SALOMON TRAIL RUNNING 2022: PLATE ASSISTED SHOES FOR ALL. Our TRAIL RUNNING section bring us today the first glimpse of the Salomon Trail Running collection for 2022.

A couple of days ago was the turn of the 2022 Salomon asphalt shoes, and today we bring you the new four Salomon Trail Running footwear for this 2022, where the French brand adopts TPU composite plates to trail running for the Spring/Summer 2022 season, the renewed version of the ADV Skin vest and more.


To create footwear that will help runners improve and feel more confident regardless of their level, Salomon is bringing  Learning from decades of footwear and trail running expertise, the footwear development team at Salomon created Energy Blade, a plate in the midsole of the shoe that was partly inspired by the hooves of chamois, the species of goat-antelope that lives in the mountains of Europe.

“In the new Pulsar Trail range, we wanted to bring responsiveness and a feeling of ‘pop’ into the run,” explains Mike Ambrose, Product Line Manager for Trail Running at Salomon. “We’ve seen a lot of fun new shoes come into road running over the past few years, and we wanted to bring that same fun and excitement into trail. The Energy Blade is an exciting new technology that brings that ‘pop’ without compromising stability on the trail. No matter how fast or far you run, there is an Energy Blade for all runners in the range.”

By combining Energy Blade options with a new bouncy foam technology and Reverse Camber construction, the Spring/Summer 2022 trail running footwear range is the perfect mix of responsiveness, comfort and stability, while also offering protection on the trails.

The Pulsar Trail Pro and the Pulsar Trail feature an Energy Blade made of high-end composite material.

Similar Energy Blade technology is also used in more accessible models for less experienced trail runners, including the bouncy Hypulse shoe with a TPU Energy blade and the multi-tasking Impulse trail-running shoe. That means you don’t have to be Kilian Jornet to run with a plate-assisted shoe and enjoy the comfort and cushioning benefits of this new Salomon range.

Moreover, looking forward to this 2022, Salomon bring the updated ADV Skin 5 and 12 on your longer runs to carry your poles, jacket, keys, food, or the brand new ADV Skin belt on shorter days.



To reduce the gap opened by carbon plates that have been in other brands for years, Salomon has developed a new technology called Energy Blade. The basis of it, as claimed by the French brand, is to adopt an original approach to the development of carbon-coated footwear.

For this, an insert technology has been created that will adjust to the needs of different types of runners. This involves adjusting the insert material on each Salomon running shoe model, as well as the precise placement of the insert within the shoe to meet the needs of certain categories of runners.

We are now going to see how it is reflected in each case.


The Pulsar Trail Pro brings TPU composite plates to trail running in a shoe that is both responsive and stable. The TPU composite plate, called Energy Blade, is a stiff plate that gives more power to the runner by limiting the energy lost on every stride.

Thanks to its decoupled construction, the Pulsar Trail Pro is flexible enough to still ensure great stability and comfort. It’s also built with Energy Surge foam, a super-springy and comfortable midsole that is 40 percent more responsive than Salomon’s previous foams, boosting your stride and increasing stability.

The R.Camber rocker construction speeds up your transition, so you spend less time on the ground and more time moving forward. The combination of these three elements creates the perfect blend of responsiveness, comfort and stability to help you set personal records and win races.

The feet are protected in all the right places thanks to the mudguard on the side and gaiter that keep debris from getting in. A Contagrip MA outsole with an optimized lug geometry delivers optimum grip to keep you steady and safe from slippage, even on fast and gnarly runs.

It will also be available in limited edition colors for those looking to add style to their trail game.




The responsive, stable, and comfortable Pulsar Trail is packed with the same technology as the Pulsar Trail Pro, but with an Energy Blade TPU composite plate that is slightly softer and more flexible.

Energy Surge foam adds to the shoe’s responsiveness while also offering comfort in the midsole for a smooth ride.

The R.Camber rocker geometry combines with the Energy Blade technology to propel you forward and increase energy transfer, so you don’t lose speed. The Contagrip MA outsole has an optimized lug geometry that will keep you steady and safe from slippage on technical trails.

The Pulsar Trail is also available in Gore-Tex and TwinSkin versions. Drop: 6mm



For the slightly less committed runner, the Hypulse is a highly responsive trail running shoe that features a softer TPU plate, the Energy Blade, which increases energy return while ensuring a stable, comfortable ride. Fuze Surge foam—a super soft foam made with EVA and 30 percent natural rubber—combines with R.Camber rocker construction that propels you forward. The SensiFit technology adapts to your foot for improved hold and the Quicklace system ensure great fit and comfort.

The soft elements used in the upper also help make the Hypulse more comfortable.

The Contagrip outsole and debris protection on the forefoot and mudguard areas help prevent slipping or injury on more technical rails. Drop: 8.5mm



The Impulse trail running shoe is a comfortable, multi-tasking to help you transition from road runs to easy trail runs. The soft Fuze Surge foam in the midsole pairs with a lightweight upper construction to keep deliver comfort over the long haul.

The Fuze Surge midsole combines with an R.Camber rocker construction to deliver a smooth ride and a more powerful stride. A protective upper and solid, grippy treads on the Contagrip outsole keep you safe from rocks and slippage. Drop: 8.5mm





Endurance races are demanding. So are endurance runners. That’s why the updated ADV SKIN 5 hydration vest is designed to make you feel free and comfy. It comes with two 500ml soft flasks that stay in place as you run, with a women-specific design on the women’s version.

The updated construction offers larger SensiFit pads for a snug, precise fit, which protects you from chaffing, especially in the neck area, and makes sure the vest won’t move while you’re going up or sending it downhill. Store your poles, jacket, keys, phone, or food in one of the numerous pockets on the front, sides and back. Or in the new top pocket. The 12-liter version is ideal for longer outings, where you need more equipment.

For shorter run—or when you only need the essentials—bring the ADV SKIN Belt with you. This is Salomon’s widest belt, increasing both comfort and storage room. This stable belt wraps around you in an ultra-wide, stretchy, and breathable fabric that ensures great comfort and fit whatever your body shape. The zip-pocket in the back holds valuables (phone, keys, energy bars), while the tunnel pocket can easily store two 500ml soft flasks and a lightweight jacket. Bring your poles, too, and secure them in the additional loopholes in the back.



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