TRAIL 100 ANDORRA-PYRENEES: ULTRA 125K/D+8,810m. FRANCESCO CUCCO AND CLAUDIA TREMPS WIN. During the weekend  the inaugural edition Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees, managed by Ironman, was cellebtrated as pre-informed you here.

Since 8PM  Friday, the Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees started in Ordino, Andorra, has seen athletes crossing the finish line of its 4 races and winners Francesco Cucco and  Claudia Tremps  in the 125Km, Marc Casal and Christelle Lazar in the 55km, Oscar Casal and Sheila Avilés in the 25Km race.

Let’s start with a glimpse of the weekend in this video.



ULTRA 125K/ 8.810M+

This race will be aimed at an expert Ultra Trail audience, with very good physical and mental preparation to complete a demanding circuit. The org. promises that the tour will be as extreme as it is rewarding.

Being the country where adventure and competition come together, there are many sporting events that have hosted these impressive mountains. Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees was born with the desire to propose a race designed by and for mountain runners, discovering paths and steps that have never been part of any competition.

Thus, the Carroi crest, considered the most spectacular in the principality, will be covered at night in the ultra distance, offering a special and unique image of the valley with Andorra La Vella and Escaldes as a backdrop.

Linking the 4 guarded refuges in Andorra, the runners will go around the country, crowning some of the many peaks of the Principality, including Pic del Comapedrosa, the highest in Andorra. A high mountain circuit designed to enjoy the beauty of nature.



As for the list of favorite men fighting to the victory we can highlight Cristofer Clemente, twice sub-champion of the world, 3rd Trans Grancanaria 2019; Francesco Cucco, an Italian based in France, who was 4th in the Transgrancanaria in 2019; Gerard Morales, The Elements Food Pro Team, Mathieu Blanchard, Canadian, based in France, 1st in the XTERRA Trail Tahiti 2021 and Pau Capell, winner of the UTMB 2019, who today plays at home. We’ll see what he’s able to show us today in the mountains of his home where he trains every day.

In the women’s category, Claudia Tremps, the athlete of the ASICS Pro Team, stands out, who told us yesterday how her preparation for the race had been here. Likewise, the Peruvian runner Martha Corahua, who defends very well in technical terrain or Alicia Hudson, may also be fighting for the victory.


The weather for this edition will be changing, with clouds and clearings from 8PM with the departure from Ordino at about 18ºC and with cloudy skies but no rain, which is expected throughout Saturday with some sporadic storms. The entire section after Andorra la Vella (KM 32-35), already at night and an almost constant height of more than 2000 meters will see temperatures between 5ºC and 8ºC minimum and 14ºC maximum.

It will dawn from 6AM and with the day will come a sun that will undoubtedly encourage the runners until, being the storms forecast for beyond 12 noon, without being very strong and raising the temperature to the vicinity of 20ºC below in the valley. In short, good weather conditions for this crossing have greeted the departure last night.


The first to arrive at the first refreshment of the Refuge of Pla de l’Estany has been Francesco Cucco 01:20:44, followed by Pau Capell +1 min and Mathieu Blanchard +1 min who have arrived together. Being the fourth, at the moment Critofer Clemente + 06:55 min and Gerard Morales +11:05 min in fifth position. As for the women, the favorite, Claudia Tremps 01:35:35 has also been the first to reach the Pla de l’Estany and attention in 7° position in the overall category. Arriving as second female, Alicia Hudelson +20:29 min and third Martha Corahua +25:21 min, Peruvian runner who defends very well in technical terrain.

After the passage through this refreshment the runners begin the ascent to the highest peak of Andorra, the Pic Camapedrosa with its 2,943 meters high and also the highest point of the race, already in the KM17 and almost at night.


Once the ascent to the Pic Camapedrosa, with its 2,943 meters of height and the subsequent descent to its Refugi, the runners have continued, already at night, until the Coll de la Botella where the first beam of front to look has been that of Francesco Cucco 3:24:38 followed closely, as in the previous kilometer step , by Mathieu Blanchard3:34:23 and Pau Capell 3:34:25.

In fourth and fifth place, although arriving together in 4:02:44, Appear Cristofer clemente and Gerard Morales. So the Top five in men remains the same as in the previous checkpoint.

From here you will enfilade the spectacular cresta del Carroi that will take you to the Pic del Carroi at km31.
After the passage of the night, and having faced the race head the long descent of the Pic Carroi, the TOP5 in men has changed.


The Andorran town, seen Francesco Cucco arrive in first position with 11:07:55, in second position comes Cristofer Clemente (he has not yet reached the KM72) who is once again playing his cards to the comeback as in that World Cup in which in the first refreshments he arrived in 70th place, to finish the race after Luis Alberto Hernando in second position.

Thus, Cristofer arrived at KM72 in 12:17:01 more than an hour from the leader and Pau Capell lost the third place won by Clement Guibert, arriving in 12:57:44. Pau Capell appeared in fourth position with 13:10:20. Later it was confirmed that Pau was leaving at this point due to different physical probelmas, including some problem in his right ankle, as we saw in some of the images of the night refreshments.

As for the girls, the race dawns with Claudia Tremps still at the head of the race, arriving at this refreshment in GrauRoig after 14:56:01 and quite flat after the heavy rain fell in the early hours of the day, where she decided to take a break of at least 20 minutes.

Claudia Tremps at Grau Roig Aid station Andorra, 125 KM. Photo: Traill 100 Andorra-Pyrenees

After more than 14 hours of racing, the positions in the lead both female and male with Franceco Cucco and Claudia Tremps remain, although, behind it seems that there is “dancing” especially in the male category. And the heavy rain also makes an appearance in the area of Grau Roig.


Up to kilometer 83 of this Trail 100 Andorra 125 have arrived so far only Franceso Cucco, undisputed leader from the first kms in 13:17:28 and Cristofer Clemente more than an hour from the leader 14:26:08. Third came Clement Guibert 15:16:01 almost two hours from Francesco.

Cristofer Clemente. Photo: Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees


Francesco Cucco 15:37:14 arrives alone at the refreshment from where he has “alone” crown the Coll d’Arenes and the subsequent descent to the Refugi de Sorteny. At 17:00:12 Cristofer Clemente leaves, an hour and a half from the Italian, visibly affected by the heat and while commenting on the problems he had with his front during the night, he asks for a “coffee” in the refreshment and Clement Guibert third more than 2 hours from the leader.


The Italian, Francesco Cucco, is still struggling with the heat and hardness of the terrain, having arrived at the Refuge of Sorteny after 18:22:32 of the race. From here the Italian has another 17 kilometers with a last climb to the Cabana de Basalí and the subsequent descent to Ordino, where he will predictably be crowned champion of these Trail 100 Andorra 125KM.

Francesco Cucco at KM 108,5 Photo: Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees

About 15:50 is Cristofer Clemente arrived, in second place, to this Refugi de Sorteny after almost 20 hours in the race. From there the Canarian runner will also lead the last 17 kilometers to the finish line.

4 KM to the finish line for the Italian, Francesco Cucco, who has led the lead, except for a couple of kilometers at the start of the race yesterday afternoon. The heat and the kilometers are noticeable, but barring big surprises both Francesco and Cristfer are going to take the first and second position.

META ULTRA 125K/D+8.810M

Finish line for Francesco Cucco, who from start to finish has been intractable. Even in spite of the couple of falls that we have seen him have between kilometers 80 and 98, based on tenacity and a cane blow he has planted himself first in Ordino after 20:32:15 hours of titanic effort with a weather that has changed from the freshness of the night and the 10 ° C when they crossed the crest of the Carroi to the rain when arriving at Grau Roig this morning or to the heat of the valleys on the descent to Ordino.

Francesco Cucco, FINISH Trail 100 Andorra -Pyrenees. Foto: Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees


Cristofer Clemente reached the finish line of Ordino in second position after 22:25:07. In third place, Clement Guibert was 3° with 23:23:46, the fourth place was secured by Gerard Morales who almost breaks the barrier of the 24 hours with 24:16:10, and the TOP5 was closed by Jordi Tissier with 24:24:19.

After more than a day of racing, Claudia Tremps 28:07:51 finally crosses the finish line winner of this Trail 100 Andorra. In second place Martha Corahua 33:14:00 arrived a couple of hours ago at the finish line and in third place crossed Monserrat Sistere in 38:20:22. Incredible the hardness of these 125 km in Andorra.



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