3 DAYS TRAIL IBIZA & ULTRA IBIZA: Last weekend, in the beautiful island of Ibiza took palce the 7th Edition of the 3 Días Trail Ibiza and Ultra Ibiza.The organization overcome rain and sanitary conditions to carry out five races with a high competitive level and a great atmosphere. 3 Days Trail Ibiza has overlapped rain and sanitary safety measures to pull forward up to five races between Friday and Sunday.

350 runners have participated in the event, organized by Trideporte and arbitrated by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), in which they have highlighted names such as the three-time IAAF world champion Luis Alberto Hernando, T. Castanyer, Aroa Sio, Anna Comet, Júlia Font, Angels Llobera, Eduard Hernández or Joel Aubeso.

The members of the Wild Trail Project have been the great dominators of the competition with the three victories of Eduard Hernández and the two of Joel Aubeso and Júlia Font. The seventh edition of Ibiza’s 3 Days Trail started on Friday the 27th with a 10km +172 m night race. from the Poliesportiu Can Guertxo de Sant Josep de sa Talaia. Back then it was seen that the big dominator of the weekend would be Eduard Hernández (Wild Trail Project), winner with 35’22;, while Joel Aubeso and the Paraguayan runner based in Ibiza Williams Aveiro were ‘fighting’ for third place. In the end he decided to sprint for just two seconds fromthe Burgalese. In girls category, the three fastest and strongest runners of the weekend were: the winner Júlia Font (Wild Trail Project), Anna Comet (Dynafit) and Yolanda Martín Ramos (Wild Trail Project), in this order.

Photo: ©Marta Bacardit

The night race was marked by intermittent rain and a certain cold. Three races on Saturday, with the Ultra as the protagonist Saturday was the strong day of the 3 Days Trail Ibiza The Ultra Ibiza opened the fire at 07.00 a.m, an 84 km race with +3,022 m. departing and arrival from Sant Josep de sa Talaia, which allowed runners to crown the most representative peaks of Ibiza such as Sa Capelleta, Sa Talaia, Puig d’en Serra or Serra Grossa. The great dominators were Tofol Castanyer (Team Salomon) and Aroa Sío (Team Land). The veteran Salomon runner was gone from start to finish and already in the middle of the course had a 10′ advantage over the second. In the end finished with 7h34m with almost an hour on Donatello Rota. Pedro González closed the male podium.

The women’s race also had some excitement, as the favorite, the Balearic Innles Llobera (Inverse), was lost in the first kilometer, stood last and had to go back. In the end it prevailed with 4h54′, with 3′ advantage over the second, Amparo Escrich.

Finally, at midday it was the turn of the Half Marathon with its 21 km and +952 m. departure and arrival in Sant Josep de sa Talaia. The fastest race of the day was a repetition of the duels of the night race, although in girls this time the triumph went to Anna Comet. The Dynafit runner prevailed in 1h46′ on Júlia Font, who entered two minutes. Yolanda Martin Ramos was third. In boys, the victory of a very strong Eduard Hernandez was repeated.

The Wild Trail Project runner, Carlos Jávega, entered second and Victor Van Driessche was third. Sunday’s 10K closed the event with sun and spectacular views. The 3 Days Trail Ibiza wer then closed with a beautiful stage of 10 km and +325 m., a circular route that departed from the Camp de Tir de Cap Martinet and traveled the Municipality of Santa Eulalia along the coast. Again the duels and positions of the 10K Night were traced: Eduard Hernandez scored his third win and Joel Aubeso again beat Williams Aveiro by seconds. In girls the triumph of a smiling Júlia Font was repeated and this time Yolanda Martín Ramos prevailed over Anna Comet.

Photo: ©Marta Bacardit

This race also decided the winners of the combined overall of the three tests. In the men’s 22 km there was no argument and the winner was Eduard Hernández, but in female category Júlia Font defeated Anna Comet…

In the Marathon category the triumph went to Joel Aubeso and Amparo Escrich, while in the Ultra the first place went to Donatello Rota and Aroa Sío. Strict security measures and a great organizational effort La 3 Días Trail Ibiza, which has also been the Autonomous Championship of the Balearic Islands of Ultradistance by the RFEA, has been adapted to the General Protocol of Prevention of Covid-19 prepared by the Balearic Athletics Federation and authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Social Affairs and Sport. This regulation has been mandatory by all participants and attendees, consisting of measures such as departures every minute with drawers of up to 9 runners, mandatory use of masks and hydroalcoholic gel, temperature intake to all participants or delivery of prizes without physical contact. All Ibiza has passed the exam for two weeks, when it will host the Spanish Trail Championship for regional selections of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, and has projected an image of health and sport to the whole state.

Race results 10 K Night 27 November

1st Eduard Hernández Teixidor (Wild Trail Project) – 3 5’22’
2nd Joel Aubeso (Wild Trail Project) – 36’23’
3rd Williams Aveiro (Club Ibiza Trail) – 36’25’

1st Júlia Font (Wild Trail Project ) – 41’09’
2nd Anna Comet (Dynafit) – 41’19’
3rd Yolanda Martín Ramos (Wild Trail Project) – 42’53’

22 Km 28 November
1st Eduard Hernández Teixidor (Wild Trail Project) – 1h32’19’
2nd Carlos Jávega (Matarraña Team) – 1h38’07’
3rd Victor Van des Driessche (Lazy Riders) – 1h45’05’

1st Anna Comet (Dynafit) – 1h47’35’
2nd Júlia Font (Wild Trail Project) – 1h49’12’
3rd Yoland Martin Ramos (Wild Trail Project) – 1h51’53’

Marathon November 28
1st Joel Aubeso (Wild Trail Project) – 3h55’19’
2nd Williams Aveiro (Club Ibiza Trail) – 4h06’2
3rd Pedro González (Ibiza Campers) – 1h45’05’

1st Angels Llobera (Team Inverse) – 4h54’00’
2nd Amparo Escrich (Desnivel Trail) – 4h47 ’05’
3rd Aubert Doriane (CA Palmafitness) 5h39’46’

Ultra 84 km 28 November
1st Tofol Castanyer (Team Salomon) – 7h34’20’
2nd Donatello Rota (Raidlight) – 8h23’14’
3rd José Luis Martínez – 8h33’30’

1st Aroa Sio (Team Land) – 9h23’53’
2nd Marga Llompart – 13h55’55’
3rd Maria Mayans – 14h20’42’

10 K Sunday 29 November
1st Eduard Hernández Teixidor (Wild Trail Project) – 44’06’
2nd Joel Aubeso (Wild Trail Project) – 46’20’
3rd Williams Aveiro (Club Ibiza Trail) – 46’22’

1st Jú Fontlia (Wild Trail Project) – 51’08’
2nd Yolanda Martín Ramos (Wild Trail Project) – 52’03’
3rd Anna Comet (Dynafit) – 52’35’



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Info and post by Héctor Rubio @hekruca for Trailrunningspain