ASICS NOVABLAST 3: RUNNING CUSHIONED SHOES FOR DAILY TRAINING. Our RUNNING SHOES  section brings us today the third generation of ASICS NOVABLAST, recently launched today. A running shoe that seeks to be the alternative of traditional foams to the carbon plate.

It does so with a “traditional” price that now rises € 10 only for Europe, up to € 150, a reduced drop and a reduced weight 20-30gr according to cases (250gr man / 221gr woman) Let’s go with the analysis by Mayayo for men’s running shoes (3 colors) and women’s running shoes (3 colors)




The Asics Novablast was born in 2020 heading a new generation of runnning shoes Its goal was daily training with high cushioning. Everything started from a new FlyteFoam Blast midsole that was soft, elastic and with its own momentum. The Novablast was the first ASICS RUNNING shoe to use FlyteFoam Blast, paving ASICS’ way in innovation and modern designs.

In its favor, highlighted as a shoe that surprised by that positive rebound, capable of performing recovery races in addition to rolling at a faster and faster pace. Now, for me as a tester, his fit to the foot, fluffy touch and a somewhat insecure cover were not the mejroes, accustomed to the perfect fit of the Cumulus, Kayano and other classics of the Japanese.  The second doubt came that it did not count on the usual high stability of the Japanese.

The Novablast 2 sought to resolve these two criticized points of the first version from a totally new upper and widened platform, attached to higher side walls of the midsole.

The Novablast 3 stands out for wanting to be lighter, while providing greater reactivity. Whether you get it or not, we will tell you in case you can try it thoroughly. Meanwhile, below we remember the first two versions

  • PRICE: 150 € Today, recently launched, is the official online price in ASICS Spain store. Interestingly, in US stores it is only $ 140, a grievance for Europeans.
  • WEIGHT: 253 g male and 221 g female. It saves about 20-30’gr for over version 2, which this won in turn from the first d all.
  • DROP: 8MM. The 2mm reduction of the second version is consolidated. A classic geometry, which helps those who heel strong, but perhaps does not allow us to take out everything we have inside to perform at our best if we have the optimal technique. Below we explain in detail the midsole, the heart of the model.
  • STACK HEIGHT: Approx. 30mm in front and 38mm behind in total (23-31mm if you only look at the midsole, without adding sole and insole) Very generous dimensions, near the “drag queen” stilts of up to 40mm behind that bring us today some shoes with carbon plate.
  • FIT: The last of the shoe is still different from other Asics, but already less. According to the brand it is specially designed to give a feeling of support and good grip throughout the foot. In fact, to get a greater grip it takes an Internal Heel Counter.
  • UPPER: It seeks to tighten more and better. Jacquard monofilament mesh, breathable, light and very soft so that the air flows and notice dry and fresh feet. To highlight, the TPU of the heel that has been extended and lengthened to fit better and provide more stability.

  • MIDSOLE FF BLAST: This cushioning is its raison d’être. The FLYTEFOAM Blast midsole offers a soft, perhaps too much but receptive feeling under the feet. You don’t sink, but you do notice it soft. At the same time, the feeling of “rebound” is very striking and like it pushes you to move forward, you barely wear them. As a finish, take FF propell on the heel of the midsole that performs the function of shock absorption.

  • OUTSOLE: Rubber to the minimum to save weight, it works. There are no major changes from the original. Now it includes some flexing groove back and some other minor adjustment. The sole uses the well-known AHARPLUS ™ rubber from ASICS, which offers three times the wear resistance of asphalt. A shoe with which to make kilometers and kilometers on asphalt, prioritizing durability over the grip of the Asics Grip rubber that equips mountain shoes such as Asics Trabuco Flyte.
  • VARIETY: There is something to choose from, but Asics no longer bets so big with them. We went from having five colors to three in men’s running shoes, and from six to three for women’s running shoes.


Quilt and push, that’s true, just as you’ll notice from the first set. The brand says it was born to run fast, comfortable, cushioned and with a sole and midsole designed to further emphasize FLYTEFOAM BLAST technology: Well, when you step on them, you will certainly notice that “trampoline” effect that pushes forward, a feeling of impulse as if we were on a trampoline, but softer, fluffy different from the rigidity of the impulse with carbon plate.

To me, personally, it is not a saga with which I understand. I find it too “fluffy” and somewhat unstable in the footsteps. This Asics Novablast 3 arrives now looking to be lighter and more reactive, but without losing that characteristic momentum.

If in your case, you understand each other well in the in-depth shootings that you do together, it will undoubtedly be consolidated as a workhorse for your daily training. Now, the increase of € 10 here in Europe and not in the USA. not nice no.