SALOMON 2022 SKI TORUING NEW MTN RANGE: 40% OF RECYCLED MATERIALS. Our SKI section bring us today more novelties from the French brand Salomon.

If 6 weeks ago we presented you all the novelties for Trail Running, Running and Hiking, today is the turn of the Ski Toruing and its MTN range which in a 40% is made out of recycled materials. In this range for the 2022-23 winter season, Salomon will launch the all-new MTN ski touring range of skis and boots, and sustainable design elements in both.


Ski touring has exploded in popularity across Europe and North America over the last decade, and its popularity has only grown in the last two winter seasons, when the global pandemic forced the closure of many ski resorts and sent more skiers into the backcountry.

The Salomon MTN ski touring range was in the works long before that, however, with the company’s product designers working closely with all types of backcountry skiers to develop a progressive, sustainable range. The ski and boot ranges offer a model for every flavor of backcountry skiing—resort touring, mountain touring, fast touring ski-mo days, roaming from one cabin or mountain refuge to the next, and steep skiing on big lines.

“The design of our new MTN range of backcountry skis and boots is driven by an energetic and positive mindset on one hand and the environmental connection on the other, so we have worked on this duality to mix the sports codes with sustainability to make a progressive product range,” says Quentin Boutry, Salomon’s Product Manager for Alpine Skis and Boots. “We are creating products to be radical, simple and modern, and we want skiers to be able to see the technology in what we make.”

The goal with the MTN range was to be as good as any competitor on the market at going uphill and best-in-class at going down, and to create those skis and boots in a more sustainable manner. Overall, 40 percent of the material used in the MTN ski and boot range is made of recycled materials.


Engineered to be light enough for easy ski touring, yet wide enough for outstanding free touring, the all-new MTN 96 Carbon ski moves downhill as effectively as it climbs up. Combining all the strengths of Salomon’s iconic MTN 95 touring ski, it has an alpine shape and a more lightweight, carbon construction.

The lightest wide touring ski the company has ever made is reinforced with carbon to minimize your uphill effort, leaving you with more energy to reach beyond your comfort zone on the way down. Salomon’s exclusive Cork Damplifier is visibly integrated into the tip of the MTN 96 Carbon ski to filter terrain vibrations and create a more stable ski no matter the snow conditions.

All of that was done with sustainability in mind. The ski is made with 40 percent sustainable materials as part of Salomon’s efforts aimed at minimizing the product’s impact on the environment. Salomon’s new MTN ski touring range also includes the super versatile MTN 86 Carbon ski, the MTN Pro 86 and MTN Pro 80, which is ideal for those who are new to ski touring.

The super versatile women’s MTN 86 Pro touring ski performs just as well in the backcountry as it does on-piste. At 86 mm underfoot, it goes wherever you want and is designed for mountain lovers who like to wait until the last minute to decide whether to skin up the resort or ski down a new area of the mountain.

This versatile ski has been constructed to be light enough for easy skinning up, yet stable and powerful when it’s time to ski down. Combining the best of both worlds, the MTN 86 Pro has an all-mountain shape that delivers outstanding stability on-piste, while easily adapting to different backcountry terrains. Made to last with 40 percent sustainable materials, the MTN 86 Pro is part of Salomon’s efforts to minimize the company’s product impact on the environment.


The Salomon S/LAB MTN Summit boot strikes the perfect balance between the lightness needed to effortlessly go up, and the reliable performance required to ski down. Weighing exactly 1 kg and with a 75-degrees range of motion that will help your foot effortlessly maintain its natural rolling motion, the S/Lab MTN Summit makes going uphill easy.

The Carbon spine creates a super-strong shell-to-cuff connection, so you experience the consistent, powerful flex needed to ski down the steepest terrain with confidence. The micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System combines with a strategically placed ankle strap to creates Salomon’s innovative Touring Belt, for a customized fit and unbeatable heel-hold.

Together, the ultra-light Ultramid® Shell, 70 mm wide Dual Powerstrap and thin liner deliver the precise calf-wrapping and consistent tightness needed to conquer even the most extreme routes.

Built for women looking to tour to the top of the mountain with energy to spare, Salomon’s women’s MTN Summit Pro touring boot offers the lightness needed on the uphill and the stable performance needed while skiing down.

At only 1 kg and with a super-wide range of motion, this lightweight, women-specific boot with full rubber sole adds a layer of effortlessness to your touring adventures. A homogenous flex, new Powerstrap with wide Powerplate, and a women-specific liner deliver the precision and comfort needed to face even the most challenging terrain.

The micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System combines with a strategically placed ankle strap to create Salomon’s innovative Touring Belt, for a customized fit and unbeatable heel-hold. Together, the lightweight shell, reliable Powerstrap and touring liner offer the downhill performance and precise fit to make the MTN Summit boot the perfect companion for every touring adventure.


A lightweight touring binding for uncompromising backcountry adventure, the Salomon MTN Tour is made for high-performance alpine touring. It boasts convenience and reliability in a lightweight package.

The precision Lowtech system has multiple height climbing aids that are all quickly and easily accessible, and the wider screw pattern and integrated brake offer confidence while descending. A strong, rigid Aluminium construction allows for enhanced power transmission and a patented step-in aid features guiding elements to assist in the correct positioning of the toe. A wider screw implementation helps prevent the bindings from pulling out of the ski for added reliability.


A trusted companion in the backcountry, the lightweight and durable MTN Carbon S3 ski touring pole has a long EVA Ball grip designed to help your hand maintain a firm grasp in even the most challenging terrain.

Used by Salomon freeski athlete Cody Townsend on “The Fifty” project to climb and ski the 50 classic ski lines in North America, the Carbon S3 is the indispensable pole for those wanting to explore the most hidden corners of the mountain. The pole features a carbon shaft that is reinforced with Kevlar to keep weight down without sacrificing the sturdiness and strength.

Lock the Carbon S3 at any length between 100 and 135cm using the easy-to-use lock system, so it’s always fine-tuned to the slope angles and conditions of your adventures. The long EVA Ball grip, S3 premium strap (with auto release function for sketchy situations) and interchangeable asymmetrical basket add an extra measure of security and convenience to your backcountry outings.


Designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking for more safety and less weight, Salomon’s MTN Lab helmet has a refreshed design and now meets safety norms for alpine, mountaineering and biking.

In line with our sustainability efforts, it’s made with a mix of up to 75 percent recycled and natural materials, so you can be comfy and safe while playing your part in protecting the environment. Combining top-of the line EPS4D safety technology and a fast-drying merino wool liner, the MTN Lab offers remarkable performance and comfort in a feather-weight design.

With triple-norm protection to meet safety standards for climbing, skiing and biking, you can feel safe on year-round adventures. It also features recycled EPS, a 100 percent natural merino liner and other recycled and re-grinded materials to minimize its impact on the environment.


Made from up to 50 percent recycled materials, Salomon’s S/View MTN goggles are designed to accompany ski-mo aficionados on the toughest ascent and steepest descents. They are the lightest, fully ventilated goggles on the market. They feature a modern frame and Photochromic lens that flawlessly adapts to varying light conditions, and have a minimalist strap makes them 20% lighter, while maintaining the comfort and all-weather performance of a full frame construction.

The Photochromic lens flawlessly adapts to any light conditions by shifting between a lighter and darker shade, so you’ll only ever need to pack this one pair of goggles. The S/View Mtn goggles are also ideal for skinning up and skiing down, with optimized airflow that minimizes fogging on the ascent and a frame that delivers the wide field of vision needed when skiing down.


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