BRISBANE TRAIL ULTRA 2022 (8-10JUL)RACE PREVIEW: SPARTAN TRAIL IN AUSTRALIA. Our MOUNTAIN RACES CALENDAR 2022 reviews the Brisbane Trail Ultra which will be hold on 8th-10th July in Brisbane, Australia, as prt if the Spartan Trail 2022 calendar.

Spartan is a company based in Boston (USA) that since its origin in obstacle courses now seeks to expand its turnover through the trail running market. Let’s go with the Brisbane Trail Ultra 2022 details.




As they present themselves, this veteran event has already established itself as the most prestigious Ultra Marathon in Queensland, Australia.

This is one of the six states that make up what is called the Commonwealth of Australia, and located in the northeast of the country, it has Brisbane as its capital.

The race runs through the surroundings of the D’Aguilar National Park and connects incredible virgin forests with the iconic Brisbane River.

It is part of the STWC circuit that will distribute as usual, also in the Australian event U$25,000, which comes to €23,000 in prizes for the fastest of the 30 and 100mi distances.

As we know, this circuit shares with other events such as SALOMON GOLDEN TRAILS or the WMRA WORLD CUP its bet focused on the elites, unlike the UTMB WORLD SERIES, something more focused on moving thousands of popular, with the pull of the «Rolling Stones » for Chamonix.

Therefore, bet on a promotion focused on and for the elite, which is reflected in the monetary prizes for them. In addition to the prizes provided by Spartan, there are gifts from the sponsors in the rest of the distances and a monetary prize for the distance. of 110k.

After the recent floods, with the controlled forest burns and the detour of the race caused by this weekend big rugby event at Suncorp Stadium (AUS vs ENG) the race tracks are finished and everyone is ready to run!


As we already mentioned, the race is divided into six distances with options for all audiences.

  • BTU10: with just 12kms and 315+ it is the fastest race of all and it is ideal to start in this trail.
  • BTU20: It’s basically a trail running half marathon. 21.7k and 597+ which also qualifies with 1 ITRA point.
  • BTU30: one of the tests of the STWC circuit and has 31.2k and 800+ in addition to 1 ITRA point. This race will attract a lot of attention since being part of the circuit will surely have elite international athletes flying around the track.

  • BTU60:  With 61.2K and 1850+ it will give 3 ITRA points and will be the ideal race for runners who want to venture beyond the marathon distance for the first time.
  • BTU110: We are talking about 5 ITRA points for the finishers of these 116.7kms and almost 5000+ that will cover a large part of the beautiful jungles that surround Brisbane and that will pose a challenge for already experienced and advanced runners.
  • BTU100Mi: Behold the queen of this Australian trail party. With 6 ITRA points, 160kms and 7550+, it will be the most anticipated event and will be part of the STWC circuit, surely attracting great international level runners. the show is served


This weekend in Brisbane, all eyes will be on BTU30 where we will see two of the fastest runners in Spain flying on the australian trails: Sara Alonso and Antonio Martinez. They have been here for a week acclimatazing and getting to know the culture of this huge country.

In addition to recognizing a big part of their race, Sara and Antonio have had the opportunity to visit a sanctuary with koalas and kangaroos , snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Moreton Bay and, of course, try the variety of food that this vibrant city offers.

Here is the interview with them both

Sara has just won the Marathon du Montblanc and made an amazing 3rd place at Zegama this past May so in her head there is only one possibility here: to win. The young runner of Team Salomon is making a spectacular progression and, with her victory at Transgrancanaria, she wants to secure a top place in the Spartan circuit.

For his part, Antonio, have just broken the Cortinas Trail Record in Lavaredo in a fast race. He comes to BTU30 with big aspirations to the victory, but he knows that the local runners are very fast and can make the things difficult to Antonio.

To win, he would have to deploy all his potencial not only as a trail runner but as his experience as a track and route athlete.

In regards of BTU100Mi, the female favourite is Hayley Teale (winner of last years BTU110). She wants to step up and be the champion of the Australian 100 miles.

In the guys section, Tony Rodriguez comes from Mexico and he holds the record of the 100Mi distance there so he is a candidate to win here after his participation at Patagonia Run.


In our case, we will have two representatives of trailrunningspain in Australia. Jorge Sabugo and Marcos didn’t want to miss the date and they have decided to embark on this adventure that puts toghether an idyllic vacation with a world class sports event.

Marcos will participate in the 60km race, a distance still unknown to him, but following his natural progression of gradually increasing the distance. He comes from competing in the Alpin Ultras circuit in more technical and steeper tests such as Jurramendi or Alto Aller Trail and will have to face the fast Australian runners making use of his good skills in fast races.

On the other hand, Sabugo, our veteran ultradistance runner will face, of course, the 100 miles. He comes from a few years with more shadows than lights and he wants this test to be the motivational turning point to rediscover his long-distance essence. He will face the race based on his extensive experience with the sole objective of reaching the finish line, enjoying himself along the way and recounting all his experience through the jungles of the National D’Aguilar Park.