BUCOVINA ULTRA ROCKS: Five mountain races in the heart of Romania. Our MOUNTAIN RACES CALENDAR 2021. travels to the Romanian mountains, in an area famous for both skiing and freely walking bears.

We do this together with its two reigning champions: Robert Hajnal, the Romanian who stole the heart of the Spanish association with his 2018 silver at UTMB running “in chandal”. And the Spanish-Romanian Cristina Constantin, a veteran of our races who is also a prophet in her land. We start with the short presentation video.


The Bucovina region is the northernmost in Romania, bordering Maramures to the west, the Prut River and Ukraine to the north, the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania and the Romanian region of Moldova (not to be confused with the country of the same name) to the south, and Moldova to the east. It is a region famous for its mountains, wildlife and beautiful ancient monasteries.

Bucovina Mountains: The region has a mountainous relief with great contrasts that houses natural spaces that you will love. One of them is the gorges of Bicaz, one of the greatest gorges in Europe, and that allows a route across the road that like a knife runs between Bucovina and Transylvania. If we travel south we will ascend until we reach a no less prominent place, the Lacu Rosso.

This lake is known for the dead logs that stand out from the water and today is an area highly appreciated by green tourism.
Monasterys of Bucovina: The painted medieval monasteries of this region are jewels of art due to their frescoes that decorate both the interior and exterior of the temples. Recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site, they represent one of the greatest attractions in all of Romania. The most prominent of these is the Voronet Monastery, which dates back to 1428 and attributed to the reign of Stefan the Great. Other of the most important monasteries are Humor, where the red hues predominate, and those of Arbore, Dragomirna, Moldovita and Putna.


The Bucovina Mountains are home to numerous rare species of flora: From edelweiss to snow roses and lesser known in our country such as lady’s shoe, black bardana or mountain avenas. The territory is home to more than 20 nature reserves: floristic, forestry, geological and more reserves. The rich fauna includes numerous species of high natural value. They uncaught the Carpathian bear and deer, but it also has lynx, wolf, fox, squirrel, wildcat, marten, ermine, pheasant, as well as various species of eagles and owls. Mountain rivers are home to species such as salmon or rainbow trout. Anyway, quite a journey by itself….


Romania has been a member of the European Union since 2007. Therefore, Eurpean nationals have the same rights there as in your EU countries, protected at all times by European law.

To this day, COVID19 does have some special temporary precautions that you should always consult via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as with any international trip in these times. The epicenter of the race is located in the town of C’mpulung Moldovenesc, located in the mountainous area of Obcinele Bucovinei, on the banks of the Moldovan River.

To travel there:

  • Plane: Flights are cheap, ranging even in these times between 150-200 euros. There are three major airports in the region, Suceava, Iasi and Bacau Airports. The latter has international flights with Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, … and domestic flights with Bucharest, Iasi, Arad, Constanta, Craiova, Sibiu, Timisoara.
  • Train: By train we can get from Bucharest, with routes heading to the most important stations in Iasi, Suceava, and Gura Humorului. There are two train stations located in the city: In the city centre, and in the Capu Satului district, please refer to the connections on Romania’s official train website: http://www.cfrcalatori.ro (departures from Bucharest North)


The mountain races of Bucovina are the only ones in Romania with a veradera international projection. Not only because of the sporting level of their current champions, Robert Hajnal and Cristina Constantin, but also because of their consolidation the intersectional landscape.

Thus, this is the only race in your country that is part of the WMRA 2021 World Calendar, along with World Cup events such as Switzerland’s Sierre Zinal, California’s Broken Arrow or our Canfranc Canfranc and Zumaia Flysch Trail, among others. The organization is run by ULTRA LIFE Sport Club and Sport Management Events, who are also the official timekeees of LIVE TRAIL in Romania.

Five mountain races, for all levels: The organization offers five distances, for all levels. The proof of initiation, the Rumble Rock has only 15k, From there onwards, appointments of distance and increasing difficulty are offered: Rocky 33k; Lady’s Rocks 48k and the Four Summits 88k. The queen test is the 110k Ultra Bucovina. But there’s even more… The Beast of 180k/D+9,600m is a challenge, only suitable for those who have already been trained in hundred-dollar tests.


The course of his trials was designed with the aim of the Corremontes and their followers living from within a magical and still intact part of Romania, the legendary Bucovina; Without going any further, the ultra ROCKS queen test, 110k/D+6,510m offers us a true journey through history and the most striking landscapes. We will run through the Nature Reserve of Pietrele Doamnei below in photo on the right. We will summit In Rarau (1650m), we will curve the gorga Cheile Moara Dracului, below in left photo.

We went through the secular forest of Slatioara (Codrul Secular Slatioara). UNESCO Heritage site with trees from 3-400 years old. We are also awaited by the peaks of Pietrosu Bistritei (1793) and Giumalau (1857 m) which has a mythical final climb in Runc where we will crawl to know a wall of 1.4K/D+400m.

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Registrations opened last 1st FEB with remarkable success. There are already more than 700 bibs registered for the event, so if you find it of interest, it is better not to fall asleep on your laurels…



Certainly, the ultra trail is for me a passion, a true language. If I had to choose a race that would keep my enthusiasm high and fill my fuel tank to the tops of love for running in the mountains, I’m clear: The test I would choose to run each year would be BUCOVINA ULTRA ROCKS.

Why is that? The organizers managed to create a complete tour with steep and endless climbs that will remind you of Mountain Doom and leave you breathless. The landscapes and atmosphere created by the volunteers is the perfect fuel for you to run from start to finish with a smile on your face. The only less pleasant thing about this contest is that it is organized only once a year.


«Hello! I’m sure some of you who are reading this have run with me…. Although of Romanian origin, I have been living in Spain for many years now. And also, running Ultras. The truth is that there will be more than 50 goals that I have finished.
That’s why, when I was invited to Bucovina Ultra Rocks (Romania) in August last year, I couldn’t resist. In addition, that was the first edition and on top of that it was organized by a very tanned veteran, like Paul Smereciuc. For me, that was quite a guarantee. and a unique opportunity I didn’t want to miss.
The situation was delicate because of the pandemic, but the Covid Protocol they had ensured the safety of athletes and organization.

We leave at 24:00, one at a time, every 10 seconds and with a mask.
How was the race? Barbara. And it is that, the 111 km with D+6,500 run through the Romanian Carp, forests and mountains, incredible trails and very technical areas. The tour is without a doubt the wildest I have ever made, ghostly forests, free animals, lost villages, colorful painted churches in inhospit places and all in one of the wildest and most unknown regions of Europe, Bucovina.’

Without a doubt the Bucovina Ultra Rocks is the most beautiful Ultra I have ever made: For the wild environment, hardness, good marking and with many follow-up points for support in the race and of course with the cordiality and excellent treatment of the organization.

This summer I will be on the line of departure again, to relive another experience of those that mark you as a runner and adventurer, because more than an Ultra, the Bucovina is an authentic adventure. I await you on July 30th at Campulung Moldovenesc, so that you can enjoy a different Ultra that I assure you will mark forever, the «Bucovina Ultra Rocks»



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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain