KILIAN JORNET SUMMER CALENDAR READY: Zegama, Sierre Zinal and Pike’s Peak


After being father this winter, Kilian comes back to races in summer choosing three events from Salomon Golden Trail SeriesZegama Aizkorri marathon in Spain, Sierre Zinal in Switzerland and finally the Pike’s Peak Marathon in Colorado.

As the three of them are integrated in these Golden Trail Series it is possible that Kilian will finish the season in the Golden Trail Series finale in Nepal, running the Annapurna Trail Marathon.






KILIAN’S SUMMER CALENDAR: Zegama, Sierre Zinal and Pike’s Peak


After winning a bronze medal in the legendary Mezzalama Trophy, in a team with Armin Höfl and Jakob Herrmann, Kilian is now preparing to tackle the trail running season. After an unusual period of inactivity for Jornet, in which he has been focusing on his new role as a father, the athlete from La Cerdanya is setting out a new strategy: to concentrate on three races in order to achieve his maximum potential.

This summer I want to focus on three legendary races, those of Zegama, Sierre Zinal and Pikes Peak. I’ve chosen them because they are very demanding circuits with a lot of history, where the best runners in the world take part. I have been doing lots of races in the summer for some years now, and this time I want to try and focus on just three and try to do the best I can in them”, Jornet explains.

In this way, Kilian will adapt his training to give 100 % to these three races of the Golden Trail Series. With fewer circuits in his agenda, Jornet will be able to devote longer periods to training and recovery, to be able to perform at this best in the key races.
Kilian Jornet returns to the 17th edition of Zegama with ambition, a competition of which he is the eight-time champion. He is passionate about this race due to its steep route and its path over the peaks of the Basque mountains, a landscape which is always scattered with rain and mud, adding something epic to the competition. Kilian also has experience in Sierre Zinal, a competition which he has won six times and in Pikes Peak, a marathon in which he has also been victorious, but it’s a race that he hasn’t competed in since 2012. At an altitude of 4,000 m, it will put the athletes’ acclimatisation abilities to the test.

So, with these three objectives in mind, Jornet will complete his preparation for the season in Norway, before heading away on the first weekend of June to the legendary Zegama Aizkorri. If he gets enough points in the three races he will take part, Kilian will finish the season in the Golden Trail Series finale in Nepal, running the Annapurna Trail Marathon.

Kilian’s Calendar 2019 – Kilian Jornet . Salomon Golden Trail Series

  • June 2nd 2019 – Zegama Aizkorri (Basque Country) – 42km, 2.700m D+
  • August 11th 2019 – Sierre Zinal (Switzerland) – 31km, 2.200m D+
  • August 25th 2019 – Pikes Peak (USA), 42km, 2.300m D+








Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain