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May 29

MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: A WEEKEND FULL OF RACES. Races report and personal experience by Abel de Frutos.

. During the weekend of 24th to 26 of May we enjoying all the events of the Salomon GORE-TEX MaXi-Race 2019. A full weekend of events enclosed on the MaXi Race World, six events around the world that are the perfect opportunity to discover new destinations, following an unabated passion for trail running. We had the […]

May 08

MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: Opens the WMRA world cup calendar. Races, program and favorites in Annecy 2019

. The 9th edition of the Maxi-Race Annecy is coming soon, with 9000 registered runners, several of the international elite will stand at the starting line of each race. There will be 11 races being the Short-Race (16km, 950m vertical gain) the opening of the WMRA World cup calendar. Seven unique races in 7 different […]

March 21

MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: Only a few bibs left. François d’Haene and Jason Schlarb will run the Ultra-Race

  . In about two months (May 24-26) Salomon Gore-Tex MaXi-Race will be held in Annecy. More than 9000 runners from 55 countries in 11 race formats will join the adventure on a full or partial loop around Lake Annecy via the surrounding mountains. At the moment, many of the races have filled up registrations […]

January 12

MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: Races registration in almost all races and a new large format, the MaXi Mountain

  . With 11 race formats, the Salomon Gore-Tex® MaXi-Race always marks the beginning of the trail-running season with a bang. Held during the last weekend of May, it offers runners the chance to enter their first post-winter competition. For the elite, the MaXi-Race provides a first look at their main competitors as a preview […]