SALOMON BONATTI 2.5L: TRAILRUNNING JACKET, THE BONATTI SAGA CONTINUES. Our TRAILRUNNING GEAR section brings you today the technical analysis for one of the best-selling garment in its category for years.

In 2018 we saw the latest basic SALOMON BONATTI, which evolves in 2021. Meanwhile, came the lighter SALOMON BONATTI PRO (20k/20k) SALOMON BONATTI RACE and the SALOMON BONATTI 360 (50k/80k) range stop. Let’s go with the technical analysis by Mayayo.

 TECHNICAL ANALYSSIS BY MAYAYO ( 170€/200gr/10k-10k)

Finding a lightweight, sturdy, comfortable trail waterproof jacket that at the same time serves as a mandatory material in any ultra, is always a challenge. The Salomon Bonnati jacket has been for more than 5 years, a fixed piece for much of the popular platoon. Perhaps the key is in the balance achieved between price, materials, patterning and finishes. Something that just changes this 2021: The price is still at 170€, The waterproof-breathable membrane is still at 10,000mm Schmerber for the first and 10,000 g/m2/24h for the second. The Salomon Motionfit pattern is maintained and some finishes vary.

Let’s go now with this Salomon Bonatti, first as presented by the brand and then with our own technical analysis.

HERE’S HOW SALOMON PRESENTS IT: Jacket with a lightweight material that follows movement, breathable protection against bad weather and minimalist design. These are the qualities of the BONATTI 2.5L jacket for men. Practical detail: this model folds into its own chest pocket. Indispensable for your mountain races, this garment accompanies you in the most beautiful and difficult moments.

HERE’S HOW WE SEE IT: Lightweight trail jacket, best-selling in the popular platoon due to its balance between multiple functions, versatility, proven veteranity as well as the great strength in the distribution of the brand. Today it is certainly not the best at any particular point, in fact below we leave you three sisters who surpass it within the brand. But the truth is that it offers correct performance in every way.

It is also that year after year some details are polished, improving for example in recent times the adjustment of hood or the pocket of self-support, ventilation in the back, among others. Sustained success, as a reward for that work. However, this year comes in no less than seven colors and sizes, where to choose.

SALOMON BONATTI 2.5L: Materials, patterning and finishes

  • Fabrics: The fabric is 100% polyamide as in almost all third layers, in this case a waterproof-breathable membrane of 10k/10k Advanced Skin Dry. This gives us medium protection, which also allows us to comply with the regulations of the large ultra trail, which set this threshold as basic. Therefore, correct performance both in tear resistance, abrasion, and in protection to wind and rain. However, it is not the best of the segment, since in the market we already have membranes up to 20K/20k operating in weight garments and specific trail patterns, which we will detail later. Even, according to some brands, the GTX Shakedry mebrana can go up to 50k/80k values as the market cap.
  • Pattern: Here its strong point, since the Motionfit pattern for which the brand bets is more than tested and validated.It is thus adjusted in the area of the hips and belly, which in the race barely rotate, while providing space and length throughout the upper train so that both the braceo movements and the twists of the scapular waist and neck are fluid and natural.It extends back too to protect lumbar. Finally it provides a hood with an elastic rubber that fits the forehead and a small visor to protect us from the drops in case of rain. But it is not bright because it leaves the entire oval still exposed, from chin to forehead when a specific mountain hood should allow us to close everything and leave exposed little more than eyes and nose, by the time things get bad.
  • Finishes: Here the experience of the mountain brand and the veteran of the garment weighs for good. Well-topped sewn, reflective details on the side of the arm;to provide safety in the mountains and at night.We miss metepulgares, a detail that allows to have drier and warmer hands by “raising” the sleeve to always cover the wrists, if tertiary.The chest pocket performs well with its self-supporting function although perhaps a second lumbar or lateral pocket would allow us to carry by hand the most basic remove/put accessories in winter trail (hat, buff, sleeves, gloves, etc.) that today we must collect in t-shirt or mesh with pockets, or in kidney/backpack.


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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain