UTMB International: OMAN BY UTMB (NOV29-137/D+7800M) joins GaoligongbyUTMB. Registrations open.



Trailrunning is being global and this is a very good example. Last March we introduced you the GaoligongbyUTMB in Chinathis was the first incursion by UTMB International out of France. In China our colleague @abel.defrutos run one of the events (RCE 125k) and shared us through our social media all his experiences there.



This time UTMB International goes to Oman Sultanate to held the second ByUTMB® International event to expand the trademark over the world. OmanByUTMB® in November 2018

“The UTMB® brand means much more than a simple race. All events supported by UTMB® are organised with the highest quality standards, offering a challenging course in the mountains and an extraordinary adventure in an iconic destination,” said Catherine Poletti UTMB® Mont-Blanc Director.





OMANBYUTMB: SECOND EVENT BY UTMB®. After the GaoligongByUTMB. UTMB International arrives Oman to be the location of a new extrem ultra-trail event, for those who do not know where Oman is, it is located in the Asian contintent and shares land borders with three other countries, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and  United Arab Emirates. The event will be hosted by Oman Sail, supported by UTMB® International and the organizers of UTMB® Mont-Blanc which in the last 10 years has promoted important sport events across the country like the Muscat MarathonTrans Hajar mountain bike race or the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series among others.

We are delighted to be bringing such a prestigious and well-established event to the Sultanate of Oman and we are looking forward to welcoming a field of international runners to this beautiful country. Oman has immense potential to be a leading trail running destination and we have been working closely with the UTMB® team to establish the best way to showcase the country and provide participants with an experience where they will get a taste of authentic Arabia and take part in an incredible challenge” said Oman Sail CEO David Graham.



The first edition will be hosted from November 29th to December 2nd 2018 through villages, palm plantations, deep wadis, narrow gorges and along mountain top ridges, the route travels from Birkat Al Mawz (600m) to the heights of Jebel Akhdar, the Green Mountain, peaking at over 2,200m reaching the city of Al Hamra after 137k and a vertical gain of over 7,800m, making the course packed with variety and challenge.





Registrations are opened! From May the 4th, 300 runners are allowed to register, 137k, 7,800 vertical gain and 6 ITRA points, the climbs are long and at times very technical and temperatures will vary greatly from 25C during the day in the valleys to around 10C in the mountains, where most of the course is run.

Race will start November 29th at 7:30pm from the city of Birkat Al Mawz with the fastest competitors expected to finish in around 20 hours at the city of Al Hamra, runners will get a maximum of 44 hours to finish the race against the 46:30 hours that UTMB® Mont-Blanc gives to their runners in order to finish the 170k and 10,000 vertical gain, this makes us thinking how hard the event will be.



Do you think this is all? In addition to the adventure, the race carries a number of benefits for those wishing to enter the lottery to run UTMB® Mont-Blanc, every finisher gains the maximum number of qualifying ITRA points (6) valid for 3 years (instead of the usual two) and every finisher saves one year in the UTMB® Mont-Blanc registration process. So, for the 2019 edition, each OMAN by UTMB® finisher doubles their chance in the entry lottery, if registering for the first time, or gains entry, if registering for the second time having been unsuccessful in 2018.

November in the Sultanate offers ideal weather conditions for combining sport, adventure and discovery. To make your stay easier, before or after the ultra trail, the the organization through its web page offers different travel packages for runners and families with the very best travel deals, promising to take care of every aspect of your visit. Run and enjoy.






Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain