SCARPA RIBELLE RUN: TRAIL SHOES TO FLY ON THE MORE TECHNICALHIGH MOUNTAIN .Our TRAIL SHOES section has already introduced you to the new SCARPA 2021 models. They are four sisters, combining evolution of veteran models such as the Spin 2.0 with new launches of the Italian brand.

All of them share the same drop 4mm and medium height dimensions. But they provide a wide variety of soles, cushioning and reinforcements according to the type of use intended. We go with the main protagonist of the quartet, the brand new SCARPA RIBELLE RUN, with which Marco De Gasperi himself has already achieved the record of Sentiero di Roma.


SCARPA is an Italian company with a long history in the production of mountain shoes. For a couple of years they have opted to relaunch their trail running range, hand in hand with mountain running world champion Marco de Gasperi as brand manager.
The first semester SCARPA 2021 arrives with four great novelties. plus previous veterans

  • SCARPA GOLDEN GATE ATR: Off-road sneaker, versatile for easy and mixed trails,
  • SCARPA SPIN INFINITY: Ultrera shoe, dedicated to long running with light weight and high performance
  • SCARPA RIBELLE RUN: The most technical and rocky version, for alpine type tests.
  • SCARPA SPIN 2.0: Evolution of the model covering the short and medium distance.
  • SCARPA SPIN ULTRA: The great veteran, with exceptional grip on technical terrain.

Scarpa Trail Running 2021: Four new features, plus two veterans. So the range is scaled

(139€/250gr/Drop 4mm)

The Ribelle Run has been designed with a very complex challenge in thinking: Mountain shoes that are both very durable and technically accurate. According to the brand, this new Ribelle Run, which arrive with a very light weight, wants to be the ideal choice for training and short-to-medium-distance racing on rugged and rocky terrain. Let’s go with the data sheet first, to understand them better.
Scarpa Spin Ribelle Run. Data Sheet:

  • Price139
  • Weight 250gr (42EUR)
  • Ground Height: 20.5-24.5mm
  • Drop: 4mm
  • Sole: Scarpa Presa

UPPER: The cover combines a highly breathable mesh with TPU plastic reinforcements. It is also reinforced with ripstop for increased abrasion resistance. The laterial band provides TPU protection of the entire perimeter, inspired by climbing footwear, provides more structure and a high level of protection.

PRECISE FITTING: To move well in technical terrain, we need a very precise adjustment… but without constraining the town. Scarpa gambled here for it for a medium-wide last. It has a slightly lower volume, allowing you to fine-tune the supports on technical trails. This fit is reinforced by the Sock-Fit Slip On construction, where the ankle neck is integrated with the tongue in an elastic fabric, reducing volume and sealing the debris from the road. The assembly is topped with a quick belt cord.
Damping: With 20.5mm under the forefoot, we’re close enough to the ground to “feel” it as needed on technical ground. But we also have at least 2.5mm more than usual in the equivalent Salomon range. Having also a drop of 4mm with only 24.5mm in heel, we gain not only in agility but also in touch under the feet. Something vital when we move on high mountain.

SOLE: Under the feet, she bets on a SuperGum rubber rubber developed by Scarpa as an expert brand in climbing, with her own range of cat feet. Exceptional traction and friction are sought with it, while being more durable alternatives. Did they make it?
Notably, the diagram you can see below, where it specifies how the application of the rubber has been designed, almost taco to taco, but balance each facet. As you can see, there are areas that seek propulsion, other braking (red), the toe for maximum grip and in blue the areas designed to prevail the stabilizity.


Marco himself put these brand new Ribelle Run to the limit for his assault on the Sentiero di Roma record last SEP20. This route is perhaps the most classic and fascinating of excursions in the central Alps, an icon of transalpine crossings. A trace that is usually traveled between 5-7 days, between ice fields and rough granite. Double-click below to enlarge the image and better appreciate the trace.

And Marco didn’t do badly… It started with the challenge of improving the 8h42m of the previous timing. The veteran Mountain Running world champion flew on this long, technical alpine journey, where he set a new mark, leaving it at just 7:53m. This was portrayed by both the brand and Maurizio Torri: In the middle of the job, first. Then at the finish line, smile.

SCARPA RIBELLE RUN, CONCLUSION: A development that promises a lot, a lot.

The Italians have always been, along with the Spaniards, the great defenders of technical, extreme mountain races. Tests such as the Kima Trophy or the Peak Travesera don’t have many equivalents around the world ahead, at least not with as much tradition and real popularity among the world ahead.

It is logical, then, that it is an Italian brand that bets on taking mountain shoes, mountain to a new level. In recent years we have had good specialists, such as the Salomon XA Alpine Pro. And in fact, the Scarpa Spin Ultra has already stood out for the enormous confidence and grip it inspired on the high mountain.

This Scarpa Ribelle Run has been worked on in its technical components and its development to take it to a new level. For its lightness, for its grip fastening. If, as the Italian house promises, they achieve a shoe of wide durability, it would be extraordinary news. Now, all we have to do is wait to shoot the first few miles with her, to share our impressions. Wishing we are….


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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain