MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: Opens the WMRA world cup calendar. Races, program and favorites in Annecy 2019


The 9th edition of the Maxi-Race Annecy is coming soon, with 9000 registered runners, several of the international elite will stand at the starting line of each race. There will be 11 races being the Short-Race (16km, 950m vertical gain) the opening of the WMRA World cup calendar. Seven unique races in 7 different countries, 140km of mountain racing tracks, 9300m+ of elevation with 5600m- of descent and a total prize pool across all of the races including the overall World Cup ranking of approximately 56,000 euro.





MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2109: Favorites of each race



Following the 2015 World Championships, the MaXi-Race was chosen by the WMRA (World Mountain Running Association) to host one of the Mountain Running World Cup’s seven stages, the only one held in France. The race’s international field will kick off an incredible weekend of trail running around Lake Annecy.

The best men’s and women’s runners on the circuit will be standing at the starting line, specifically:
– Andy WACKER (USA, 894 ITRA) – 2nd place Pikes Peak Marathon, 2nd place Moab Trail Marathon
– Robert Panin PURUM (Kenya, 885 ITRA) – 3rd place Sierre-Zinal 2018, 4th place Sierre-Zinal 2016

– Bernard DEMATTEIS (881 ITRA) – 4th overall on the 2018 Mountain Running World Cup

– Martin DEMATTEIS (857 ITRA) – 8th place in the 2018 Mountain Running World Championships.

Other elites include: Andrew DOUGLAS (United Kingdom, 874 ITRA) – 8th Sierre-Zinal 2018, 3rd overall on the 2018 Mountain Running World Cup; Filimon ABRAHAM (Eritrea, 860 ITRA) – 8th on the 2018 Mountain World Cup. Romain BUISSART (832 ITRA) – 1st place 2018 Trail des Glaisins, 3rd 2018 Cross du Mont Blanc – is one of the French runners who has a chance at a podium spot.

For the women, expect a fast and close race that includes:

– Lucy Wambui MURIGI (Kenya, 793 ITRA) – overall winner of the 2018 World Cup and 1st at Sierre-Zinal in 2018 and 2018
– Sarah MACCORMACK (Ireland, 716 ITRA) – 3rd overall in the 2018 World Cup – will continue her quest to win a title in 2019.

– Céline JEANNIER (France, 711 ITRA) – The lead hopeful for the French, 4th Sierre-Zinal 2017

– Elisa SORTINI (Italy, 704 ITRA) – 12th in the 2018 World Championships

– Louise MERCER (United Kingdom, 681 ITRA) – 4th in the 2018 XTerra Trail Running World Championships.



Winner of the first Ultra-Race in 2017, François D’HAENE (France, 916 ITRA) is coming “back home” to defend his title. After winning the 2019 MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra-Trail) at the end of April, his confidence is high. The elite international runners he will face include Jason SCHLARB (USA, 887 ITRA), who will be aiming for the top spot at his first ever race around Lake Annecy. Brit Donald Campbell (824 ITRA) and Frenchman Patrick BRINGER (846 ITRA) also have the legs to compete with this dynamic duo, just like Italian Andrea MACCHI.

For the women, Caroline CHAVEROT (France, 804 ITRA), who won the Ultra-Race in 2017 just like François, would like a second win in Annecy. Ildiko Wermescher (Hungary, 689 ITRA), Denise ZIMMERMAN (Switzerland, 666 ITRA), Sandrine BERANGER (France, 649 ITRA), Jamie AARONS (USA, 614 ITRA), and Brit Carrie CRAIG should also figure among the runners in the lead group.



Maxime CAZAJOUS (867 ITRA), Michel LANNE (860 ITRA), Vincent VIET (843 ITRA), Hugo ALTMEYER (835 ITRA), or Baptiste CHASSAGNE (831 ITRA) will fight for the french podium while there will be three other elite international runners could very well rain on their parade: Canhua LUO (843 ITRA) from China, as well as Italians Stefano RINALDI (846 ITRA) and Riccardo BORGIALLI (839 ITRA).


For the women, a dual between France and Italy looks likely, with Frenchwoman Audrey BASSAC (673 ITRA), and Italians Lisa BORZANI (695 ITRA) and Virgnia OLIVERI (672 ITRA) vying for the top spot.



Twelve elite French runners, with 810 to 876 ITRA points, will stand at the Marathon Race’s starting line. The group includes Adrien MICHAUD, Gautier AIRIAU, Kevin VERMEULEN, Eric MBACHA, Alexandre PELLICIER, Emmanuel DAVID, Sacha DEVILLAZ, and Gédéon POCHAT. For the women, Lucie JAMSIN, Lucile OCHS, Caroline LAFAYE, and Camille ANCEY figure among the race favorites.



Count on Frenchmen Sylvain PERRIN and Kevin DUNAND to give Italian Francesco CUCCO a run for his money.

For the women, Sonia LOCATELLI (IT), Delphine AVENIER (FR), and Tanya RAINBIRD (GB) should lead the pack.



Clément MOLLIET and Arthur JOYEUX-BOUILLON are the front runners for the men, and Stéphanie BRENEOL and Fleur VEIGNEAU for the women.



For this ladies-only race, the top three runners in the field are Sandrine MOTTO ROS (626 ITRA), Camilla ANTONSEN (605 ITRA), and Virginie CAILLAUD (583 ITRA).






May 18 and 19, 2019: The brand new MaXi-Mountain – from 230km to 250km – from de 20,000 to 27,000 vertical meters.

Returning to the origins of mountain sports is definitely the main motivation for organizing this new challenge. In the spirit of creating the unbreakable bond that comes with venturing into the mountains with others and the desire to explore the unbeaten path, this is an Adventure with a capital A. In teams of 3, the MaXi-Mountain represents the ultimate self-guided competition: no signage, no outside assistance, and only a few aid stations. It provides participants with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the backcountry and leave no trace on the environment. Aid stations will be located every 50km, with a required 1-hour “Stop & Go” to rest, change clothes, and eat a hearty organic and/or local meal.
The course is currently being mapped and will cross through the Aravis Mountains, the Bauges Mountains, and across Tournette Peak with spectacular views of Mont Blanc in the background.
The 2019 edition will be a test version, with a few French and foreign teams invited to verify the course and provide a photo preview of what is in store… In 2020, the official 1st edition will include approximately 50 teams selected based on the following criteria (in order of priority):
– Teams with at least two 2019 Ultra-Race finishers,
– Teams with at least one 2019 Ultra-Race finisher,
– Teams proving that they have considerable ultra marathon trail running and/or adventure racing and/or mountain expedition experience.


May 24-26, 2019: The Salomon Gore-Tex® MaXi-Race, “Designed for runners by runners,” this year will include 11 race formats, from 15km to 115km long, offering both elite and amateur runners the chance to choose their favorite distance. We are sure you can find the one adapted to your skills.

· Ultra-Race: 115km, 7000m vertical gain – The Ultra is limited to 1000 runners, 5 ITRA points
· MaXi-Race: 82km, 5200m vertical gain – The flagship race is limited to 2000 runners, 4 ITRA points
· XL-Race: 81km, 5200m vertical gain – Around the lake in 2 days
· XXL-Race: 117km in two days
· R-Race: 80km, 5200m vertical gain as a 2 or 4-person relay team – A challenge to share with others
· Marathon-Race: 40km, 2500m vertical gain – A half loop around Lake Annecy, limited to 2200 runners, 2 ITRA points
· Femina-Race: 16km, 950m vertical gain – 100% for women only, limited to 300 runners
· Short-Race: 16km, 950m vertical gain – The gateway to trail running, limited to 500 runners
· Mini-Race: from 100m to 1km for 300 young runners
· MaXi-Orientation and Semi-Orientation


June 1-2, 2019: the MaXi-Lake in the lakeside town of Sevrier. Up until now, the MaXi-Lake took place the same weekend as the trail races, and was primarily organized for kayakers (from beginners to experts). This year, the organizing team wanted to open the event to the lake’s other human-powered water sports, such as stand up paddle boarding, dragon boat racing, and rowing, to create a unifying gathering for all of the water sports clubs around Lake Annecy. Each discipline will include several distances, from 5 to 34 kilometers, allowing everyone to enjoy a weekend on the lake. For organizers, offering participants a choice in distance for their chosen water sport (among those offered) provides the MaXi-Lake with both a competitive and friendly aspect open to as many athletes as possible. For more information, visit:












Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain