POLAR IGNITE 3: WELLNESS & FITNESS GPS WATCH WITH AMOLED SCREEN. Our  GPS WATCH section presents today the last POLAR watch released: the Ignite 3.

This brand new Polar Ignite 3 is an ultralight , 35 grams, wellness and fitness watch that comes with a price of 329.90 €, and a size of 43mm.

329,90€ | 35 Grams | 43mm

The new Fitness & Wellness Watch has been designed to help people understand their body’s natural rhythm and harness this information to get even more out of the day and night.

The attractive design of Ignite 3 highlights its high-resolution AMOLED touch screen, which offers a very clear vision with the possibility of adjusting the brightness to suit the user. The curved lens of Gorilla Glass guarantees maximum resistance to shocks and scratches without sacrificing tactile sensitivity. Its materials and multiple interchangeable strap options make it a very versatile device that adapts to any situation and lifestyle. It has a single side button perfectly integrated into the bezel of the watch for easy navigation through the menus.

Inside, Polar Ignite 3 surprises even more if possible. On the home screen the user can customize a selection of widgets that will provide quick access to the desired information.


  • Prize: 329,90€
  • Ultralight: 35 grams
  • Size: 43mm*9,5mm
  • Water resistant: WR30
  • Size: S-L (135-220 mm)
  • Always on high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen: View the information you need in full color and with excellent visibility.
  • Customizable widgets: Choose the info you want to see on your watch screen and quickly access the features you use most.
  • Wrist heart rate recording: Polar Precision Prime™ technology ensures maximum precision and reliability. 10 LED lights, 4 electrodes and accelerometer.
  • 24/7 activity: It records daily steps, calories consumed, and daily activity goal.
  • Highly accurate dual GPS: Wherever you are, measure the distance and speed of your workouts.
  • Full Sleep Analysis and SleepWise™*: Tips to improve attention during the day. Receive every morning a complete analysis of your body’s nighttime recovery and know your energy levels to face the day that begins.
  • FitSpark™: Get personalized advice and daily training proposals based on your current physical condition and disposition.
  • Voice guidance*: receive all the important information of your training or indications during the personalized Fitspark™ workouts through voice indications (it is necessary to use headphones).
  • Weekly training summary: Observe how much and at what intensities you have trained during the week.
  • Energy sources: It indicates how much you burn in each session differentiating between carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Guided breathing exercises: relax with Serene’s™ guided breathing exercises. They will help you mitigate stress and fall asleep.
  • Swimming metrics: in indoor pool and open water.
  • Mobile notifications: Stay connected at all times and view on the screen of your watch all those messages that appear on your mobile (WhatsApps, messages, calls …)
  • Weather: Prepare for weather changes with weather information and forecast for up to two days. (temperature, wind chill, probability of rain, humidity, wind speed…)
  • Music controls: Browse your playlist and adjust the volume directly on your watch.
  • Interchangeable 20mm straps: Combine different looks depending on the occasion. Choose between different sizes and materials.


The new GPS watch offers powerful training features, personalized guides, sleep and activity logging, among others. One of the novelties of Ignite 3 is the SleepWise™ function, with which the user can visualize what impact the sleep recorded during the night has to face the day ahead.

It is very useful to have this information to know the body’s alert levels; At what time of day the body is more prepared to have maximum concentration, for an intense workout, for a nap or for going to bed.

Another of the outstanding functions that Ignite 3 presents as a novelty is the Voice Guide* in real time. During the training, the user will be able to receive feedback in real time: pace, distance, laps, HR zone changes, training summary, etc.). It is the perfect complement to the existing FitSpark™ function, the daily guide to personalized workouts that proposes cardio, strength or core exercises depending on the user’s predisposition and objectives.

*Requires connection to the App. Polar Flow

With the new Ignite 3 the user will also have access to music controls from their watch (adjust volume and jump song) and mobile notifications.

At night, Ignite 3 automatically records the quantity and quality of sleep, differentiating between the different phases, to deepen the analysis of how the body has recovered during the night from training, stress and the rest of the day’s activity. In short, Polar Ignite 3 is the perfect tool to help the user find the natural balance of their body.

The day has 24 hours for everyone, but everyone’s rhythm is different. That’s why it’s important to listen to our body and our rhythms to perform better and lead a healthier life. Ignite 3 achieves this through its personalized guides that adapt to each person.


The circadian rhythm is the internal clock that governs all the systems of our body. From physical exercise to sleep. Polar Ignite 3 incorporates features that are designed to help people find the balance between their lifestyle and their natural rhythm.

Living in tune with our circadian rhythm starts with sleep. The new SleepWise™ feature goes a step further in sleep logging. It combines sleep quantity, quality and timings with internal rhythm and individual sleep needs. That is, it analyzes the cycles of going to bed and getting up and determines the user’s cognitive alertness for the next day.
Every morning, Ignite 3 shows a detail of alertness levels during the day and understands when our body will be more prepared for physical activity or relaxation.

The other key factor in finding balance is physical exercise. When it’s time to train, Ignite 3 goes live to offer custom features to guide the user to the best results. To do this, you must first know your state of form, which you can discover easily with the simple – although scientifically sophisticated – tests (Fitness, Walking, Running).
The user can choose from more than 150 sport profiles and customize the screen views easily through the App. Polar Flow.
Serene’s™ guided breathing exercises promote mental and body relaxation and falling asleep.


Polar Ignite 3 has been designed for an active lifestyle. Elegance, beauty, comfort and lightness. It is an ideal device to wear at any time of the day and easily combinable with any look. Its stainless steel bezel and curved lens add a touch of sophistication, which is complemented by the durability of Gorilla Glass’ AMOLED touchscreen. Gradual illumination of the screen and easy reading of the always available data.

Quick access widgets can be customized according to the information the user wants to have in view: time, heart rate, activity summary, among others. The home screen is also customizable being able to choose between different colors and styles (analog, digital).

Ignite 3 weighs only 35 grams. It is extraordinarily light, very comfortable to wear both day and night. Despite the AMOLED display and unlike other devices on the market, the Ignite 3 battery lasts up to 5 days on a single charge with activity tracking and heart rate activated 24/7. If we talk about training, the battery life is up to 30 hours with HR and GPS recording at maximum precision. And with the energy-saving mode, you can reach up to 100 hours of autonomy.

Ignite 3 is available in four trendy colours (Night Black, Purple Dusk, Greige Sand and Brown Copper) and a wide collection of 20mm straps, including the stylish Obsidian Crystal and Alcantara Stone options.