KILIAN JORNET 24H TRACK. CHALLENGE PHANTASM24 WILL START 27NOV 10.30H. It’s official! Today at 4pm, Kilian Jornet’s team was confirmed the record attempt. In the previous article, we reviewed Kilian’s athletics brands and the key material he will use, with a special focus on the shoes and the GPS watch that he will use, key tools in the sustained fight against the time that awaits him.

Spain’s record was set in 2019 by Iván Peñalba with 274.33km. The world record was set in 1997 by Yiannis Kouros, at 303.56km. After the first infos received we thought the D-day was 8th November, however it could not be, today the final target day was confirmed.


Kilian Jornet will storm the 24h running on the track in the so-called “Phantasm24” challenge the next 27NOV from 10.30AM. The chosen date, its a small good weather window in Tromso, Norway. The run will take place on a 400m track in Mundalen. The competition will also involve several Norwegian athletes specialized in long distance to make it an official race. The Phantasm24 challenge can be followed via a live stream. To follow all health prevention measures against the Covid pandemic, the challenge will be developed without any audience.


The race forecast will range from 4°C-6°C with spot wind gusts of up to 30kmh. It is planned some punctual drizzle with 3.7mm in total, spread over about three hours during the day. The thermal sensation will therefore be around 0°C in the race throughout the challenge. Valid conditions to try the adventure, but not optimal. The Phantasm24 challenge can be seen via a live stream on


The puzzle pieces have all already fitted together. The Catalan runner intends to tackle a mythical world record. It is in the possession of the Greek Yiannis Kouros with 303,506 km, nothing more and nothing less than 1997. A legend that we deal with thoroughly a little later, well deserves it.

Spain’s record also has a high level, set by Iván Peñalba at 274.33KM in DEC 2019. Iván Peñalba who went on to lead the last 24H World Cup that same year, where he finished fifth. The reference gives us an idea of the level of commitment and difficulty , where surpassing Spain’s record would in itself be a great achievement, although Kilian’s air capacity empowers him to come up with great ambitions.

We already know that running in a track is not going to be something new for Kilian, who in recent months has shown us different sessions circling the Olympic ring: from short series emulating Joshua Cheptegei in his 5,000 m.l world record; or more recently in mid-September when he conducted a “feeding test” in a race of no less than 85 km or what is the same 212 laps, at an average pace of 4.13″ m/km, on an approved athletics track. As you can see in the image posted by Kilian himself, he already shot those first 85km over 6 hours.

On the day of the attempt, Jornet will change direction every four hours. The appointment will be on the same track where he has already performed the training above, which he knows well and where he has trained for several months. Several Norwegian athletes specializing in long distance will also compete. In its attempt, Jornet will use Salomon’s new S/LAB Phantasm, as well as the Suunto 9 gps watch, the brand’s longest battery life. Below, you can see the details of the current Salomon Slab Phantasm.

Much of Jornet’s training research has focused on minimizing injuries that can arise with the repetitive movement of running on flat ground. In fact, he was forced to delay the 24-hour attempt in recent weeks due to some annoying muscle injuries that arose before his first 10km race en route, Hytteplanmila’s famous race in Norway, which ended at 29:59 in mid-October.


Track Distance: 400 meters
Number of laps to complete 1000 meters: 2.5 laps
Number of laps to complete 100 km: 250 laps
Current World Record Lap Number: 758 and 100 meters

Thus, in the 24-hour world record attempt on the runway on November 27th, in Norway, Kilian will have to roll at least 759 laps, at an average pace of almost 4.45″ min/km to earn the prized world record. As you can imagine, brutal, but that shows us kilian’s bravery, because already running 303,506 km in 24 hours is a very difficult thing, but todo it by circling a 400-meter track, it does so far only within reach of Yiannis, we will see what salomon’s athlete gets.


  • Price: 499€
  • Weight: 72 grams.
  • Bezel material: Stainless steel
  • Glass material: Mineral glass
  • Case material: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Strap material: Silicone
  • Battery Life: 120 hours in gps mode. Three preset battery modes (Performance, Resistance and Ultra) offer from 25 hours to 120 hours of GPS-tracked recording time.
  • Clock only: In 14-day hour mode: Includes 24/7 tracking and 7-day mobile notifications
  • Clock + GPS: Training mode with GPS 25 h / 40 h / 120 h
  • Smart Charging Reminders
  • Touch display
  • Alarm
  • Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, TR, HE, ZH*, TH*
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C – (+55) °C / -5 °F – (+130) °F
  • Digital compass
  • Sleep tracking
  • Altimeter & GPS tracking


SALOMON SLAB PHANTASM: Kilian Jornet’s flying asphalt shoe. Our TRAIL RUNNING GEAR section has long presented you with the weapon with which Kilian attempted his first personal 10km onasphalt. As usual throughout the SLAB range, this shoe is aimed for elite runners, by engine and by technique. Now, it has just being announced that he will also use them in the 24 hours #kilianphantasm24. Let’s get to know them better then.

It comes with a price of 180€, for a weight of 199 grams, drop of 6mm with only 14-20mm to the ground, a very innovative cushioning named Energy Surge and Contagrip FA sole. With it we have already seen Kilian run 29m42s in a 10k training on asphalt… after completing a KV before at full speed. In return, it was also with them that he performed 29m59s on that first 10k of asphalt. Where by the way, all their elite rivals competed with modern carbon plate sneakers.


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Post by Héctor Rubio @hekruca for Trailrunningspain