BROOKS CATAMOUNT: TO RUN LONG AND LIGHT. Our TRAIL RUNNING brings you today a veteran who perhaps went unnoticed due to the pandemic.

The Brooks Catamount were launched in late 2020, they were  born as a long and agile trail running shoe. With a stack height of 25mm-31mm like the Caldera 6, but about 40g. lighter, with just 271gr. They came with an official price of 160€ but today you can find them for a more affordable price, which make it even more attractive.

160€ | 271 G. | 6MM DROP

The arrival of this Brooks Catamount could not be more logical at the time. It landed in 2020 as the third leg of the range, in this case focused on running long with agile rhythms. And in fact, in 2021 it already boasted some press awards.

The raison d’être of the Brooks Catamount: If the Brooks Cascadia 16 is already consolidated as an off-road shoe, adapted to the technical even. And its sister the Brooks Caldera 6 is still the solid pistera roller of the popular, the Catamount sought to be able to run faster and more agile through the non-technical areas. or on the feet of the cracks also run for them.

Here you can see the three sisters, face to face: From left to right Cascadia 16, Caldera 6 and Catamount.


  • Price: It came out at 160€. Today with offers of several from 112€
  • Weight: 271gr Male (42EUR) / 241gr Female (41EUR). 40gr less than the Caldera, 30 less than Cascadia.
  • Drop: 6mm, like its sister Caldera. Cascadia has 8mm
  • Upper: Engineered Air-Mesh Upper
  • Midsole: DNA FLASH, A lightweight cushioning of Brooks, in the same line of the Hoka itself. Includes Ballistic Rock Shield anti-roll plate.
  • Brooks Trailtack rubber sole. A raised tread pattern and our unique TrailTack rubber make it easier to grip the ground when traveling uphill or downhill.
  • Sizes: From 40.5EUR to 49.5EUR
  • Colors: Five to choose from. Below are the four that complete the initial display.
  • Trail running shoes for men and women. Differentiated versions.


The brand promotes them with the following sentence: “If you love to go fast and far on the trails, the Catamount is your perfect partner. Lightweight, responsive cushioning is made for epic adventure.”

Obviously, its lihtweight and feautres such as the sticky traction from the outsole, the DNA FLASH foam is nitrogen infused and the flexible protection make them a special shoe to be taken into account.


The designed air mesh ubierta is lightweight and breathable. The perimeter of the shoe also offers a reinforcement so that it is not easy to pierce them.

In the must, it may fall high short in holding the foot in extreme areas. Born as a shoe of the famous American door-to-trail concept, it is designed to be comfortable if you want to use it in those terrains: From the asphalt when leaving home to the forest track and “logical” trails.

Now, if you want to mess with it by stumbling to the top of rocky ridges… for that Brooks has already reinforced the Cascadia 16, while here we have more lightness in exchange for asking us for a well-polished technique if we put them in demanding rocks.


Bet on a soft and light variant of Brooks, with this DNA FLASH we carry almost the best in Brooks cushioning optimized to be light, responsive and durable looking for a comfort that pushes us to make this 100 miles of the pull. Or at least, that’s where the brand wants to take us with its drawings on the shoe.


Brooks claims that he has combined in it a high tread pattern with his TrailTack rubber. From this they derive that it manages to make it easier to hold on to the ground when running uphill or downhill.

They also point out that if the weather suddenly changes, it also helps you avoid slipping on wet surfaces. Today we can not validate this statement, but it is true that the firm commitment of the BROOKS RUNNING TEAM for the ellite that we already brought you, makes it more than logical that they have worked this thoroughly.

Ah! As you can see in the photo. it keeps an anti-scratch plate down, despite the large mattress. An elegant detail, because in exchange for some gram it provides not only protection but a point of rigidity when we need it.


From the numbers we can see how this version is quite similar to the Cascadia 6, that yes lightened to be able to run faster and more agile with it.

Its official weight of 271gr makes it a true “featherweight” of the brand compared to the 310 of Caldera 6 or the 289gr of the Cascadia 16, which seek to be more solid for another public that values that factor a lot.

The rest of the team has taken care to perform in a wide range of terrains, always thinking of course in a veteran runner with good technique.

Thus the height to the ground of 25mm-31mm gives us as much as the Caldera, that is, up to 7mm more in front of the usual 18mm in the mountains until recently. And that intermediate drop of 6mm allows that with good technique we can exploit it thoroughly also in more rugged areas.

The limit, of course, is marked by its 3.5mm cleats: A measure that as in all mountain shoes goes well on firm ground, but falls short on soft ground such as mud or fresh snow. The two years of the pandemic have not sat well with him… or if.

Now we have a very interesting shoe for many: Although it came out at the top price of € 160, hot it is easy to find friendlier prices. It also offers a wide variety of sizes (49-49EUR), colors (up to five) as well as men’s trail running shoes or women’s trail running shoes.


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