This week we presented to you the WMRA WORLD CUP CALENDAR FOR 2021, the world’s oldest and most prestigious circuit, since 1999. It is also the only one in which the great stars of Europe and America are measured with the best African mountain runners.

Aragon in the world showcase of Athletics, with the elites from Africa, Europe and America in the race. After fourteen editions in crescendo, Canfranc-Canfranc will host the 11-12SEP two WMRA World Cup races at
Canfranc Station.

Spanish mountain runners compete at the top of the sport, which are part of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation team. In fact, in the last WMRA World Cup run in Patagonia, Spain won three medals: Gold men’s teams, silver women’s teams and individual bronze by Oriol Cardona.

WMRA 2020 WORLD CUP: Here’s the official calendar, newly published. Twelve locations, spread over 8 countries. There will be 16 races, spread over Uphill Mountain, Classic Mountain and Long Mountain. More than 10,000 runners from all around the world, including the world’s elite, will take part. This was published by the international athletics federation itself, the World Athletics, on their global website.

  • 18-20 Jun: Broken Arrow Skyrace – Squaw Valley, USA
  • 26 Jun: Tatra Race Run – Tatra Mountains, Poland
  • 11 Jul: Grossglockner Berglauf – Heiligenblut, Austria
  • 17 Jul: La Montee du Nid d’Aigle – St Gervais, France
  • 24 Jul: Tatra SkyMarathon – Koscielisko, Poland
  • 7 Aug: Sierre-Zinal – Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland
  • 15 Aug: Krkonosky Half Marathon – Jasnke Lazne, Czech Republic
  • 4-5 Sep: Vertical/Trofeo Nasego – Nasego, Italy
  • 11-12 Sep: Canfranc-Canfranc – Canfranc-Estacion, Spain
  • 26 Sep: Trofeo Ciolo – Gagliano del Capo, Italy
  • 3 Oct: Zumaia Flysch Trail Mendi Maratoina – Zumaia-Gipuzkoa, Spain
  • 10 Oct: Kilometro Verticale Chiavenna-Lagunc – Chiavenna, Italy

CANFRANC CANFRANC, BET ON THE WORLD ELITE: After fourteen years of experience, the popular participation of runners and volunteers from all over Aragon has already reached the maximum levels allowed by the geography of Canfranc. Canfranc’s organization now turns to increase the sporting quality of the event, as a hooking pennant to enhance in the media around the world the magnificent trails and the great tradition in mountain sports that the Aragonese Pyrenees can offer.

To this end, in 2020 it was not only part of the national calendar SERIES RFEA, but also, for the first time for a Spanish event, was selected as the venue for the WMRA World Cup.

If it was not possible to celebrate the international circuit a year ago, this 2021 Canfanc is again on the exclusive global list. It is a calendar that in 2021 celebrates its 21st edition with only twelve venues around the world, including global icons such as the Sierre Zinal in the Swiss Alps;
Montée Nid d’Aigle on French Mont Blanc, Broken Arrow in the Mountains of California or the Italian Nasego Trophy.

To them are the Spanish Zumaia Flysch and Canfranc-Canfranc, representing respectively the best of the “sea and mountain” of the Cantabrian Coast, and the “Pure Pyrenees” the other. Canfranc-Canfranc will have at the World Cup with its 16km race in Classic Mountain mode and the Marathon in Long Mountain. The selection of Canfranc Canfranc has been welcomed with great joy throughout Aragon:

Mr. Javier de Diego Pagola (General Sports Director of Aragon):
“It is extraordinary news that Canfranc hosts the World Cup.
From the Government of Aragon we want to congratulate its mayor on the work done to have been elected headquarters, and also because within the lines that the Government of Aragon has marked in Sport, there is the acquisition and promotion of sporting events that contribute to settle population and generate wealth in the territory, not only during the trial but throughout the year , as many athletes come to know the route and therefore spend in the hotels, restaurants and shops in the area.
So, congratulations to Canfranc and his mayor and team for getting this important test”

Mr. Miguel Gracia Ferrer (President Provincial Council of Huesca)On behalf of the Provincial Council of Huesca, I want to transfer our congratulations because the municipality of Canfranc is sheltering this event that undoubtedly values the capacity of a territory, in this case Canfranc, to offer the possibility of an event that will undoubtedly mean great international visibility of the province of Huesca. The ability to organize it and the ability to generate a sporting activity that will mean the dynamization of this environment say a lot in favor of those who make it possible. In recent years we are seeing how from the territories arise initiatives to take advantage of resources and natural environment for sports actions, whose protagonists, athletes, and their families and friends, are usually collectives respectful of the natural environment, a very noteworthy aspect”

Mr. Fernando Sánchez (Canfranc Mayor):
“We made a great effort to celebrate Canfranc Canfranc this 2020. It was a huge popular and sporting success, with world-class figures setting new records. But above all, it was a way of showing that the Aragonese Pyrenees was a beautiful and safe place for everyone. Re-appearing on the 2021 calendar means that our effort and the quality of the race are recognized for another year. Canfranc is a spectacular place in the Pyrenees. In sports, our mountains are tremendously vertical, as technically demanding as they are beautiful to navigate. Beyond the competition, whoever comes here will find any day of the year with 500km of trails marked by all that the high mountain has to offer: Peaks, ibones, ridges, valleys, crossings….”

This is how the official websites of the Mountain running and World Athletics:

WMRA World Cup web World Mountain Running Association.

World Cup WMRA web World Atheltics, international athletics federation.


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Posted by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain