HELLY HANSEN VERGLASS INFINITY JACKET: SKI AND MOUNTAINEERING JACKET. Our MOUNTAIN GEAR section shares today the in-depth test carried out this autumn-winter by Mayayo, from the snows of the Guadarrama to the Pyrenees.

Helly Hansen bets on the latest version of its classic HH VERGLASS jacket for mountain activities with its Lifa Infinity membrane. The result improves what was already a prominent option. Let’s go with the details.


The HELLY HANSEN VERGLASS range is already a classic of the brand. It was created as a complete line of jackets, pants and second layers by and for those who spend many, many hours in the mountains. To do this, they were developed in tandem with mountain guides and adventurers who depend on the products on a daily basis to act and be safe in harsh weather conditions.

The Verglas Infinity Jacket is the latest product of the saga, in terms of third layers. He arrives with a brother pants and with versions for men and women. It is sought with a unique garment for (almost) all your mountain activities and very durable.
To do this, the brand bets on a strong and light Helly Tech fabric of three layers waterproof and breathable, with its brand new HH Lifa Infinity membrane.

The jacket is designed to be compatible with a harness or a backpack, with a hood with threads of both horizontal and vertical adjustment allowing you to be comfortable and well protected whether you wear a helmet or not.


  • Price 400€. Average high price in category, but its durability makes up for it.
  • Weight 471gr. Something heavy today
  • Helly Tech Professional Fabric 3 layers LIFA infinity.
  • Breathe excellently. Waterproof, windbreaker and breathable.
  • Hood compatible helmet 3D adjustment in every way.
  • DWR treatment without PFC. Good result!
  • Ventilation armpits double zippers. Does it contribute what it weighs?
  • Chest 2 vertical pockets with bidirectional zippers. Very practical and useful.
  • Design compatible with backpack and harnesses. Comfortable and well finished.
  • Elastic cord at the waist to tighten and protect to the maximum when the wind blows strongly. It is appreciated, yes.
  • Laminated confection with Bemis tape of 3.5 layers. Perfect protection from wind and rain, nothing sneaks in.
  • Four colors to choose from: Orange, green, grey and black.


Designed to perform in the mountains, this membrane jacket more than delivers. In our experience, it has performed more than well during high-intensity activities, such as running or nordic skiing under harsh weather conditions. Also in medium activities, such as momtaña routes, alpine skiing or cross-country skiing.

In the latter, having a jacket that does not soak with the “warmth” of the climb and at the same time wraps everything in the ridges and vented peaks, is especially appreciated.

The improvement is noticeable having been updated with the waterproof / breathable technology of LIFA INFINITY typical of the house. By “breathing” the jacket so well, it now makes it easier for us to put underneath varied second layers. Or even wear it to the body on a first dense layer, such as the bilayer polypropylene/lama shirts of Helly Hansen herself.

It is also worth highlighting the abundance of well-resolved details, pattern making and finishes  that has been worked well advised by people who take long days in the alpine mountains or scandinavian, home of the brand.


  • Turn it around to wash it. The brand recommends it to better protect the outer layer and better clean the inner sweat.
  • Wash it from time to time, not much or little.
  • To oversath is to reduce its useful life. Not to do so is to reduce its performance by accumulating internal and external dirt. When enough time passes, reapply outer deperlanre layer.
  • That film, different and complementary with the membrane is what makes the drops not “curdle” and slip ppr the jacket. Rubbing and time wear it down, but there are sprays to spare that replicate DWR seen and unseen. The best-known brand may be Nikwax.



Helly Hansen has a well-earned reputation for versatility, quality and comfort, which shines here in a design that works. We have already seen it this winter, from Guadarrama to the Pyrenees.

With her we have gone on a mountain route on blizzard days, we have done cross-country skiing and cross-country skiing, also alpine. And there has been no shortage of very hard days along the way, with blizzard, heavy rain and fierce wind.

In all these conditions, the chaieta has lives up to its name, “Verglass” from the French word to describe a thin layer of ice or rain.
On all outings, this HH Verglas infinity Jacket guarantees us the right level of protection from weather, rocks, branches and ice. And that, in those moments when staying warm and well protected is vital, is priceless.

What do I like the most?
The pattern and careful details. I have looked comfortable and well wrapped up in any mountain activity. And amazed at how well I breathed my clothes, never getting wet with sweat inside. It is not the cheapest in its category, there are solid rivals for about € 350.
But perhaps if it is the most careful in those two facets, big as waterproof / breathable, big goals where you put it. And that, if you give cane often in winter, pays off quickly.

What would I change?
Achieving a little less weight and bulk would make it even better. Although the HH itself already has the Minimalism in the range, if we remove the armpit zippers, low front stitching and the like, maybe we could refine it. Of course, that wonderful hood,  I would not touch:
Seeing well around, without suffering in the middle of a blizzard.


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