Kilian Jornet and Mireia Miró tackle second Ski Mountaneering ISMF world cup event at Alpiniski (Switzerland)).

  Kilian Jornet and Mireia Miro enjoyed a succesful 2013 ski mountanerring world cup kickoff at Arhntal last week.   Now at Alpiniski, the spanish trailrunners are ready to  go on with their winter ski mountaneering season. This coming weekend they will tackle the second race of the ski mountaineering World Cup at Les Marécottes-Salvan (Switzerland)

Kilian Jornet at Ski Mountaneering World Cup 2013 first race Ahrntal

Kilian Jornet at Ski Mountaneering World Cup 2013 first race Ahrntal


SKI MOUNTANEERING WORLD CUP 2013: Second race at Alpiniski.

The Ski Mountaineering World Cup traveles to Switzerland next weeked with 2 races programmed for 25 & 26 January at Les Marecottes, not far from Martigny in the Vallée du Trient. This time, at least 15 nations will be represented. See below the official ISMF 2013 calendar.

Esqui Montaña Calendrio copa del mundo 2013 Ski mountaneering 2013 world cup calendar

The event starts off with a parade of athletes in Octodure. The Sprint takes place on Friday at 1015 in La Ceusaz, with the final round at around 1300.  The Individual race on Saturday on a classic Alpine course will again start out from La Creusaz.

The men will cover a vertical ascent of 1,538m while women and junior athletes tackle around 1,061m. After the first World Cup event in Ahrntal , all eyes are focused on the young Frenchman Mathéo Jacquemoud. However the Swiss are represented well by Martin Anthamatten and Yannick Ecoeur. The Italians are out in force with a strong team, whilst there are the spanish athletes to consider such as Kilian Jornet. In the female camp too France is well represented with Laetitia Roux although Mireia Miro ( Spain) and Gloriana Pellissier ( Italy ) will also be vying for places. See below current rankings for the ISMF 2013 world cup after race 1.

Ski Mountaneering 2013 world cup rankings after first race Ahrntal.

Ski Mountaneering 2013 world cup rankings after first race Ahrntal.

This event also concides with the celebrations for 150 years of the Swiss Alpine Club taking place in Martigny.


Kilian Jornet comments: “I am taking part in both the sprint race in Friday and the individual race in Saturday. I am not a sprinter so the Friday’s race will be a sort of training for Saturday, which I hope will be a nice event with many different technical zones. It is going to be a complicated course since the level in this competition is very high and the differences between the competitors are very small. Therefore, I have to be very accurate in order to get a good result”.

Mireia Miró declares: “I am in good shape after the last races in which I have scored a good result. This is why I am confident for this weekend and my goal is to be among the top five. My competitors are doing very good in the World Cup so I must be focused, do a good visualisation of the itinerary and make no mistakes during the race”

As of today, 24th January, spanish skiers Kilian Jornet and Mireia Miró are making last-minute preparations to take part this next weekend in the Alpiniski, the second race of the ski mountaineering World Cup in Switzerland. Kilian will enter in both the sprint race in Friday and the individual race in Saturday while Mireia will only participate in Saturday’s race.

Kilian and Mireia are keen on this competition, especially after the good results that both athletes have scored in the last weeks. Kilian Jornet ended up with two podiums on the first race of the World Cup in Ahrntal. Mireia was second in the individual event in Ahrntal and took an easy victory in the Spanish ski mountaineering championship.

Regarding the Alpiniski, Kilian Jornet states: “After the first race of the World Cup I have take things easy since I trained very hard for the last few months and resting was necessary. Now I am feeling relaxed and I had some time to work on the slopes which was my main weak point. I am happy for the results and I am confident enough that they will help me in the upcoming races. This year the level is very tight and I will need to be perfect in every aspect of the race to score a good result”.

Mirea Miró says: “The last results had been a morale booster for the Alpiniski. I am looking forward to a beautiful race in which I hope I will feel confident and comfortable. However, I will need to stay focused to make as less mistakes as possible because the level in the World Cup this year is very high. My goal is to be among the top five, I would consider this a very good result that would confirm the good dynamics I have experienced in this beginning of 2013”.

The sprint race in Friday will start at 10.30am and the Saturday’s individual race, which will have a 1538 meter scope for man and 1061 meter for woman, at 8am. Both races will be in La Creusaz, in Les Marécottes-Salvan (Switzerland).





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