FRANÇOIS D’HAENE INTERVIEW: FROM VVX TO DIAGONALE DES FOUS. Our SECTION INTERVIEWS  section brings us today the talk that our colleague Abel de Frutos from had yesterday with Francois D’Haene just before starting the 110km of the Volvic Volcanic Experience.

We talked to Francois D’Haene about the VVX and the next races of his 2022 calendar among which we highlight the confrontation with Kilian Jornet in the Hardrock.



After sharing dinner, breakfast and a few days at the Volvic Volcanic Experience we have the opportunity to interview four-time UTBM champion (among others) Francois D’Haene. A very close runner who has come along with his family to enjoy the VVX 2022.

We talked to him about this race, in addition to his next goals and of course his absence in UTMB 2022.

In the interview he tells us, how after having 3 children, he has to choose his careers well, as short careers do not go so well (although he likes them a lot) because he has to invest much more time than for long ones. In addition, he tells us that Kilian is an incredible athlete who can run in any type of race, and that if he focused on one modality he would be the best.

He also tells us that he would love to run Zegama one day, that this year, he could not go to Zegama because he would need to prepare only Zegama and this year was not the year, but that some year he will run it. That’s why he’s on VVX, to prepare for the season, and also enjoy his family.

He also tells us, how he is doing with the new prototype of Salomon shoes he is using, how Hardrock 100 will be the goal of the year, and why he does not go to UTMB this year although he will be there to see it.

HARDROCK 100 MILES | 160KM |10.000M+| 15th JULY

The most technical and alpine hundredmiller in the United States will host françois-Kilian’s only major world duel this year. The departure will depart from Silverton Colorado on 15JUL at 6:00 a.m. crossing thirteen main ports between 12,000′ (3600m) to 13,000′ (4000m).

The race ceiling is even higher than the mythical 3,800m of the Hope Pass in Leadville. Here we must climb to the 14,048′ (4200 m) summit of Handies Peak, to finally return to Silverton after 100 miles/160 km.

The tradition is not completed until, instead of crossing a finish line, you “kiss the hard rock,” over the image of a ram’s head painted on a large block of stone mining debris.

Here you can read how we told you at HARDROCK 2021, when François D’Haene arrived in Silverton, kissed the rock and won with 21:45:50, in the middle of the morning 4AM local time (12h CET). Eye, because he managed to complete the test in less than 24 hours after leaving at 6 in the morning: A historic time trial that stripped Kilian Jornet of the race record that was 23:28:00.

This 2022 we will see Ali, for sure, the great battle of the year between Francois and Kilian. Almost all of us think that with two roosters like this, a new record will fall. And you?


The race will go through all key points of the 4 other races. Embark on a duo adventure, in almost full autonomy, for a magnificent trip to the heights of Belledonne !

Interesting that the race track will ONLY be released 10 days before the departure of the race. Race reserved to ONLY 50 pairs.


The Diagonal de Fous s is a very hard ultra unique in the world for its landscapes (the Natural Park of Réunion is a UNESCO Heritage Site).

It brings together the abrupt and brutal profile of the race, crossing the impressive “Circuses” of Cilaos and Mafate – this circus gives its name to one of the emblematic shoe models of the Hoka One One brand. It also weighs the prohibition of running with canes to protect that environment, and the extreme temperatures that will be experienced.

This 2021, due to a fire that occurred a few months ago, the race was cut by 6 kms and the mythical climb to Maïdo that would arrive around km 100 will not be climbed, so it will be in 160km and 9400m. Below, detail layout Diagonale des Fous 2021.