones. When incorrect heart rate readings are detected, the algorithms switch to other data sources such as rhythm zones automatically to ensure the best possible accuracy.
  5. Distribution of intensity of the last weeks based on intensity to better define our weeks of loading and unloading.
  6. Marathon level that measures how good we are as a marathon runner based on training history, VO2 Max, threshold zones, race efficiency, and more data. The higher the score we have, the faster we can supposedly run a marathon.
  7. Road race status will show us how good our last workout is compared to the Marathon Level in a range of 80% to 120%. More than 105% means we’re outperforming ourselves and probably at our best to improve brands.In short, EvoLab offers a different metrics to indicate how we progress during our training. We can focus our training on one or more metrics to improve on the ones we need.


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