SAUCONY TRIUMPH 19: 200 KM TEST BY HÉCTOR RUBIO. Our RUNNING SHOES section brings us today the deep dive analysis of the Saucony Triumph 19 is a premium daily shoe with soft  and responsive cushioning that came with an improved lightweight of only 290 g.

The Saucony Triumph 19 arrives with € 170, weight 290gr (258gr woman) drop8mm, ground height 24.5mm in front, 32.5mm behind, width 11.5cm- 9cm and cushioning PWR>Run.



The Saucony Triumph 19 is the latest heir to a saga consecrated in time for its comfort, stability and durability to go out and ride quietly many kilometers.

Although the recent editions of Triumph were somewhat more agile in the race than their high weight predicted, it is clear that in the middle of 2021 each gram saved adds up, for all the riders. Let’s go with the details.

The main change of the Triumph 18 is a significant weight drop, with a new lightweight and breathable mono mesh upper. By finally passing under the 300 g/10.6 oz mark (290 g for the men’s version), Saucony has finally corrected the main drawback of the previous models according to the runners, maintaining an excellent foot lock.

The midsole now sports Saucony’s flagship cushioning technology: PWRRUN . The driving feels excellent: athletes love the softness and responsiveness of cushioning.


  • Price 170€
  • Weight: 290gr man, 258gr woman, Save no less than 25 grams and finally go down from 300 grams. A key step forward today.
  • Height to the ground: 24.5mm front, 32.5mm back
  • Drop 8mm Drop medium-high that facilitates running long even if you do not have a very refined technique.
  • Sole width: 11.5cm front; 9cm behind. Oversized 1cm in front and 0.5cm behind to provide more stability, even losing agility.
  • Sole: Saucony XT-900 rubber
  • Cushioning: Saucony PWRRUN


This is a everyday training shoe, ideal for those who like to feel confort above any other feature such as reactivity. The confort provided by the shoe is, according to me, a mixture of the main features of this Sacuony Triumph 19: lighweight, cushion, durability and an upper with lots of place (maybe too much for me).

Sometimes, when we have a lighweight shoe, one of the firts things we might think is about stability and durability, which in the case of this Saucony Triumph 19 is completely the oposite. After 200 km all the features of the shoe are intact as the first day, the midsole has no signs of worn out, the sole has only the pressure points typical of my feet and the upper, which was a great concern in the previous versions is also intact.

  • LIGHTNESS: As mentioned in the first impressions article, the main change with respect to the Triumph 18 was the decrease in weight, -25 grams, placing this version Triumph 19 finally under 300gr (290gr.) and this is something you really feel.This 19th version is closer to the top leading shoes at the moment in the segment, like the new Asics Nimbus 24, with a weight below the 300 grams, far away from the 326 g of the New Balance More V3. Which years ago it would have made them be in the competition segment.

  • MIDSOLE AND CUSHIONING: PWRRUN introduced by Saucony in version the 18 of these shoes, is Saucony’s flagship cushioning technology. Its softness really makes you feel a mattress under your feet, especially in the part of the heel pad, which as many of you know suffers more and more with the passage of the kilometers. Truly, a mattress that in returns offers enough reactivity to, if you want, take them to a fast pace.I cannot remark it enough: this shoes are super confortable even after many, many kilometers.
  • COMFORT AND FIT: The cover with the new mesh, purchased with the Triumph 18, provides sufficient space to the foot, to roll and roll, without having to worry about space, chafing or blisters. Now, the curves at high rates, that same space that provides comfort, can make the foot move a little, at first, it was enough to adjust the laces and continue rolling although with the passage of the mileage in my case it has been uncomfortable.It does not mean that the shoe fits me big, because it is my correct number, 43, but that the upper for my foot offers too much space.That is, my foot in the front is too small for so much space and the foot dances inside the box, although, for people with a weight greater than mine (70 kg) and pulled beyond 20 km it can be a great advantage when swelling the foot.
  • SAUCONY XT-900 SOLE: The sole has been shown, for me, as one of the great revelations apart from the great feeling of comfort.During these 200 km we have ridden asphalt, paruqes, compact forest tracks and forests, both in dry and wet terrain (EYE without mud, simply wet) and apart from the great grip, it has not almost worn. As you can see in the images, on the left completely new and on the right after 200 km.


These Saucony Triumph 19 maintain the charm of the saga and improve it by being lighter. Therefore, it is still an excellent option as a cushioning shoe, neutral, for daily training and long runs that without “too many frills” in the era of new technologies applied to shoes, surely find a gap that I would compare with the: Asics Nimbus 24, Hoka Clifton 8, Hoka Kawana, New Balance 1080 or New Balance More V3 because they are very comfortable, offer a large mattress and fit well to the foot and offering a traditional cut of running shoes.

As I had told you in the first impressions they have responded very well both at slow and fast rhythms, having only one but: the space in the box of the fingers, which at high rhythms, in my case has made the foot dance.

In short, a price in the market line for a shoe destined to roll kilometers and kilometers without discomfort prioritizing the sensations of “mattress” over reactivity or speed.

Roller that can help us to march during countless ilometers, because as you can see in the photos of the sole, after 200 km there are no signs of wear so, at the moment, the investment is more than jsutified.

In short, a shoe for a medium-high weight runner, which prioritizes comfort over speed or reactivity, with a contained weight below 300 grams that thanks to the mattress, (without reaching the oversize of its cousins the Endorphin or Hoka) will help us train long and comfortable.



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