Trail Running Spain 2012: Kilian Jornet, Tofol Castanyer, Miguel Heras, Nuria Picas, Nerea Martínez, Oscar Pérez….great performances and more.

The trail running community from Spain has seen yet another year of internal growth and international dominance, led by outstading performances by Kilian Jornet, Miguel Heras, Tófol Castanyer, Nuria Picas, Nerea Martínez and Oscar Pérez López among many others. On the negative side, we must regret the death of two trail runners while on course in Spain: Teresa Farriol at Cavalls del Vent (hypothermia) and a 42 year old man at Tenerife Blue trail (heart stroke).  2012 brought the best and worst the sport has to offer. Let us learn from both extremes. 

Trail Running Spain: Teresa Farriol at Grand Raid Pyrenees 2012.

Trail Running Spain: Teresa Farriol at Grand Raid Pyrenees 2012.

Salomon Running has put together this touching video where we see again some of the best that running through the mountains has had to offer along 2012: The challenge, the exhaustion, the endurance…yet also the comradeship, the scenery and the sheer joy of it. Here´s to a new trail running year for all. 


TRAIL RUNNING SPAIN 2012. Jornet, Heras, Martínez, Picas, Castanyer, Pérez…and many, many more talented spanish runners.



Key trail races & trail runners in Spain 2012 

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