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March 05

TNF Transgrancanaria 2013 Race results, photos and report. Winners 119k Sebastien Chaigneau & Nerea Martinez.

The North Face Transgrancanaria 2013 completed its 11th edition with big success  Four courses were offered, ranging from the 24k of the Starter to the full 119k of the clasic Transgrancanaria main event.  Our team completed the ultra trail for the third time this 2013, so we can personally recommend it. The names at this year´s podiums […]

December 27

Trail Running Spain 2012: Kilian Jornet, Tofol Castanyer, Miguel Heras, Nuria Picas, Nerea Martínez, Oscar Pérez….great performances and more.

The trail running community from Spain has seen yet another year of internal growth and international dominance, led by outstading performances by Kilian Jornet, Miguel Heras, Tófol Castanyer, Nuria Picas, Nerea Martínez and Oscar Pérez López among many others. On the negative side, we must regret the death of two trail runners while on course in […]

Diagonale de Fous 2012 18oct-20h: Kilian Jornet, Iker Karrera and Nerea Martínez -from the Salomon Spain team- among the favorites.

The XX Diagonale des Fous will be launched today at 20h -local time in Spain- to cover 170km and a vertical climb of 10.845 meters crossing the full length of the Reunion Island. In the history of the race, only two non-french runners have ever achieved victory here. This 2012 there are three spaniards among […]

Ultratrail Spain 2012: Kickoff at Valencia´s GR10xtrem. Winners: Aitor Leal & Teresa Nimes

Clasificación completa GR10Xtrem 2012 aquí: 221 clasificados  Galería fotos GR10xtrem 2012 de MemphisMadrid en (162 fotos)  Otras: Galería fotos Atotrapo / Video en  Atalantasweb / Galería de Vitorunner Nueva edición de la carrera, que sigue en pleno crecimiento: Este 2012 ha llegado a 288 dorsales. La meteo fue excelente, con un tiempo fresco pero calmo.  Cielo […]

UTMB 2010 suspendido Contamines. CCC como alternativa

*Lizzy Hawker gana los 98k de la Reprise-UTMB 2.010. Foto: *Nerea Martínez, 2ª en la meta de la Reprise-UTMB. 00:28: Agnés Hervé completa el podio femenino 23:06 Nerea Martínez 2ª clasificada en la Reprise-UTMB. Bravo! 22:04 Lizzy Hawker, ganadora de la carrera femenina. Enhorabuena! Nerea ya ha pasado la Flegére, como 2ª destacada. Vamos…. […]

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