TRAIL RUNNING ARGENTINA: Spaniards enjoy it at Cruce de los Andes: Oihana Kortazar 1F ; Emma Roca 2F ; Iker Karrera 3M. Congrats to all.

The ” Cruce de los Andes” 98km multistage race at the volcano territory between Argentina and Chile is one of the most relevant among South America´s trail running for 2013. In this XI edition, the tradicional team race saw the launch of a new “solo” category, for individual trailrunners to compete with each other.  Many big names strove to achieve the title, which went in the end to Max King and Oihana Kortazar

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Mapa de carrera

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Mapa de carrera (Etapa 1: Azul  / Etapa 2: Rosa / Etapa 3: Amarillo)



The target of this “Cruce de Los Andes” 2013  was once more to achieve the crossing of the mighty mountain range by running through solitary trails among imposing volcanos joining the lands of Argentina and Chile over a 3 stage and 98km traverse. Considering there are as many possibilities to achieve the crossing as the imagination dares to think of, the map and profile change form year yo year, adding a special unique flavor to each edition. See  below the details for the 3 days that runners tackled head on this year, with 32k, 38k and 28k.

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapas 32k 38k 28k

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapas 32k 38k 28k

The places where the event takes place are all of great beauty: Runners make their way through mountains and volcanoes, snowy peaks, forests, lakes, valleys and rocky areas. Even with the challenge taking place during the austral summer, climatic variations are enormous. Some editions have been accompanied by spectacular sunny days, with temperatures that can reach 20°C. Others, however, face the runners with truly adverse weather conditions which may include cold, snow, high winds and heavy rains.

Bearing all of it in mind, the physical demand for trail runners is enormous and requires intense training and mental toughness to make it through. It is an adventure race for those who love solitude and are willing to face three days running free among the mountains, enduring all the difficulties that entails.

Until 2013 this race was held always for teams of 2 runners (Ladies, Men or mixed) taht ought to stay together for the entire journey. In this XII edition and following  intense demand, the organization decided to add the individual category for the first time. The quality of the mountain runners who entered this new category made ​​it the prominent showpiece prominently with many of the big names among trail runners worldwide racing each other for the first individual title:  Max King, François D´Haene, Iker Karrera, Gustavo Reyes, Oihana Kortazar, Emma Roca, Anna Frost, etc…



Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapa 1 perfil

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapa 1 perfil

DAY 1 (32k): EL CRUCE COLUMBIA 2013 kicked off with a very fast 32k stage, due to its negative descent profile. Ever since this first km, the favorites to final victory lined up at front setting a very demanding pace. The results for the first day were: MEN 1. Max King  2:18 / 2. Francois D’Haene  2:21 / 3. Gustavo Reyes 2:23 / 4. Iker Karrera 2:25 / 5 Cristian Mohamed 2:30 // WOMEN 1. Oihana Kortazar 2:53 / 2. Emma Roca 2:56 / 3. (ex aequo) Anna Frost – NZ / Adriana Vargas – ARG CBA – 3:07 / 5. Rosalia Camargo – Brasil – 3:20

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapa 2 perfil

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapa 2 perfil

DAY 2 (38K):  La segunda era la etapa reina en cuanto a longitud, con 38k de los 98k que sumaba el conjunto de la prueba. Los parciales en la etapa 2 fueron los siguientes. Masculino:  1°- Max King 2º François D´Haene 3º Iker Karrera//  Femenino:  1ª Oihana Kortazar 2ª Emma Roca 3ª Anna Frost. 

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapa 3perfil

Cruce de los Andes 2013 Etapa 3perfil

DAY 3 (28K):  Winners Max King y Oihana Kortazar. Upon the finish line for the final stage of El Cruce Columbia with 28km,  Max King confirmed a clear victory, followed by Francoise D`haene in second. Spaniard Iker Karrera ended up third finally after a pugnacious battle with  Gustavo Reyes who ended up fourth. In the women´s field,  the podium was most consistent during all stages; Oihana Kortazar won clearly, with Emma Roca second and Anna Frost as third.

Oihana Kortazar campeona cruce de los andes 2013  foto oihana kortazar

Oihana Kortazar winner Cruce de los Andes 2013 photo oihana kortazar

Max King campeón cruce de los andes 2013

Max King winner cruce de los andes 2013 (Photo: Org.)




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