ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST 21 TEST: More reactive than ever, the new delivery of the German. Our RUNNING SHOES sectionbrings us today the field test of this ADIAS ULTRA BOOST 21 perfromed by one of our #patroncarrerasdemontana: Jorge Sabugo.

Jorge brought us already the news about thr Ultraboost 21 in the previous technical analysis. Now, after more than 200 km he will let us know how they have been begged. Let’s look at it in detail.



Adidas has renewed its most iconic franchise-shoe again. It does so by maintaining its usual high price and working on ensuring maximum energy return in every stride of the runners.

According to the brand, some of the difficulties generated by the coronavirus pandemic may have a physical and mental antidote as simple and available to everyone as running shoes. This is supported by a global promotional study of the Germans, which pursues the power of running to improve the physical and mental well-being of communities and to motivate positive transformations.

This promotional corporate research argues that those who run frequently were 20% more likely than non-runner participants to experience an increase in energy levels.

Another benefit would be that more than 40% of those who increased their running frequency also said they developed a more positive outlook on life. In addition, more than 1 in 3 identified the mental health benefits of running as one of their main motivating factors. So… you can encourage friends and family to go for a run with you. Or not. 

The main novelty of ULTRABOOST 21 is the complete modification of its torsion system. The new adidas LEP (Linear Energy Push), provides, according to the brand, a 15% increase in the flexion stiffness of the fore foot for a more reactive stride.

Another important novelty is the boost gain of 6% in the midsole, when we thought it couldn’t fit any more boost, Adidas does it again, this time, with significant redistribution of the total Boost that makes visually the boost getting even higher.

This redistribution is mainly seen in the heel curve that seeks to minimize the negative race phase when the runner lands the heel. On the other hand, part of the boost is raised by the side areas of the heel, to hug it, giving greater support and stability to the foot.

It seeks greater energy return and race efficiency despite its high drop and weight, and will surely be a bestseller in 2021, maintaining a tough fight with rivals like the Asics Nimbus or the New Balance 1080.


  • Price: 180€, located in the premium segment of running shoes for runners looking for the most in their training shoes.
  • Weight 340gr, relatively high weight, for a shoe intended to travel many kilometers.
  • Drop: 10mm classic drop from previous versions of the shoe with 20’5mm on the front and 30’5mm on the front.
  • Upper: Using PRIMEKNIT+ fabric, a more precise fabric with greater support that allows greater comfort and lightness on the forefoot. The fore foot of the shoe is created with PRIMEBLUE. A high-performance recycled material containing at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. With yarn created from plastic rescued before diving into the ocean, which reinforces the commitment acquired by the brand of the three bands with sustainability in 2015.
  • Midsole: BOOST optimized, with 6% more BOOST than its ultraBOOST 20 predecessors. The new ULTRABOOST 21 provides runners with the perfect balance between support and comfort.
  • Sole: Alongside its Continental sole, it adds the new stiffer Linear Energy Push torsion system that guarantees riders less fore foot flex and more reactivity. .


Honestly, when I tried the ultraboost many years ago, it was not a shoe I liked much, because despite being a hard-working runner, I still have little spark, and I found it somewhat slow and clumsy. That’s why when Mayayo asked me to try it, I was very curious, as large modifications were expected.

The first day I started shooting, I was already noticing that those sensations that I had not liked in the past had disappeared. The shoe was much more cheerful and agile, the response to contact with the ground is significantly more reactive than its predecessors and even than the Solarboost 19 it was using.

Another of the most noteworthy things, although by all already known, is its extreme comfort, it is a shoe 24/7. This feature made her iconic, we even got to see Kanye West attend an awards gala by wearing them up. In my case I have come to wear them for 16/17 hours a day, using them to run, walk, strength training and a multitude of varied activities, providing me with brutal comfort, within reach of few shoes.

To run, which is what we are interested in, his stiffness gain has given him the plus he lacked, and he continues to maintain the protection and comfort that characterized him. Exquisite comfort and stability is an ideal model for the ultra-background en route, for training large volumes of kms, and for runners of 85/90 kgs. face a marathon with a synonym for success in your feet. Its historical range, the quality of its materials and performance makes in my feet (Sabugo) craving an inexhaustible shoe with which to roll hundreds of kms, and even exceed 1,000 kms. We’ll keep telling you how they’re being in our networks.

IN CONCLUSION, a shoe for everything, of absolute and durable comfort, and that its high price will be amortized for its performance and durability.

Video review in Spanish here:


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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain