CANYONS ENDURANCE RUN 2022: PETERMAN AND LOWTHER TAKE THE LAURELS AT THE FIRST UTMB SERIES IN THE USA. Our UTMB section bring us today the results of the second event in the 2022 UTMB® World Series.

Conditions were perfect as the first ever UTMB® World Series event in the USA got underway on a classic trail route through the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. More than 700 runners took on the demanding 100km course, among them a strong contingent of elite competitors as determined by the UTMB® Index.

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The American runner Adam Peterman, alongside the Canadian athlete Jazmine Lowther, were among the big winners at the Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB® at the weekend in Auburn, California, where over 850 runners took part on three courses.

Peterman, 26, from Missoula, Montana had come to the event as the rising star in the U.S. ultra and trail scene and he more than lived up to his billing with a crushing display, setting a new record time for the 100km course of eight hours and 32 minutes. This was almost 40 minutes quicker than Anthony Costales’s record set in 2021.

“I’m really happy with the race,” said Peterman at the finish of a stunning scenic route through Volcano and El Dorado canyons, with up to 16,000ft of ascent. “I don’t feel so great right now, but I’m really happy with the race – it went as good as it could have gone and I think I learned a bit too because it wasn’t easy.”

Peterman reached the finish just over 11 minutes ahead of second-placed David Sinclair, a 30-year-old athlete from Truckee, California who had worked hard in training on the course, making several trips to check it out ahead of the start. Sinclair led for much of the race with Peterman battling to stay with him.

“I was second for quite a while when David Sinclair was leading,” said the HOKA-sponsored Peterman who was tackling a 100km course for the first time. “I really wanted to win and it kind of felt like for a while I was out of the picture – it was really hard. I didn’t have a rough patch, I just thought it was hard.”

Peterman’s record-breaking performance was matched in the women’s division by the Canadian star Jazmine Lowther who ran out a convincing winner, nearly 23 minutes ahead of second-placed Leah Yingling from Pennsylvania. What’s more, she beat the course record for the 100km by two seconds.

“For a while I thought I was in 12th place until the race director told me I was leading the race,” said a delighted Lowther who hails from Nelson, British Columbia. “I came in aiming for the top-10 and somehow I made it work,” she added.

©Scott Rokis & Canyons Endurance Runs™ by UTMB®

In the 50km race, the male winner was Dakota Jones, a noted runner from Bozeman, Montana who broke the finish line after five hours, four minutes and four seconds. “It was great,” he said as he recovered. “Today it was like the most perfect conditions you could hope for – cool weather, warm in the sun and no wind. It was beautiful and the trails were super-smooth and well-maintained and the aid stations were great. I had an awesome time. This event was really professionally done and it feels really good to be out here.”

Canadian runner Katherine Short from Halfmoon Bay in British Columbia was the female winner in the 50km. All podium finishers in the 100km and 50km races gain automatic entry to UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2022.

In the 25km event, the male winner was Garrett Heath from Seattle, Washington while Emkay Sullivan took the honors in the women’s division, finishing in one hour, 56 minutes and 47 seconds.

Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB® brought runners back to where it all started in the US as competitors took to trails with echoes of the gold rush, featuring Sierra views, oak and pine canopies, deep canyon gullies and river crossings on old wooden bridges.

While the UTMB® World Series attracts the world’s best Elite runners, thousands of passionate and talented runners also take on the challenges posed by the best races in the world. Amongst them this weekend were Canadian runners Nicholas Brash and Tara Zauner, who got engaged after running the Grand Canyon together last year. Brash took on the 100km course to collect Running Stones for use in the UTMB® Mont-Blanc entry lottery and described a memorable experience on iconic trails with hundreds of like-minded people. Asked about his favorite part of the course, he spoke about an unforgettable setting.

“I didn’t stop once to take a photo all day because I didn’t have time and I felt that I would seize up if I stopped,” he explained. “But there was this one vista that overlooked the canyon and the mountains in the distance with snow-caps – it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on a trial.”

Zauner, who upgraded from the 25km to 50km race at check in, said, “It was awesome. One of the best moments was the beginning when you descended into the canyon with the mist over the water. It was perfect. I’m throwing my Running Stones in for OCC® and I’ll see what happens!”

©Scott Rokis & Canyons Endurance Runs™ by UTMB®

In addition to being a qualifier for the UTMB® World Series Finals, Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB® was also a Western States 100 Golden Ticket Race. The 2023 edition of the race is confirmed to take place on April 28th-29th, and will include a new 100-mile race. Registrations are already open here, with early bird prices available until May 1st.

Following the postponement of the Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB® to October 2022, the next event in the World Series will be Trail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB® held in Haute-Loire, a lush, green destination shaped by volcanoes and rivers in south-central France, on June 11th. Registrations are open here.


All podium finishers in the 100K race category automatically qualify for UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2022. View detailed Elite qualification rules here.Male, 100km

  • 1st place: Adam Peterman, CAN (08:32:00)
  • 2nd place: David Sinclair, USA (08:43:02)
  • 3rd place Jared Hazen, USA (08:47:36)

Female, 100km

  • 1st place Jazmine Lowther, USA (10:01:56)
  • 2nd place Leah Yingling, USA (10:24:53)
  • 3rd place: Aroa Sio Seijo, ESP (10:27:44)


All podium finishers in the 50K race category automatically qualify for UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2022. View detailed Elite qualification rules here.Male, 50km

  • 1st place: Dakota Jones, USA (04:12:08)
  • 2nd place: Mario Mendoza, USA (04:28:43)
  • 3rd place: Cyril Garcia, USA, (05:24:08)

Female, 50km

  • 1st place: Katherine Short, CAN (05:04:04)
  • 2nd place: Renee Funston, USA (05:57:43)
  • 3rd place: Jec Ballou, USA (06:05:58)


Male, 25km

  • 1st place: Garrett Heath, USA (01:43:04)
  • 2nd place: Darren Thomas, USA (01:43:51)
  • 3rd place: Cole Watson, USA (01:44:12)

Female, 25km

  • 1st place: Emkay Sullivan, USA (01:56:47)
  • 2nd place: Krystal Brownfield, USA (02:35:40)
  • 3rd place: Jackie Clark, USA (02:24:43)


To date, 15 events have been confirmed to be part of the inaugural 2022 UTMB® World Series and more races will be announced in the coming weeks. To receive the latest news, you can register here.

We start with the PROVISIONAL calendar and continue now with more details.

UTMB® World Series Events 2022  (confirmed on 5th November 2021)


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