MOZART 100 BY UTMB: PERSONAL CHRONICLE MARATHON HÉCTOR RUBIO. Last weekend, June 18, we enjoyed the alpine landscapes and the heat, very hot, in Salzburg, Austria, and the mozart100 by UTMB.

More than 2,000 athletes of 60 nationalities have traversed the forests, mountains, slopes, hills and paths of the Salzburg area in Austria to complete any of the 9 different races within the program, and one of these 2000 was me, Héctor Rubio, from


The trails of mozart 100 by UTMB® lead the participants through the diversity and beauty of the Salzburger Land and guarantee a unique and unforgettable trail running experience. With nine different competitions, mozart 100 by UTMB® offers the right distance for every level of experience.

More than half of the participants of this year’s edition have been from Austria and Germany (53%), this year also marks the highest number of international athletes flying to Salzburg from countries such as the United Kingdom (8%), Poland, Czech Republic and France to participate in the event. 75% of the participants are men, 25% women, with the youngest participant being 16 years old and the oldest being 75 years old.

MOZART MARATHON | 41KM | + 1,800M/ -1,900M

mozart Marathon: after mozart 100, the mozart Marathon is the competition with the second highest number of participants of around 400 runners. The start is in St. Gilgen, right on the banks of the beautiful. Wolfgangsee, and takes runners to the old town of Salzburg on the same trails as mozart 100 and mozart Ultra.


The departure was at 09.00 am on St. Gilgen, on the idyllic shore of the beautiful Lake Wolfgangsee, as you can see in the image below and under a sun and a real warm day (28°C).

After a few meters in the center of the town, the route begins to take us along secondary roads and “gravel” tracks until the first climb of the day, in a forest in which the shade is really appreciated.


After the first two kilometers through the center of town and in the direction of the first, hill of the day, not mountain, where according to the data of the race profile we were going to climb the first 400 meters of elevation.

And I say, according to the profile, because if there is something that from the beginning of the race I noticed it was that either my Suunto 9 did not work or we were not ascending as much as “we should”.

Thus, after the first bars through the forest and the slope of the Zwölferhorn ski resort, what will be the dominant tonic begins in the next 35 kms to the finish: asphalt, continuous up and down, wide tracks of “gravel” and some pure and hard trail trail.

Towards km 6, I meet those who will be my adventure companions today: Salva and Iván, two Valencian engineers, who like me live outside of Spain: they in Vienna and I in Rieden am Forggensee.

Héctor, Salva & Iván at the mozart marathon-mozart100 by UTMB. Photo: Héctor Rubio @hekruca

At the end of this first section, until the first refreshment we arrived much faster than I had planned, 49:10 for 9 km, according to the profile 430M+, according to my gps 280 M+.


The first thing I appreciated as soon as I arrived in Fuschl, was not its beautiful views, but the shower that I had installed directly in the aid station, because at that time we were almost 10.00 am we were hovering if not past 30 ° C.

Fast provisioning and running, which the Valencians did not even stop and I did not want to continue alone, so after a couple of kilometers on the shore of the lake, I reached them in a long stretch of forest, where the shade was really appreciated.

Fulsch am See. Photo: Héctor Rubio, @hekruca

Obviously with those views and the heat that we were going through, what I wanted was to go swimming or have a cool beer, but that, I would have to wait … not much the truth.

After leaving the lake behind us we continued, through what I think for me was the most boring stretch: asphalt and gravel, in about 11 kilometers where there were almost no shadows, but in which on our left we could glimpse some of the still snowy peaks of the province of Salzburg.

In the last meters before Hof Lebach, basically a small town where they arranged a very good aid station: red-bull cola, water, fruits, nuts and cold non-alcoholic beer and water to refresh our ideas, because by then after 1:48:32 for 19 km in which I assumed that we would have already climbed 850M +, the gps did not mark that we had climbed more than 600M +, it was already very hot.

In my case, while Ivan and Salva were refreshing, I took a drink and a half of the non-alcoholic beer and from there, I made my first jump to one of the many rivers that I will visit in the following kilometers to mitigate the heat.


From the beer in Hof Lebach, I understood that perhaps the altimetry of the race referred to accumulated altimetry and not only positive, because I knew that from this KM19 to the 30 there was no climb in which we were going to take out the missing 700 meters, so from there in my case I was trying to retain myself a little, because I didn’t want the heat to take its muscle toll too soon.

The race continued, by the mixture of wide tracks, some stretch of gravel and a lot of asphalt until km 30, 03:0101, where two ladies were waiting for us with the typical of the previous refreshments, except: in this one there was no beer.

From here to the finish line just over 10 kilometers, with the only part I would call pure mountain.


From the 30th to the 38th, as I said above is the pure mountain part in this race, with zig-zag climbs and some technical descents and with steps: many steps….more than 800 (no kidding)

By then I was clear, 03:54:26, that except for big surprises I would reach the finish line, my only doubt was whether by left 4 hours 30 or 4 hours 20.

This time I shared with Ivan, since Salva, was a little further behind, and together we came to feed ourselves at 38, with a warmth of justice, and seeing “zoombies that we tried to overtake.


From 38 to 40 we had what we knew was the last climb, but we did not think it would be so hard. If in the kilometers of descent to the 38th we walked by steps, in the ascent to Kapuzinerberg it was not going to be less: steps, steps and more steps.

The last 200 meters of positive slope, we were pulling both Ivan and I, to overtake in the final stretch to another 4-5 runners that either by fatigue, heat or everything at the same time were slower.

In the end I finish in Salzburg after 4 hours 18 minutes and 24 seconds arriving in 41st place after (according to my GPS) 40 km and “only” 1500 M +. Of course, now yes, a very fresh beer awaited me.

After a couple of minutes Ivan also arrived, who in the end could not keep up, but also very happy. A while later Salva also campaigned for us.

Without much time to lose, shower and back to the finish line to cover the entrance of the pros and be able to tell you here as #patroncarrerasdemontana, so recorded the arrival of Azara García, for you, winning the mozart100 after 105 km in 12:00:28


Race start at 09.00 am and a planned weather that “scared” between 25 ° C and 32 ° C, with temperatures in the valley from 12 safe above 32 ° C.

Thus, the material chosen was: Salomon Sense Set 5L backpack, which was empty because in this race, as there were no high mountain areas, there was no mandatory material beyond the shoes.

As for shoes, I chose the HOKA TECTON X and with which I am very happy in these kilometers that we have together. CIMALP Montagnard pants and shirt, although due to the super heat, change to a tank top after the first 5 kilometers, and Suunto 9 watch.