Tenerife Blue Trail 2018 (8JUN/102k-66k-43k-20k) Program, course and favorites. 2.350 runners discovering Teide National Park.

The Tenerife Blue Trail 2018 reaches its 8th edition, as one of the most concurrence event on the national panorama.

About 2350 bib numbers from more than 30 countries will enjoy from Adeje Beach to Teide National Park, at any of its four races: Ultra(102k), Trail(66k), Marathon(43k) and Half(20k).


Follow the live-race with us from Tenerife the whole weekend, here on the web, on Facebook/carrerasdemontanacom and Twitter @carrerasmontana and @trailrunningESP. Please find in our video how we lived the race in previous years:




The Tenerife Bluetrail 2018 offers up to five different races, looking for offering Trail running for everyone.

The big race (UltraTrail) will start at midnight, crossing the Teide National Park , on a route of 102 km. It will start on Fañabé beach at 11:30pm, with a limit of 24h for the last finisher.

Weather as usual in the Canary Islands will be good, with temperatures between 17 and 21 degrees and some clouds that hopefully will not prevent the runners to enjoy the beautiful night going up to Mount Teide.


Both, popular and elite runners, are attracted by the reputation of this race, since there are few places on the whole planet where you can run from the beach to more than three thousand meters and return to the sea.

At this time, going through the course crossing the island, enjoying an emblematic National Park, always under the shade of Teide. Thus, as the race profile shows, not being a very technical race, we can consider it as an Alpine race due the big difference in altitude between the lowest and highest part altogether in the middle part of the race which in previous events caused some people retiring due altitude sickness, very well resolved by a conscious organization.






More international than ever: The race organized by the Cabildo of Tenerife will be hold on June 8th, with a total of 2,350 runners representing more than 30 countries. The race will cross the Teide National Park – declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – and will offer four different modalities Ultra(102km), Trail(66 km), Marathon(43 km), Half(20 km), as well as the Bluetrail Challenge, in which a hundred people will take part with Disability. The finish line for all races will be located in the area of Lake Martianez, in Puerto de la Cruz, where there will be performances throughout the day.

The race has the highest point in altitude in Spain and second in Europe, only surpassed by the high Trail Vanoise alpina. In this edition, Tenerife will have some of the top national and international elite runners. In addition, the ultra will score for the Skyrunner National Series Spain, Andorra & Portugal, while the trail version will be valid for the Canary Islands Ultra Trail.

Favorites: Among the outstanding names present on the island, we have the winner of the last edition Yeray Durán,  the nepali Sange Sherpa winner in 2016, Pau Capell, Marc Pinsach, the local runner David Lutzardo and the two-time second world champion Cristofer Clemente.

In females, the presence of Cristelle Bard, winner last year and an excellent eighth place in the general, in front we will have this time Azara García from Salomon team that comes from obtaining the teams world championship with the Spanish team in 2018, although with the bitterness of an individual abandonment of which she will try to fix it here.

Security and volunteers: The security pool will have more than half a thousand people represented by the Cabildo, Ideco, Forces and Security groups of the State, Teide National Park, Government of the Canary Islands, Civil protection and different voluntary associations and groups. The race has the collaboration of the areas of environment, roads, tourism and security of the Cabildo and the town hall for which the race takes place.


In addition, the organization has 150 volunteers that will be strategically distributed among the course in order to meet the needs of the race and the runners. In this sense, the Tenerife Bluetrail will bet, one more year, for the eco-responsibility, in such a way that the environment is respected and the public and the runners try not to leave traces of their presence in the course with papers, wrappings and bottles, among others rubbish.




ULTRA102K (11.30PM-JUN8): The longest, the Ultra (102km) offers the possibility to cross the island starting from zero to 3,555 meters, maximum height that is reached in the ascent to the Teide. 70% trail, 17% tracks and 13% for asphalt. Limit time to finish this mode will be 24 hours.

The start of the race will be at 11:30pm hours on June 8th, from Fañabé beach, located in Adeje, the course will continue across La Quinta, Ifonche, Vilaflor de Chasna, Degollada de Guajara, Roques de García, Pico Viejo, La Rambleta, Montaña Blanca, Lomo Hurtado, Recibo Quemado, Ladera de Tigaiga, Chanajiga, Tigaiga, El Asomadero, El Mirador de La Corona, Mirador de San Pedro y Rambla de Castro. The last stop will be at Puerto de la Cruz, where the finish line for all runners will be located.


Trail 66KM (6AM-JUN9): The 67 kilometers race will begin at 6:00 hours in the street of Santa Catalina de Vilaflor. the course will include a 55% trail, 32% tracks and 13% asphalt. The race will depart from 1,387 meters high and reach the 2,520 at its highest point. The cumulative altitude for this mode will be 7,886 meters. Maximum time to finish will be 14 hours.

The course will include points such as Degollada de Guajara, Siete Cañadas, Volcanes de Arenas Negras, El Portillo, Degollada del Cedro, Ladera de Tigaiga, Chanajiga, El Asomadero, El Lance, Mirador de San Pedro or Rambla de Castro, ending as well at Puerto de la Cruz.


43KM Marathon (9am-JUN9): The 43 kilometers marathon will take place on June 9th, from 9:00 hours. In 2018 we will have a 50% trail, 29% track and 21% asphalt.

From its start line on Pista de Mamio (Aguamansa, La Orotava), the participants of this race will visit la Caldera de Aguamansa, Anaga Chasna, Pista Los Picachos, Pista PK 29, Piedra de Los Pastores, Ladera de Tigaiga, Chanjiga, Tigaiga, El Asomadero, El Lance, Mirador de San Pedro, Rambla de Castro and finally as the others Puerto de la Cruz.


Half 20km (8am-JUN9): The half, 20 kilometres will start at 8:00 hours on Saturday, June 9th. The starting line will be the Plaza of San Agustín (Los Realejos) and runners will have 4 hours to complete the course. The course will have 32% trail, 18% track and 50% asphalt.

After taking the start, runners will pass through El Asomadero, La Corona, Mirador de San Pedro, Rambla de Castro and finally arriving to Puerto de la Cruz too. The cumulative altitude will be 2,794 meters and a maximum altitude of 1,092 meters will be reached.


RETO BLUETRAIL: Integration will be one more year, a fundamental value of this Tenerife BLUETRAIL 2018.  This modality will be again present in the event, with three races, 8.4 km 3.7km and 1.2 km which will meet with the end all the other races.

The III Reto Bluetrail will have three courses and will be launched at 6:00pm on Saturday June 9th. The first of them will be about 8 km away and will start at the viewpoint of San Pedro (Los realejos), while the second, 3.7 km will depart from Playa Jardín.  The third 1.2 km, will start in la Casa de La Aduana.  The arrival will be located in the area of Lake Martianez (Puerto de la Cruz), sharing the finish line with all the other races Ultra, Trail, Marathon and Half.


RACE BIB COLLECTION: Will be held June 7 and 8 in Recinto Ferial de Tenerife from 11am to 9pm. An event which offers sport entities a location to show all their new stuff to the runners.




Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain