And we have now the official calendar for Skyrunner World Series 2020, 16 races, 1 SkyMasters, 4 new courses and 2 new countries make up next year’s skyrunning season. After a successful 2019, the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series continues to lead developments in the sport by announcing spectacular calendar of pure skyrunning races in new and legendary locations around the world.




SKYRUNNER WORLD SERIES 2020: The classical plus two new countries


The Migu Run Skyrunner World Series has announced the continuation of its successful overall ranking system and similar calendar structure for 2020. Next year’s season consists of 16 races, all of which have been ISF certified to ensure they meet the necessary skyrace standards, plus the SkyMasters. Four races have been given SuperSky Race status, therefore awarding double points to the overall ranking. Four new courses have been introduced to further distinguish the key values of skyrunning: speed, technicality and intense competition.

Two New Countries, the circuit has also expanded geographically. Next year, athletes will be given the opportunity to explore and race in two brand-new countries. Vincent Gumy, SkyMan SA representative and calendar architect comments: “The 2020 Migu Run Skyrunner World Series calendar is a balance between novelties and classics. Each year, we want to present the athletes with new races and new mountain destinations to discover. As well as uncovering new talents these new regions also allow us to open up the sport of skyrunning to new countries and show them the beauty this sport has to offer.

The two new locations next year will be the Austrian Alps and the Canadian Rockies. The Hochkönig Skyrace, Austria’s most technical race, makes its world series debut on the 7th of June. The alpine course takes runners up to the summit of the “High King” at 2,900m and straight back down again against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

On the 26th of June, for the first time, the series will cross the pond to Canada for the Minotaur Skyrace. The diverse course goes up and over summits, down scree and through dense forest in the raw Canadian wilderness of Crowsnest pass. Race designer, Ian Lowe-Wylde comments: “We launched the event back in 2016, creating a style of racing that hadn’t been done before. Meet the Minotaur is true skyrunning on knife-like, narrow and technical ridges. It’s like dancing on a line between the prairies and the Rockies and we are thrilled to be a part of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series and to showcase this unique landscape through the global circuit.



The Classics Remain, of course the the calendar will, however, not forget the “classics” which have played a pivotal role in the series over the years. Such races include La Palma’s Transvulcania Ultramarathon and the Limone Sky Extreme. Hamperokken Skyrace in Tromsø and Livigno SkyMarathon in Italy will also remain, allowing athletes to experience the unique feeling of running on the world’s most well-known ridges and legendary courses.

More good news for the global skyrunning community is that the wait is over and Trofeo Kima, the Italian biennial race, is back. The famous 52 km course over seven passes with a total 4,200m of vertical climb, will be the 12th race of the season, taking place on 30th of August in Val Masino Italy. Capped at 250 participants due to the extremity of the course, Kima belongs to the “severe” group of races where vetting is a part of the strict selection process, which also includes the Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME». Following its successful debut in 2019, Switzerland’s new race has become a firm favorite and is at the top of many skyrunner’s bucket list for the coming year.

New Bulgarian “bad boy”, Pirin Extreme, is the third race that will be added to the calendar next year. The short and technical course with 38 km and 3,300m of vertical climb has been introduced to replace the original Pirin Ultra course. Race director Dimitar Dimitrov comments: “Pirin Extreme is a race with a split personality. The start and finish stretch is flat and fast but the middle section of the race is extreme and hardcore with steep climbs and narrow and exposed marble ridges. With 400m cliff drops on either side of the track, it requires stamina, experience and a great amount of sure-footedness.

Returning some Basque fever to the circuit is the fourth and final new addition, Gorbeia Suzien in Zeanuri, Spain. Known for its buzzing atmosphere and the enthusiasm of local spectators on the course, it will no doubt be a popular race for athletes and fans.



The SuperSkys and the SkyMasters, as in 2019, four races have been givenSuperSky Race” status. These are: Madeira Skyrace, Portugal; Skyrace Comapedrosa Andorra, Trofeo Kima, Italy and Gorbeia Suzien, Spain.

One more big announcement will come in early 2020, where the exclusive location for the SkyMasters will be announced.





Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain