SAUCONY ENDORPHIN SPEED 2: SPEED AND CONFORT. 250 KM TEST. Our RUNNING SHOES section shows us today the test after 250 kilometers of running with this shoe of the new updated range for this year of the Saucony Endorphin saga.

Saucony has launched this summer the new SAUCONY ENDORPHIN SERIES 2021 as a step forward for the brand. The Saucony Endorphin SPEED 2 is the shoe, of the three asphalt ones, designed for a wide range of trainings; from the intervals, through the fast trainings and even squeezing them in competition.


After seeing the test of the ENDORPHIN SHIFT 2 today we bring another of the shoes of this Endorphin range, specifically the SPEED 2, which could be considered the “little sister” of the ENDORPHIN PRO 2, but that has nothing to envy to the top of the range of the saga.

The Saucony Endorphin SPEED 2 is a shoe designed for runners looking for one more point of speed, thanks to its reactive flexible nylon plate and its lightness we obtain the perfect combination to run fast and comfortable for many kilometers.
We are going to review its technical sheet before entering the matter.


  • Price180€
  • Shoe to combine speed and comfort.
  • Weight: Male 224 g | Female 198gr
  • Cushioning: PWRRUN PB
  • Drop: 8 mm (35.5 mm / 27.5 mm)
  • Category: Neutral


have been fortunate to be able to test these shoes during the last two months in all kinds of training and conditions, I have even been able to take them to a competition on asphalt to get all the juice and bring you this review.

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is presented as a multipurpose shoe, so I set out to test this to the fullest. Let’s go in parts:

  • Easy Running: although in theory it is not a shoe designed to go “slow” I wanted to try them and unlike others with carbon plate, these Saucony are carried away at those rhythms although they ask for war. The flexible nylon plate is friendlier than the carbon ones as far as smooth running is concerned. In my case I have liked them a lot on quiet days but with heavy legs, being light and reactive have helped me to maintain my cadence and that contribution of reactivity that we lack on days of low energy.
  • Fast trainings: this is where they begin to shine with personality. The feeling is not to wear anything on the feet, we can say that it is a light shoe but beware, it is VERY comfortable. The PWRRUN PB foam makes us devour kms without feeling fatigue in the feet, something that combined with the aforementioned nylon plate becomes a perfect equipment that makes “stepping on the accelerator” relatively easy.
  • Intervals: both in fartlek, in short series and long series of course they are shoes that “help” you run fast. Magic they do not do, we have to squeeze it ourselves, but that feeling of return of energy in each stride is very present. In addition, the upper perspires perfectly to keep our feet always dry and cooled. For me they are shoes to run fast, they ask you and you can not deny it.
  • Competition: Does the nylon plate yield? I leave this for the end and tell you more in depth.


I imagine that here all when we invest in a high-end shoe such as these SAUCONY ENDORPHIN SPEED 2 we look for a performance at the level of duration. We are not athletes who can wear and throw away a shoe every two months. In that case I can assure you, and I attach a photo for you to check, that after 250kms these shoes seem to be new. The reinforcements of the sole remain almost intact, ignoring the dirt they have taken could go through a shoe that has been used a couple of times to walk and little else.

In relation to the terrain, we are obviously talking about a pure asphalt shoe, although I have taken it on a compact dirt track and even along the roads of the Casa de Campo. Within its possibilities it behaves well in these hostile areas for it but on asphalt it clings to the ground like a suction cup and has not given me the feeling of losing traction at any time. I’ve even worn it on rainy days, where it’s easier to slip, and I haven’t had any problems. It may also be that with a better technique you tend to slip less, but I have other shoes that do lose grip when the ground is wet or wet.


And here comes the big question: Is it a shoe to compete? For me the answer is a resounding YES.

For me who am a runner and the asphalt I floor because you have to train somewhere … it was new to compete in a race in the city. As I have already told in other articles, I have been running for less than two years (COVID through), let’s say a year and a half; and on December 12th, I competed for the first time in a 10k race through the streets of Madrid.

You will already know what the races are like here: Castellana pa’rriba, Castellana pa’bajo. I did not know what to expect from this challenge but I knew that the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 were going to accompany me, in addition Mr. Pablo Villalobos had told me on Strava a few months ago that I should approach 35′ in 10k. Honestly, I was not so optimistic, it is the first and if low 37′ it would be an achievement.

There I stood at 9:35am at the Puerta del Sol waiting for the exit. 3, 2, 1… we go out like miuras de toriles, this has nothing to do with a trail marathon, here people go to knife. To my surprise at km 1.5 I am in a leading group going down Gran Vía to 2’50”, this is not my pace, I leave the group and let them pass to start the ascent of Castellana.

I feel good but I loosen up for fear of the climb, I maintain my cruising pace of 3’45 all the way up except the last km that I go down to 3’55”, again for fear of petar. I know I’m in the top 20 because no one follows me. The descent begins and the legs go alone, 3’20, 3’23, 3’26 I see the sign of last km and I hurry to reach 3’16. My first 10k in 35’20, how crazy!

I didn’t expect to be able to carry that rhythm so “comfortably”, I think I can still push harder. And ñas shoes? I think the best thing that can happen to you is that you don’t think about wearing shoes, it was so comfortable to go at that speed that I forgot that I was wearing something on my feet and that’s the best thing. My average cadence was 183, elevated for me and the fresh legs, comfortable feet and nylon plate performing at the highest level. Of course it is a shoe to compete, yes sir.


In my opinion, it is a versatile shoe for all types of training and at the level of demanding competitions. I would say that for runners rather of medium / low weight since they have a very light cushioning and distances up to half marathon, even marathon if you have good technique and you are light.

If the carbon plate seems very hard and laborious, this flexible nylon plate is your best ally to put a plus of speed, it is much easier to make it “work”. For me they will be ideal companions a few hundred kms more, I think they can reach the barrier of 1000 in good conditions.

To put a downside I would say something totally alien to the shoe itself, the price is always a barrier, it would be great to see shoes of this caliber in somewhat more adjusted prices but I am clear that it is a model that is worth it.



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