ASICS NOVABLAST REVIEW: Running shoe for daily training, light and reactive. Our TRAIL RUNNING GEAR section brings us today the ASICS NOVABLAST , because we all know that in the winter months we also run in asphalt. The latest addition to the family of the Japanese brand designed to roll comfortable on the asphalt, prevailing the feeling of lightness and momentum.

It arrives with a price of 120€ and a 250 grams of weight, maintaining a high drop of 12mm that will help those who do not yet have a refined technique. We start with Mayayo’s analysis and then go with more details.


Achieving more reactivity to run faster has now become the Holy Grail of asphalt running shoes. Something that not only the Éites want, but also an achievable dream of each popular runner. The Japanese of Asics already achieved a spectacular bounce with a new foam and carving, THE FLYTE FOAM BLAST. A technology that premiered with ASICS NOVABLAST shoes.

We should not confuse this Blast foam with its sister FlyteFoam found in the Asics Metaracer, Evoride and Glideride.

This FFBlast is marketed as a high-bounce midsole. In addition, the FlyteFoam found in these shoes is accompanied by a rocker design that these Novablast and Dynablast do not have. Compared to novablast’s, that we will introduce you in the coming days, 22/32mm ground height, these Dynablast with 16/28mm are clearly a less radical version that doesn’t require much technique.

The same thing we see with that drop 12mm that will allow you to heel a little too much, without penalizing. Let’s go with the full technical details.


  • PRICE: 120€ today, it is the official online price in ASICS Spain store. An affordable price, 20 euros below her sisters.
  • WEIGHT:249 g male and 204 g female.
  • DROP 12MM:A very classic geometry, which helps popular runners, but it may not allow us to take go full gas and perform to the fullest if we have the optimal technique. Interestingly, wearing them doesn’t give such a “wedge” feeling.
  • FIT IN: Different from other Asics. According to the brand it is specially designed to give a feeling of support and good grip throughout the foot. In fact, for added support it has an Internal Heel Counter.
  • MIDSOLE: The new FLYTEFOAM Blast midsole offers a soft but receptive feel under your feet. It does not “sink”, but you notice it softly. Eye-catching “bounce” feeling, which pushes you forward. As a finisher, it has FF propel on the heel of the midsole that makes the shock absorption function. More details, below.
  • GROUND HEIGHT: 16mm front – 28mm rear. Unlike its sister Novablast’s 22-32mm, this model is in line with most of the brand’s running shoes. It seeks a smooth run daily, without forcing heights.
  • UPPER: Fine and comfortable, yes. Monofilament jacquard mesh, breathable, light and very soft for air to flow and notice dry and fresh feet. A very resistant shoe in which, the absence of seams makes them more comfortable and soft. Reflective details will also increase your visibility.
  • SOLE: Rubber reduced to a minimum to save weight, works. The classic AHARPLUS ™ from ASICS, offers three times the wear resistance when contacted on the asphalt. A shoe with which to make kilometers and kilometers on asphalt,


  • MIDSOLE: The star of the day. The new FLYTEFOAM Blast midsole offers a soft yet receptive feeling under the feet. Right, it does not make your feet sink, but you notice it softly. At the same time, the feeling of “bounce” is very striking and like it pushes you forward, as soon as you wear them. As a finisher, it has FF propel on the heel of the midsole that does the shock absorption function.
  • GROUND HEIGHT: 22mm front – 32mm rear. As you can see, this model is 4-5mm taller than most of the brand’s running shoes. This seeks to achieve more comfort in long-distance races.


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Posted by Héctor Rubio @hekruca for Trailrunningspain