GRAN TRAIL PEÑALARA 2022: REGISTRATIONS OPEN. Our MOUNTAIN RACES CALENDAR 2022 celebrates a new edition of the great classic of the Madrilean GUadarrama Mountains: GTP 2022 opens pre-registrations today for its 12th edition that is consolidated in autumn.

The three usual mountain races are maintained: Cross Nocturno Navacerrada, Trail Peñalara 60km and Gran Trail Peñalara 110km, with the GTP pair relays also back. A race where our editor Mayayo has run the 110km on three occasions. We start with video of the last year edition GTP 2021 and pass of the leaders by the Claveles Ridge.


(07-09 OCT 2022)

Today the inscriptions open to be enrolled in the face of the draw of numbers of the TP60, which will be followed by the 20JAN the draw of places for it. And once this is closed, the GTP will open in solo and by relays the next 25th January

The key dates of the registrations will be:

🗓️ 10-January-2022 ➡️ Pre-registrations TP60 opening
🗓️ 20-January-2022 ➡️ Draw of the numbers for TP60
🗓️ 25-January-2022 ➡️ Registrations for GTP and GTP Relays opening


In 2010 the Royal Spanish Society of Mountaineering Peñalara launched this ultra distance test after extensive experience in the organization of mountain races, over more than 30 years (Cross 3 Refugios, KV de La Barranca, Cross de La Pedriza and Cross de Cuerda Larga). Some of them have been scoring tests for the Spanish Cup and for the Madrid Cup.

The Great Trail of Peñalara, organized by the RSEA Peñalara, has been consolidated after ten editions as the reference of the ultra trail in the Centro area. With start and finish in Navacerrada, just 50 km from the city of Madrid.

On the positive side, the selfless collaboration of 450 volunteers and some of the clubs in the area (Pedriza, Samburiel, Alalpardo, Todo Vertical, Majalasna, Maliciosa Trail, Perlas Triatlon, Castillo de Villalba, La Acebeda) that give support and support to all the runners in the refreshment and control posts has become a hallmark of the test.

On the negative side, GTP suffers from restrictions derived from the way of understanding environmental management that have undoubtedly prevented it from giving it the projection that history and charm it should have, beyond the local peloton.

Claveles Ridge at GTP 2021. Photo: Jose Miguel Muñoz.

GTP 2022 THE RACES: CNN-11K; TP60K; GTP-110K.

In its 2022 edition, the queen test of the downtown area maintains its three modalities with the great novelty of the opening of the queen test to relays of two people. Let’s go with the details.

GRAN TRAIL PEÑALARA | 07 OCT-23.30H | 104KM | 5.100M+

The Gran Trail de Peñalara is a circular test of ultradistance by mountain, with a route that this 2022 is adjusted to 104km 5100M+, with beginning and end in the mountain town of Navacerrada. This year it is consolidated for the second edition in autumn, thus avoiding the great heat waves suffered in June other years.

The maximum time is reduced again: A few years ago it was 27h30min, in 2021 it was 25h15m and this 2022 it will be just 24h30.

It covers the most emblematic and representative landscapes of the Sierra de Guadarrama, passing through La Maliciosa, La Pedriza, La Morcuera, Rascafría, Peñalara, La Granja and Puerto de Navacerrada, among other places.


For the XII edition of the GTP, the Relays for teams of 2 components are consolidated, each of which must make half the route. The first reliever will take the start in Navacerrada and must reach the control of Rascafria after traveling 57 Km with 2400 m, where he will deliver the relay to the second component of the team that must complete the route of the GTP to the finish in Navacerrada in a route of 58 Km and 2700 m.

Both will meet again 1km from the finish line to be able to make the final entrance to the finish line together. From here, it seems to us an idea of great interest, which will surely be attractive to many couples.


TP60 | 09 OCT-07.30H | 61KM | 2.700M+

Departure on 9OCT at 7:30 h from Miraflores de la Sierra and will have its finish line in Navacerrada. This 2022 we will have a maximum time of 13h to complete it. Its route passes through La Morcuera, Rascafria, Peñalara, Puerto de Cotos and Alto de Guarramillas.

It is an ultra with great acceptance for its balance between beauty-hardness and possibility to cross the finish line. Its conditions, without being easy, allow a pleasant experience in a reasonable time.

To emphasize, therefore, that it is usually the first of the tests of the event to be filled and the only one that requires a draw, So, if it calls you, do not delay in deciding.

CNN NAVACERRADA | 07 OCT-20H | 11KM | 400M+

In addition to the two great ultras, the fun Night Cross of Navacerrada will also be held, which runs in 11k and 450m of positive slope the surroundings of the mountain town. A test that this year moves to Saturday Night and serves as a complement to the great party that takes place throughout the weekend throughout the Guadarrama.