COROS TRAINING HUB: NEW WEB TRAINING CENTER. Today in our GPS WATCH section we review the launch of the new COROS web training center.

COROS has launched a new web portal with which it intends to expand more and more the distance between its GPS watches and the rest of the brands. We start with the review by our #patroncarrerasdemontana Abel de Frutos.


With the launch of the COROS Training Hub we get a web-based platform that provides users with a complete training experience.
This platform will allow users to analyze metrics, communicate with their coach, plan workouts and form teams. It also integrates perfectly with the COROS application and will be able to send the workouts to the watch.

COROS eliminates from today, one of the great handicaps that users complained about. Now, in addition to being able to analyze the training on the website, we can communicate with our coach and teammates.

Today, December 7, there will be access to public beta tests for the first 2000 users, in addition to also opening for a quota of 20 coaches. If all goes well with the public beta, the new Coros Training Hub will be released to the public on December 31.

It will be a free software and available to all COROS users.


FINALLY! Faced with repeated requests from users, COROS creates the COROS Training Hub to complete the training experience of the brand’s users. While users can already schedule workouts on their own watch and upload data to the app, the new web platform allows for communication and future planning with other users and even your coach.

By having a tool that allows for easier planning, users can now maximize their work outs. Along with the calendar view, users now have the ability to communicate directly with a coach through this platform. Users will be able to share all the data of their workouts, in addition they will ensure that the enternos will be loaded directly on their watches. To help the coach-athlete relationship, COROS has included feedback and the ability to communicate.

The new Coros Training Hub has two display modes. The athlete mode and the coach mode, let’s see what we can do with each of them.


The athlete mode will be the most chosen by most users. It is the way that will allow us to track all our training. As soon as we register on the new platform and register our device, we will be able to access the whole multitude of data available.
We have four different views in athlete mode.
A Panel in which we can see a summary with all the necessary information to follow our training. This panel is fully configurable and we can also select any of the options and enlarge it to analyze it more carefully:

  • Latest training
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Zones of rhythm of enteramiento
  • Statistics for the last 7 days
  • Race predictor

We can also visualize the EvoLab Metrics, as in the Panel, we can order the different views and select the metric that we want to analyze in depth. Within the metrics offered we have for example:

  • Training load
  • Training Summary
  • Work face
  • Heart rate
  • VO2 Max
  • And much more

Another option that we can find is the Training List, a list with all the available workouts, which we can filter to our group, by Type of Training, by date, or even by keywords. We will have the possibility in addition to importing workouts in .zip or .fit format and of course, select any of our workouts to be able to analyze them in greater detail. In greater detail we can see graphs of our training, laps, map and all the data collected by the clock.

Finally we also have a Calendar view. In it we can see both the trainings we have done in the past, and the scheduled training in the future. It will also allow us to create workouts and workout plans, with descriptions and that will be synchronized directly with the clock.


But not only do we have an athlete mode, we also have a coach mode, with which we can organize and follow the training of our pupils (as long as they have a COROS GPS clock). This service is completely free and will help coaches and athletes to keep track of all the workouts performed. For them we can create different teams to which we can invite our athletes.

The Coros Training Hub offers us a view of all our teams and athletes that we can order by completion of the plan, fatigue or marathon level. We can also access exclusive views of each athlete where we will monitor each and every one of their training, in addition to accessing all the metrics necessary for such tracking.

The coach will be able to create training plans in the COROS Training Hub for each of his altletas, in addition to the plans, he will also have the possibility to add, training, events. Create series training, more comlejos workouts or highlight the key days of the year (such as races). The activities supported in the app are Running, Cycling, Swimming and Strength. All this, as in the athlete mode, will be automatically sent to the athlete, so that he will receive on his watch, both the Training Plan, and the specific training to be carried out in his plan.

Of course, the COROS Training Hub will also allow us to use it as a communication tool, so that both the coach and the athlete can leave comments on each and every one of the activities. So both athlete and coach will be continuously connected through the platform. In this way, the coach can modify or edit training if he sees it necessary during the course of a plan.


  1. Equipment settings allow coaches to see athletes on a screen
  2. We will be able to compare athletes through the completion of the training plan, fatigue, marathon level
  3. The entire team or individuals can be trained through the same platform
  4. Athletes will be able to follow the training of the rest of the team
  5. For such free use for COROS users
  6. There is no need for connections with third parties. Workouts and training programs can be created by synchronizing them directly with your app/watch.


COROS Training Hub is currently working on more features for the future, including:

  1. Notifications in the message/comment app about a workout
  2. Coach/athlete pairing via easy-to-use add buttons
  3. Notes for Calendar view
  4. Zoom section data (when analyzing workouts)
  5. Other features as they become available


In short, COROS launches a platform that most COROS users were waiting for. In the absence of being able to work more thoroughly with it, it seems to us a simple and intuitive platform, easy to use.

With the necessary functionalities to be able to analyze all our training without the need to use the mobile. A perfect platform to communicate with our coach and of which right now, we would probably only miss a little the most direct interaction with other COROS users. Perhaps a “Friends” mode in which we can see the ens and des of a group of friends without having to be on our Team.

We are sure that the platform will continue to evolve to offer users all the needs of everyday life. In we will continue working with her to give you all the information you may need.



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