Baqueira Beret opens ski season the 14th December. The slopes of Vall d’Aran are opened to the public, coinciding with the general opening of the sector in Catalonia. During these first few weeks the station will manage the maximum capacity, according to regulations and the operational capacity of each moment.

Ski passes for sale will be limited based on factors such as: Operational plan, local regulations, weather conditions and visitor history, among others. Thus, the number of skiers to accommodate can be estimated with a safe physical distance at any given time.

Photo: Baqueira Beret


As for the facilities opened at the station, one of the highlights would be the 13 ski lifts of the Baqueira area and all its slopes will be in operation except Pasarells and Tubo Nere, a total of 35 slopes, which will give access to 36 km of slopes. Snow thicknesses are between 50 and 60 cm in milled terrain. The price of the ski pass is the normal rate, and due to the restriction on the capacity it is recommended to buy early online.

BaqueiraPASS holders with seasonal top-up (general rate) and BaqueiraPASS advance sales customers will be guaranteed access by days and BaqueiraTICKET who have previously recharged online. Ski passes can only be purchased at the ticket office if they have not exceeded the daily capacity so early purchase is recommended. Baqueira offers customers the online recharge of the aforementioned supports so that they can secure their winter vacation in case of restrictions of capacity on slopes. The station will inform daily through its website of the ski passes available for sale for the different dates.

Photo: Baqueira Beret

On a practical level, the accesses to the station that will be put into operation from December 14th will be Baqueira 1500, Ruda, Tanau and Orri. The restoration in operation will be the Baqueira Bar 1500 and the Bosque café in 1800. For its part, the Hotel Montarto will open its facilities on Thursday 17th with a very attractive offer of 100 euros per day with bed and breakfast included in a double room.

The station plans to open more areas of the ski domain if snow conditions and entry into the new sections of de-scalding of the Covid19 measures allow it.


Baqueira Beret is committed to technology in times of pandemic. In this 2020-21 season the news focuses on improving, once again, the online experience of customers, from booking their snow holidays to the last day of skiing or snowboarding. This step forward in digital services enables better compliance with Covid19 protocols by reducing customers’ need to pass through the station’s points of sale.

Among these new features are: Improvements of the BaqueiraPASS and the new BaqueiraTICKET, the maintenance of ski pass prices compared to last winter, snow production with more capacity and efficiency, an interactive 3D track map, online check-in for SkiService services, the delivery service of the order in cafes through QR code and the implementation of covid19 security and protection measures.

  • Digital Restoration: Delivery service is available exclusively in cafés. Through the QR code located on the table you can place the order and pay for it by card. The command will arrive directly in the kitchen by the online application and will finally be served at the table by the waiter. This way, there will be no need to get up and go to the point of sale.
  • Baqueira 3D Map: The station debuts a 3D map of Baqueira Beret, with the ski lifts, slopes and points of interest updated instantly through the track manager. This map allows the geolocation of the skier and you can filter paths and services according to the needs of the skier or snowboarder. It is active in the APP and on the Baqueira website and BaqueiraPASS holders through the Ski Track will be able to view their day trips on this map.
  • Improvements in snow production in Beret: This season increases the capacity for innivation in Beret thanks to the new raft of water. With a capacity of 187,500m3 of water volume, the raft has 27,400m2 of water sheet finished on stone beach. The technical part is controlled from a semi-buried engine room of 493m2, equipped with 6 pumps 1,140m3/h of water at 61 pressure bars.
  • On the other hand, the number of inivators in the Clot der Os, in the beret debutant zone, is expanded, increasing with 16 more units from 710 to 726 in the total station.


Digital Restoration: Delivery service is available exclusively in cafés. Through the QR code located on the table you can place the order and pay for it. The winter sports equipment stores owned by the station, jump fully digital with state-of-the-art management systems. The target is to improve the quality of customer service thanks to the new online reservation system of material called online check-in that speeds up the procedures. The customer will find everything prepared and just prove that the demanded size is theirs. This speeds up collection and prevents crowding in stores.

Due to the pandemic situation the main measures taken in this service are the reduction of the capacity inside the premises and the aforementioned prior reservation of online check-in material, revised and reinforced cleaning plans are applied in the disinfection of the work equipment and ski storage cabinets at each user change, disinfection of the rental material after use and also disinfection of the particular material for repair in the workshop.


Prices are maintained: Baqueira Beret keeps prices in all categories of ski pass as a gesture towards loyalty to its customers. The day rate is 54.5€ adult and 36€ for children.

  • The BaqueiraPASS rechargeable stand is now available for skiers and snowboarders. Once requested, it is received at home within a maximum period of 72 hours. The online recharge process per day is already in operation. It has exclusive services in the APP of the station where it can be easily recharged or done on the website
  • The BaqueiraPASS, which allows it to recharge both seasonally and on days, is the star of winter as it offers numerous advantages.
  • In addition to your online request and home reception, it is nominal so it allows the customer to manage exclusive benefits through their private area such as the discounted day top-up fee on box office price, etc. The physical support is valid for 3 winters and online recharge can be done per season or for days buying 1 to 7 consecutive ski days, with advantages over the general rate. The station’s non-nominal ski pass support is the BaqueiraTICKET which is collected at the station’s ticket offices and establishments attached along the Val d’Aran and Valls d’Aneu and is valid for the entire season.
  • Online recharge for 1 to 7 consecutive days is already active.
  • The most practical way to do this is through the renewed APP through the scanning of the built-in QR code or barcode. It is very practical for families and groups of friends because now from the APP multiple BaqueiraTICKET are recharged at once and by a single person. From the Baqueira website it can also be recharged although, for the moment, only individually. At the ticket offices of the station you can buy ski passes of special rates (afternoon, ride, debutante) and in the case of day ski passes will be delivered BaqueiraTICKET recharged to offer the customer the possibility to recharge online on their next visit.



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