The MAXI-RACE ANNECY is now 10 years old. During the weekend of 29th to 31 of May the Maxi-Race Annecy will celebrate its 10 years. Several exciting new developments and a greater focus on sustainability will highlight the upcoming 10th edition, offering runners the opportunity to participate in a mountain trail race and take full advantage of Lake Annecy’s beautiful natural landscapes.

Reacting to the issues happened due the bottlenecks during the marathon races, the Maxi-Race organization has worked hard to fix the issues happened last year (you can find all information in the race report from Abel de Frutos our #patroncarrerasdemontana) and the intent for the 2020 edition is to reduce the number of participants in each race, planning courses in line with today’s expectations for a major mountain trail run, ensure local trails stay in great condition, and strive for zero waste. This includes drastically cutting the amount of plastic and cardboard used during the event. In addition, race organizers are working to decrease traffic at aid stations by providing dedicated buses for crew and/or companions assisting runners.

All of this will help to save the paths and this beautiful mountains, let’s check the official video from 2019 Maxi-Race Annecy.








For all runners participated last year in the Marathon Race which could have suffered the inconvenience of traffic jams. The organization has opened a priority of inscription between the 1st and the 14th of November as well as of a tariff identical to that of last year for the race they choose at the GreenWeez MaXi-Race which will take place from May 29 to 31, 2020. All of this people should have received a mail about it. For the rest of the people registration will open on November 15th for the Marathons (Race & Experience) and the Ultra-Race and December 1st for all other races.

TWO MARATHONS: the Marathon eXperience and the Marathon-Race. The organization has also taken other other measures, for the 10th edition, there will be two marathons on two different courses, both limited to 1000 runners to avoid traffic jams from last year.
The MaXi-Race (89km) will have 300 less runners out on the course in 2020, dropping the number of available slots from 2000 to 1700.

For the past two years, event organizers have been thinking about changing the course for the Marathon-Race, which usually fills up in just a few hours after registration opens, to better manage the exponentially increasing number of participants. For the 2020 edition, organizers will offer a choice between two marathons on two radically different courses in terms of difficulty (a ratio of 5.9/10 and 8.1/10 of distance to vertical gain), cutoff times, aid station rules, and registration criteria.



The Marathon eXperience, 42km with 2500m of vertical gain and drop, is for those runners looking to embark on a new 42km trail running eXperience and to hone their skills at this race distance. Limited to 1000 participants, the course will bypass the extremely technical mountain trail sections like Col de l’Encrenaz Pass, while still taking runners on a truly breathtaking adventure high above Lake Annecy. The race will start in Doussard (the traditional starting line for Marathon Race) and finish in Annecy, passing by Crottes Chalet, the aid station in Menthon-St-Bernard, and up and over Mt. Veyrier with its amazing views of the lake. Cutoff times will be calculated based on the ITRA 300-point standard, equivalent to 3.8km/hr.
There will be no podium or official ranking for this new race, the first and last person to finish will receive the same medal. Through this new format, event organizers want to place a greater emphasis on running as a personal challenge, focusing on the sheer pleasure of galloping through the great outdoors and the very personal victory of finishing such a challenging endeavor.

Please note that with 2500 meters of overall vertical gain, this Marathon is no walk in the park, and still very much a mountain trail run and eXperience that will prepare participants to one day compete in the new version of the Marathon-Race. This will also be the same course for the 2nd day of the XL and XXL Race for those runners looking to circumnavigate Lake Annecy via the surrounding summits in two days.


Marathon-Race, 42km with 3400m of vertical gain and drop, This all-new version of the Marathon-Race will include a much more challenging course reserved for mountain trail runners with a more competitive mindset looking for points and results. The starting line will be along the lake in Talloires. The course will begin with a steep uphill section and throws one thigh-pounding descent after another at runners for a truly unforgettable race. The new-and-improved Marathon Race will only share 15km of trails with the Marathon-eXperience, primarily the final kilometers of the course. Registration will be limited to 1000 runners who have a minimum of 450 ITRA points. This race will be part of the 2020 Golden Trail National Series.

Additionally there will be other changes for all races as all cutoff times have been revised: while certain times will be more difficult to meet – still doable for most participants, other cutoff times will be easier than other major French and international mountain trail races.







The Maxi-Races are more than races, they are intend to give a experience for all the family, is as festive an event as it is athletic. Bands and solo artists will be playing music throughout the weekend at different points along the course to provide runners with moral support in a wildly entertaining atmosphere, besides the surroundings of Lake Annecy, in the Maxi-Village will have plenty of things to do by all family members.

As a welcome gift, runners will receive a t-shirt with a collectable print, a specific design made for the MaXi-Race by local artist “” (located in the Bauges Mountains). For the 2020 edition, every finisher will earn fantastic swag from Salomon, medals for the Ultra-Race, MaXi-Race, and Marathon Race: finishers will receive a specific medal for their race, either gold, silver, or bronze based on their times and all finishers in the new Marathon eXperience race will receive the same medal.




Greenweez, France’s largest organic and eco-friendly online store, based in the Northern French Alps (Haute-Savoie), is a new title sponsor for the MaXi-Race. Through this new partnership, organics take center stage at the event, boosting the sustainable approach race organizers started in 2018 when they signed the Steps to Nature charter.

Greenweez is based in the Northern French Alps (Haute Savoie), in the small town of Saint-Jorioz along the shores of beautiful Lake Annecy. Founded in 2008 by Romain Roy, is the leading e-commerce website in France for organic, environmentally responsible goods. The website offers a selection of more than 20,000 affordable organic and/or eco-friendly products, from food and produce to hygiene and care, by way of everything you need for babies (reusable diapers, pureed vegetables), as well as a large selection of household and garden items. Greenweez decided to partner with the MaXi-Race since the sport of trail running embodies a “healthy” and “responsible consumption” lifestyle so important to CEO Romain Roy. A frequent participant in the race, he is also the regional president for the non-profit Double Mixte, which helps high-level athletes transition to life after sports. The goal of this new partnership is to make the MaXi-Race a truly eco-responsible event, including the short-term ambition of becoming the first “100% organic and zero waste” race.



Salomon and Gore-Tex will continue as title partners and are as motivated as ever to become more involved in the event.

Salomon develops products at its Annecy Design Center headquarter offices, where engineers, designers, and athletes work together to continuously create innovative solutions that enhance the outdoor experience. The trails around Lake Annecy offer an amazingly vast all-natural playground where they run every day! At the forefront of breathable -waterproof technology for outdoor gear, Gore-Tex’s partnership with the MaXi-Race has been a shared adventure for the last 4 years.












Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain