LA SPORTIVA HAS JUST UNVEILED ITS NEW 2020 SHOES AND APPAREL NOVELTIES. We have been sharing firsthand the official presentation at Cortina d´Ampezzo in Dolomites, during the pre-race days of La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail. Indoor climbing, approach shoes and ultra running lead the development, with athletes such as, Michele Graglia, Jonathan Wyatt and Anton Krupicka colaborating in all developments. Let us start the presentation with Luca Mitch from La Sportiva HQ and them nove on to specific details. 





In recent years La Sportiva has often spoken of evolution. This means constantly adding something new to processes, products, ways of selling, communicating and yes, even ways of being.  The company born in Val di Fiemme in 1928, has come to understand this during its 90 years of history, in which every new project was undertaken as a new challenge.

In the meantime, the Outdoor sector has changed a lot: new logics have entered the scene and are fed by new uses of products and by different consumer groups.  Habits and searches for meaning have changed, capable of giving a new meaning to consolidated products and of challenging the company to rethink of the motivations that drive new consumers towards innovative solutions.  What all the protagonists of today have in common is the desire to go further, to set their own challenges, to find their own personal mountain to climb, in their everyday life.  This is the basis of evolution as intended by La Sportiva, as expressed by the claim “for your mountain”, wherever your mountain may be, whatever the limit to overcome.

The development of the SS2020 collection on show at Outdoor by ISPO in Munich from June 30th to July 3rd  starts from these bases and is developed on three main themes.


  • indoor climbing: inspired by the debut of climbing among the Olympic disciplines in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics,
  • multifunction: with the further development of the “hybrid” X-Cursion line that combines hiking and approach features,
  • ultra trail running: inspired by the growing ultra movement, long distance races in search of the physical and mental limits of those who run today to find profound meanings in the essence of their being.

Themes that act as common development guidelines for a collection that La Sportiva articulates on apparel and footwear product lines that are totally integrated in a total look and brand identity perspective.



The development of climbing gyms in city centers and the recent decision taken by the Olympic committee  to welcome climbing among the new Olympic disciplines from summer 2020, are bringing climbing into the spotlight of the general public who is now approaching this sport for the first time: hence the need to adapt to the needs of the new consumers but also, on the performance side, to the ever new surfaces and types of holds that are appearing on indoor walls.  La Sportiva therefore launches 3 new climbing shoes, one of which is an absolute newcomer and two that are revisited versions of other shoes, originating from the close collaboration with athletes of the caliber of Jacopo Larcher and Adam Ondra:

  • THEORY: This is the absolute newcomer to the collection that features the brand new Dynamic Technology®, a hitherto unseen construction method. It is designed for perfect adaptation to the shape of holds and volumes of indoor climbing.  It represents the evolution of the species: extreme sensitivity combines with the high dynamism, allowing hitherto unconceivable levels of spreadability and reactivity on the holds.


  • SOLUTION COMP: originating from the famous Solution climbing shoe, this model meets the needs of the new climber on artificial walls with greater coverage of the front part for toe hooks on overhangs and a more tapered heel for heel hooks on micro-holds.


  • COBRA 4:99: the first specific shoe for Speed climbing competitions, the new Olympic discipline. Each element of the sole and the uppers has been thought to provide maximum speed and lightweight for sprint climbers.  The challenge is launched: break the 5 second race wall (hence the name 4:99).




The evolutionary challenge is taken up by the apparel collection too, with the insertion of 7 new items in the climbing training line, made with stretch, quick-drying Drirelease®, and the addition of Olympic-themed graphics with explicit reference to Japanese culture and symbols, as well as garments designed for the modern climber: always on the move, nomad by nature and looking to express himself as much in nature as in the gym and in his daily life.  Organic cotton, anti-bacterial treatments and comfort fit are the pillars of a truly evolved collection.





The meaning of the term approach in footwear is underlined by  the “self powered adventures” of ambassador Anton Krupicka, the adventure begins the very moment one leaves home. The result is an accurate attention to every aspect of the approach route that leads to thinking of multi-function products able to adapt to the different needs of the user in the different conditions that he is face with during the day.


  • TX GUIDE: the most technical approach shoe in the La Sportiva Traverse X line.  It is designed for mountain guides and mountain operators looking for a high performance shoe for approach routes and climbing, a perfect product for Anton Krupicka’s new adventures


  • X-CURSION APPAREL COLLECTION: a line that combines versatility and comfort to meet the needs of the most advanced hikers looking for protective, breathable and fast-drying products.  T-shirts and base layers with anti-bacterial and anti-odor treatments in Polygiene®,  waterproof Gore-Tex® Active Shell, and wind resistant jackets with the new PFC Free Aquax  fabrics like Rise Jacket, the eyelet of a line that makes the term  “multifunction” its vocation.






The different motivations that drives an athlete to race today are among the most diverse and profound that can be found in the human soul: there are those who are in search of their own limit on the race clock, others who push themselves to the limits on almost unfeasible tracks: whatever the limit to be reached or exceeded, La Sportiva supports the athlete as a sense-provider, in search of meaning.

  • JACKAL: the mountain running shoe dedicated to off-road running over ultra distances and long-distance workouts on medium distances thanks to the exceptional cushioning guaranteed by the Infinitoo™ high energy return technology.
  • VK BOA: the shoe dedicated to vertical kilometer competitions, developed with the record-man sprinters and enriched by the BOA™ Fit rapid closure system . Weights reduced to a minimum for maximum uphill performance.


  • APPAREL: the capsule collection dedicated to all aspects of trail running, enriched with super-fast drying products made from Pòlygiene® with eye-catching graphics that fully embody the sense of movement and speed.  Run Jacket remains the iconic product and the one that the finisher of the famous Lavaredo Ultra Trail will have to earn kilometer after kilometer in the race.


La Sportiva’s commitment to the environment remains high with the confirmation of support for associations such as 1% for the Planet (one percent of the turnover of the apparel sector is dedicated to environmental practices ) and EOCA: during the trade fair in Munich, for example, a drinking font will be made available at the La Sportiva stand (A6-324) and staff and visitors will be encouraged to fill up their bottles thus reducing waste and eliminating single-use plastic bottles and cups:  small but significant actions to contribute to limiting the environmental impact and safeguarding the planet.  Innovation, passion and evolution, everything for your mountain, wherever it may be.





La Sportiva has always chosen to work very closely with a selected number of top athletes within all mountain sports. Be it climber Adam Ondra, mountain runner Jonathan Wyatt or the all rounder Anton Krupicka their vision and input is built into the italian brand development process. Here we catch up with Anton live at Dolomites.




Info by Mayayo for Trailrunningspain