SAUCONY TEMPUS: LIGHT, STABLE AND AGILE RUNNING SHOES. Our RUNNING SHOES  section brings us today another asphalt novelty for this 2022: the Saucony Tempus.

This tempus comes with similarities with the Saucony Glide 15, but with the Support Frame difference to give more stability to those runners who need it. It comes lighter than ever with only 252 grams, a drop of 8 mm typical of the traditional running shoes and a price of 190 €.

190€ | 252 GR. | 8MM DROP

New launch of the North American running brand Saucony, the Saucony Tempus, a maximum stability shoe with great reactivity for our daily training sessions but that can also be used in competitions due to its lightness, just 252 grams and that can be used for running at medium/fast paces and all kinds of distances.

One of the great secrets of the shoe is found in the midsole, formed by the PWRRUNPB compound that provides great cushioning and lightness, and the PWRRUN  FRAME above the midsole to support the foot when landing and providing a smooth transition on takeoff.

The shoe has a greater contour of the midsole, with which the runner’s foot sits deeper in the insole, thus providing a softer sensation but also with the necessary support and support.


  • Price: 190 €
  • Weight: 252g
  • Stack Height: 36,5mm/28,5mm
  • Drop: 8 mm.
  • Midsole:PWRRUN PB; PWRRUN FR(Supprt Frame)
  • Lace system: normal
  • LIGHTNESS:The Tempus is a mixed shoe, we can use it for our daily training but also for competition since it is quite light, 250 grams in the men’s version and 224 grams for women, thanks in part to the lightness of the PWRRUN PB compound.
  • MIDSOLE: Made up of two compounds, PWRRUN PB and PWRRUN FR, one of the great novelties of the Saucony Tempus to combine cushioning, support, lightness and reactivity.


Recycled fabric is used in the area of the upper material, this mesh of the Tempus is similar to many other shoes from Saucony, a very light and breathable mesh.

Another aspect of the upper to highlight is the lacing adjustment system, a system similar to that of the Ride and the Guide, with the presence of a smaller handle, although it will help to better fit the foot inside the slipper

The tongue, with correct padding, will help provide that necessary comfort and protection for running. Also noteworthy is a greater contour under the foot that allows better support and that, together with the cover, offers an adjustment with a 360º sensation, both in the front, as well as in the rear, as well as in the midfoot.



The midsole is one of the great innovations that we find in the Saucony Tempus. It combines two of the best Saucony compounds, on the one hand we have the PWRRUNPB compound that provides great cushioning and lightness, it is a softer foam that will provide more cushioning with less weight. In addition, above the midsole we have the PWRRUN FRAME to support the foot when landing and that provides an agile transition at takeoff and increases the reactivity of the shoe.

The midsole geometry gives you a supportive base and a super-smooth ride from heel to toe. It is a shoe with an 8mm drop and with profiles superior to those of other Saucony shoes since it has 36.5mm at the rear and 28.5mm at the front.


The sole of the shoe is designed to provide durability to our daily training and with a large presence of rubber in the parts with the greatest contact with the ground.

The design follows the same line as the latest Saucony shoes, in fact, it is very similar to the Guide 15, although the sole of the Tempus has a little more depth in the grooves, so we will have a better grip on the surface that we are training.



The Saucony Tempus are shoes for the runner who needs additional support and support and, being quite light, we can use both for training and competition.

The shoe has a very breathable mesh cover (it is appreciated in very hot weather) and, with the tandem formed by the PWRRUNPB and the PWRRUN FRAME, in the midsole, they help the lightness of the Tempus and the one that makes it different from other similar shoes.

One of the possible handicaps when it comes to being one of the public’s favorite shoes may be its price (€190), a price that may be a bit high compared to other models on the market.

Saucony continues to innovate in 2022 with the launch of the Tempus which, along with other models that have been greatly updated compared to previous seasons, is becoming one of the preferred brands for runners from all over the world. We will be attentive to more news.