NEW BALANCE COMPARISON: three shoes for long runs. 1080 V11 vs. 880 V11 vs. MORE V3. How to get the most appropiate for you.  Comparison between the three shoes. Our NEW BALANCE section brings us today an interesting comparison between three of the most long-run shoes of the North American brand after performing the thorough test of 200 kilometers with each of them.

The three models correspond to the shoes of this season of New Balance, in this comparison you can see a reference to all of them.

NEW BALANCE COMPARISON: 1080 V11 vs. 880 V11 vs. MORE V3.

Before starting with the comparison and seeing the similarities and differences between all of them, we make a brief review of the most important characteristics of each of them and their most important data.


  • Price: 170€, which falls within the premium segment of asphalt shoes.
  • Weight: 263 gr, reduces its weight a few grams, from 280 gr of the previous version goes to 263 gr, which makes it stay in a slightly lighter shoe for those who want to compete with it.
  • Drop: It retains the 8 mm drop with a floor height of 19 front and 27 behind, premium cushioning for this shoe intended for running, running and running.
  • Upper: Changes in the cover, in which the Hypoknit fabric retains, but this time gives the feeling of going much more reinforced on the sides, area in which some runners have seen the cover a little slashed in the previous version. With this new cover we believe that these problems will go unnoticed, although we will not be able to confirm it until we do the test thoroughly.
  • Midsole: In the midsole, we continue with the Fresh Foam X, this time using a new laser pattern and adding new geometric shapes that have helped lighten the shoe, make it more flexible and more reactive.
  • Heel: It also continues to retain the UtraHeel, which is more anatomical, wrapping and creating a closer fit around the heel. Memory foam fills fills the gaps to create a more precise fit and comfort and support, and finally a smooth edge at the top of the heel against the achilles will reduce the risk of irritation and blisters.
  • Sole: We appreciate the same Ndurance Blown Rubber sole. With hexagonal shapes that envelop the midsole 360 degrees. This continuity around the edge of the midsole provides a smoother feel and combats multidirectional forces. The rubber of the outsole is inserted into the EVA midsole. This provides a smooth platform and more weight reduction. In turn, it manages to reduce more weight and provide greater flexibility by offering us integrated bending grooves, which incorporate large hexagonal shapes giving greater stability in areas of higher pressure. Finally addS Ndurance Rubber to the heel and toe for durability.

The Fresh Foarm X 1080 v11 is one of New Balance’s top shoes and one of the best sellers throughout the season. It is a shoe to enjoy doing kilometers and kilometers thanks to its great comfort and cushioning.

The support of the foot is perfect with what, together with the comfort and cushioning make it the ideal shoe for your daily training, even also to participate in stockings or marathons since, with the passage of the kilometers, they do not lose any of the aspects that we highlight the most.

They are ideal for medium-high weight runners, who prioritize comfort and cushioning ahead of the stopwatch, although, admittedly, they can also be squeezed smoothly to run at truly low rates.




  • Price: 130€. An outstanding value for money, much more accessible than the € 170 of its more modern sister 1080 V11 or rivals such as the Nimbus 23.
  • Weight: 300 gr man (263gr women), It rises slightly in weight, but is still in the usual band 280-320 grams for classic style shoes, with rigid reinforcements of TPU for long runs of the popular runner.
  • Drop: 10mm It retains the 10 mm drop with a height to the ground of 18 in front and 28 behind, premium cushioning for this shoe intended for running, running and running….although our technique is not the finest and most refined. The taloneo forgives us.
  • Upper: Changes in the cover, in which it retains the Hypoknit tissue, but which now seeks to give more freedom and amplitude. We’ll see if it meets those first feelings, throughout our thorough testing.
  • Midsole: In the midsole, we continue with the Fresh Foam X, this time using a new laser pattern and adding new geometric shapes that have helped to lighten the shoe, make it more flexible and more reactive.
  • Heel: It also continues to retain the TPU which is now somewhat smaller, looking for a closer fit.
  • Sole: We appreciate the same Ndurance Blown Rubber sole. To highlight the thickness of the rubber, in order to last us beyond 1,000km. Differentiated rubber, black color in the toe and heel, the areas that require maximum grip. Green color under the forefoot where it does not require as much performance. And even in the area of little or no support, we see directly the white of the foam that forms the midsole. This provides a smooth platform and more weight reduction. At the same time it manages to reduce more weight and provide greater flexibility by offering us integrated bending slots.

The 880 maintains, to a large extent, the improvements introduced in the previous version providing this shoe with great stability and support for neutral runners.

The design of the shoe is classic cut, ideal for all those runners who like the traditional designs of the shoes of a lifetime that also offer great protection for the runner in all its set, from the heel to the upper.

It is not a shoe that stands out especially in a single aspect, but on the contrary, we are facing a very complete shoe in general, which provides protection, a very good stability and a great durability to the runner.




  • Price 150€ approx
  • Weight 326gr man
  • Drop: 4 mm
  • Ground height: 29mm toes, 33mm heel
  • Upper: light mesh. Changes in the fabric, a priori seeking to further strengthen the shoe. I believe that these changes come to help to give more support to the shoe and in this way be able to travel more kilometers with them. Radical change especially in the heel collar, making it much more padded and protected compared to the UltraHeel of the previous version. All this makes a shoe more comfortable and ready to make kilometers and kilometers with them. It also incorporates a new tongue also more padded and a classic cordonage.
  • Midsole: Fresh Foam X. eeps the Fresh Foam X, with new construction. Looking for the greatest possible cushioning in this shoe but without neglecting the technique of the runner. To do this, it offers us a low drop of 4mm that is maintained with respect to versions 1 and 2. This 4mm drop will guide us to look for a tread with better technique but without neglecting the cushioning. We also note that it maintains a more support area both inside and outside just above the Fresh Foam X.
  • Sole: Ground Contact EVA and Rubber Mix. Modification of the sole that this time incorporates new areas with more rubber than in its previous versions. The Ground Contact Eva is maintained, but as we can see, the sole incorporates rubber zones both in the front, in the back and in areas inside the bridge. We can see that it does not eliminate the Ground Contact Eva, without not trying to reach the balance to make a sole more durable and at the same time as flexible as in previous versions. We can observe several bending areas along the entire sole to carry it out.


This new version of the New Balance More presents quite a few changes with respect to the previous version, it has sought even more the comfort and comfort of the runner to be able to perform kilometers and kilometers without any problem, it has slightly increased in weight compared to the previous version and also some more modification in the heel and sole.

The New Balance More v3 is the ideal shoe, within the training range of the North American brand, for those riders who prioritize comfort and cushioning over fast rhythms. Ideal for runners of rather slow rhythms or also for those runners who want to perform recovery sessions of competitions or sessions that involve a great effort.


1080 V11 VS 880 V11 VS MORE V3

All three are shoes that offer great guarantees for everyone who wants to do many kilometers throughout the year, for runners who go out daily or, almost daily, and who are looking for quality shoes and who do not have to worry about wear and tear with the passage of the kilometers.

They are very comfortable shoes, thanks to the Hypoknit fabric at the top (1080 and 880) and a very light and breathable mesh (More v3) with which the foot is perfectly integrated into the shoe providing a perfect support and comfort to perform kilometers and kilometers.

All three incorporate the latest version of the Fresh Foam X compound, with what are shoes with great cushioning, especially the More, and that provide the runners of medium high weight a perfect cushioning to perform thousands of kilometers without difficulties or discomfort in the foot.

Despite being asphalt shoes, all three unfold without any problem on tracks and trails thanks to the material of their sole. They can be used for those mixed asphalt and mountain outings that we can find in the big cities, yes, wide tracks and without technical difficulties. For specific mountain outings with more technical terrain, New Balance has another catalog of great shoes for that type of terrain.


1080 V11 VS 880 V11 VS MORE V3

Although all of them are within the same training category, therefore, they are perfect shoes to run kilometers and kilometers without problems, each of them have characteristics that make them more appropriate for depending on what type of runner we find.

The 1080 v11 is the lightest and the most suitable for faster rhythms than the other two shoes, it can even be used without problems by the amateur runner in his popular tests of 10, 21 or even more kilometers without problems, while the 880 and the More are shoes for rhythms a little slower than the 1080.

The more traditional design of the 880, very similar to that of the More, contrast with a more daring, more modern, more dynamic design of the 1080 especially in the heel area in which it incorporates the Ultraheel against the other two shoes, in addition to having an upper area more appropriate for faster rhythms.

All of them have a different drop, so we will have to look when choosing our training shoe, from the 4 mm of the More v3 to the 10 mm of the 880 v11, passing through the 8 mm of the 1080 v11. If we are runners who find it difficult to adapt to different drops we have to take into account when choosing the shoe.

The thickness of the sole of the 880 is higher than that of the other two shoes with which we will have guaranteed more durability without worrying about the excessive wear of the sole, yes, we will penalize in the aspect of cushioning, where the More v3 and the 1080 give more feeling of cushioning, especially the More v3 , a guarantee in this regard.


NEW BALANCE FRESH FOAM X 1080 V11: ideal for those runners who like dynamic shoes, with rather fast rhythms in their workouts, and even competitions, and who will also find great comfort and adjustment of the foot in the shoe. Undoubtedly the top shoe of the training range and with the latest version of the Fresh Foam cushioning from New Balance.

NEW BALANCE FRESH FOAM X 880 V1: ideal for those runners who want to do thousands of kilometers throughout the year in comfort and without worrying about the wear of the shoe. The 880 will provide them with cushioning, but above all durability and stability during their training kilometers.

NEW BALANCE MORE V3: ideal for recovery workouts or for those runners, with medium /high weight, who prioritize the comfort and cushioning of the shoe over other options of lighter shoes and that involve faster rhythms per kilometer. An ideal shoe for jogging.



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