ADIDAS TERREX SPEED ULTRA: the Aneto FKT shoes from Luis Alberto Hernando. Our TRAIL SHOES section brings today the ADIDAS TERREX SPEED ULTRA. The “flying” shoes for long mountain races, for which Luis Hernando bet for his recent record to the highest mountain in the Pyrenees: Aneto 3,404m.

It arrives with 180€ price, for a weight of 245 grams. Height to the ground of 19mm in front and 27mm behind, for a drop of 8mm. The midsole uses the Boost’s new Lightstrike developments and the rubber sole remains faithful to Continental, with 2.5mm studs. We start remembering the Aneto record of Luis and then we go with technical analysis, by Mayayo.



The ADIDAS TERREX SPEED ULTRA is already in stores, after two years of development, by the hand of the British ultrarunner Tom Evans. As you might remenber, the British was bronze in that World Ultra 80km of 20018 where Luis added his third gold of the modality. An unforgettable day, with that Spanish double at the top of the podium, for all of us who were fortunate enough to be able to witness directly.

Luis Hernando gold, Cristofer Clemente silver , Tom Evans bronze. Photo Mayayo.


It is launched with a price of € 180 for a weight of 245 grams, with drop of 8mm as a result of a ground height of 19mm in front (2mm more than the speed pro) and 27mm behind. (4mm than the pro) The sole is the usual Continental, with 2.5mm studs and the damping is entrusted to Boost with the Lightstrike development.

As presented by the brand: “The Terrex Speed Ultra shoe features a comfortable and lightweight design that incorporates the latest technological innovations on the market. Tom Evans tried different versions of the shoe for two years and helped us in its design from start to finish…./… This shoe relies on technology to help you go further. The sole with studs, inspired by the wheels of gravel bikes, provides excellent grip. It combines two types of lightweight materials and a cushioned midsole that give more energy to your stride without compromising stability. The padded tongue and heel reinforcements maximize comfort and the top is light, breathable and ventilated.”


  • Price: 180€. A high price for an elite flyer, which will be more profitable the more you take it out with you.
  • Weight: 245 grams. Very low for a ultrera shoe, where rivals like La Sportiva Jackal or Salomon Ultra Glide are at 260-300 grams. Even more merit, given that continental’s sole adds grams to all Adidas Terrex sneakers, you notice the work in lightening cushioning done with Lightstrike.
  • Drop 8mm: A good equlibrio to run long in ultras. A common middle ground in the category. It is up to 4mm more than its flying sister for short and medium distances Adidas Terrex Speed Pro, to pad us more if fatigue forces us to lose technique and heel.
  • Height: 19mm in front and 27mm behind. Much lower and glued to the ground than the maximalist shoes dominant today in the elite ultrera, that from Hoka to Salomon or the brand new Saucony Endorphin trail bet on heights of 26mm and up for the forefoot and more than 33mm in heel. In return, that if, it will allow us to have a better touch of terrain in technical sections such as that descent of the Aneto de Luis.
  • Light Strike Damping: Novelty Adidas, which we review later.
  • Classic upper and lazing.
  • Continental sole, 2.5mm lugs.A Rubber uses the same compound for the entire Terrex range.
    It provides a reliable and already well-tested grip on a variety of different surfaces. Here lllega with some 2.5mm cleats for firm ground. Taqueado type “Gravel bikes” calls it the brand. Don’t get into deep mud with them! variety:
  • Colors: 4 to choose from. Below you cans ee them.


The Adidas Terrex Speed Pro debut in a very competitive market, also dominated by maximalist sneakers. We have already mentioned above three alternatives of Salomon, La Sportiva and Saucony, to which we can add the Asics Trabuco Max or the entire range of Hoka Trail Running among others, where perhaps the Evo Speedgoat with its € 170, weight 281gr and heights 28mm / 32mm is the most direct rival.

This 2021 debutant brings few technical changes in itself, beyond the striking décor, with a black and white camouflage print. According to the brand, we can point out four highlights in its development:

LIGHTNESS: With 245 grams it is undoubtedly a very light flying shoe for ultras. Perhaps in the TOP3 of the entire market. The Adidas Lightstrike midsole seeks to provide a superlight cushioning that adds dynamism to the shoe, in the style of the classic superlight foams with Hoka could, at last, afford a lot of mattress without penalizing weight.

Adidas still doesn’t reach heights like the Hoka Evo Speedgoat’s 28mm low foot however. It is light, but on the other hand it provides much less rubber under the feet. A step that will undoubtedly be solved very soon with new model in stores, as Saucony has just done by launching Endorphin Trail to complete its Xodus and Peregrine.

BOOST CUSHIONING: For those loyal to the German brand, the boost’s fluffy softness is highly valued. In mountain racing it hasn’t been easy for Adidas to fine-tune the point between the softness of the Boost and the key firmness and feel of the mount. After five years alternating boost and eva, it seems that they have already codigo the tranquillo. As you can see, wide wedge boost back with eva to give firmness and touch in the rest.

The Continental sole offers healthy adhesion on both dry and wet surfaces. It is a safe and proven value. now then… knowing that Adidas also owns the spectacular Stealth rubber, which it uses in some top-of-the-range products for mountaineering or canyoning, perhaps it would be good if in these top shoes they try it someday. In this model, 2.5mm studs help in the firm, but are a limitation for soft terrain, where 6-8mm studs are needed. Adidas usually solves it, like Salomon, by alternating base versions and SG versions of their models.



The adidas Terrex Speed Ultra is an interesting trail running shoe, for those looking to win races. It allows to force to the maximum agility and speed in the most technical terrains. It brings together elements tested and tested by the German brand, so a priori it seems logical to trust that the actual performance conforms to the expectations of our technical analysis. Fingers crossed, while we wait for an item for in-depth testing.

At this elite level, the fight for every gram is basic. Any ultra trail shoe that today goes down from 300 grams in carcass has a lot of cattle, with 250 grams as the maximum logical reference, if we do not want to penalize durability too much. But it’s not all weight loss, of course. When the terrain becomes complicated and technical, we need rubber under our feet that protects and grips us at the same time.

There is no doubt that the joint work of Lightstrike and Continental rubber are solid, but unfortunately we can not say that they are the best of the market. Neither the midsole is the one that provides the best weight/mattress ratio (Hoka still commands there, we think) Nor the Continental rubber reaches even rivals such as the Sportiva, Inov 8 G-grip, Scarpa Presta or Salomon Contagrip. He would be, that is, in the fight for a worthy top5.

Rounding out the package is an open mesh cover that promises to be extremely breathable and drain well. The abrasion-resistant welds that we aim for as reinforcement seek to add durability. AN interesting job… that the Germans could even fine-tune to climb a rung sooner, if they continue to bet on long mountain races thoroughly. Of monento, Luis Hernando has been enough and enough to go up and down the Aneto faster than anyone before.



Depending on your priorities in terms of type of use and objectives: The most obvious is its sister ADIDAS TERREX SPEED PRO for short and medium races, or training outings in that line.

As for rivals,a little bit more radical could be the HOKA ZINAL if you are looking for maximum performance in the race; the SAUCONY ENDORPHIN TRAIL if you are looking for cushioning and stability, better lugs; or the SALOMON ULTRA GLIDE if you want to try the new solution for ultra running of the market leader.


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