Skimo World Cup 2017: Laetitia Roux and Roberto Antonioli win sprint at Turkey. Claudia Galicia silver, Marta García Farrés bronze.



The Skimo World Cup 2017  just completed its third leg at Turkey,  following Fontblanca and Cambre d’Aze. With a reduced field of skiers versus the Pyrenees, nevertheless, the Ergan Dagi mountains were hosting such an event for the first time, testimony to the strife of the ISMF for the global expansion of skimo.

Latetitia Roux and Roberto Antonioli were the winners, with Claudia Galicia and Marta García Farrés completing the female podium whereas Michelle Boscacci and Nadir Maguet took silver and bronce for the men. The Skimo World Cup now moves on for the World Championships to be held at Italy from 23rd FEB onwards. Follow below the race report, full results and photos by ISMF.







. The Sprint race, the second of the 2017 ISMF world Cup season, involved again eight nations. Clear sky, sun and almost no breeze for a lucky “photocopy” of the day before. The good conditions payed off the local organizers’ hard work in cooperation with ISMF technicians, who put down an interesting run which was faster than ever, jumping directly to the hottest section of the heats. The track was set mainly on piste with an off piste section slightly longer than normal.

Some of the athletes seemed to like this “spring” snow very much. The men race saw the leadership of the Italian team in both semifinals up to the very last run, when an historical “triplete” conquered the podium: Roberto Antonioli over Michele Boscacci and Nadir Maguet finished up in a very emotional embrace after fighting all way long. In the ladies race “queen” Laetitia Roux ruled over two princesses from Spain, Claudia Galicia Cotrina and Marta Garcia Farres. If Roux earned again herself another prize and basically maintain the leadership all the way to the finish, the two Spaniard were nailing the challenge fighting on each other heels till the end.


Robert Antonioli (ITA): ”I am three time happy, for me and for my team mates, both younger and “older”. It is a great result. As for me, I feel in good shape: after Cambre D’aze I needed to confirm the right job I was doing and now I get the right condidence to go towards the Champs”.

Laetitia Roux (FRA):  “I am happy for my victory but above all for discovering such beautiful places. Now I concentrate on the Champs where I will only talke part to the Individual. Then I will be back in the Cup also for the Sprint challenge”.

NEXT STAGE: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AT CAVALLO, ITALY 23FEB. The ISMF world cup leaves Turkey with a great legacy of fair play and friendship. Many athletes have stated how much they have appreciated the logistics and hospitality, wishing that other race environments were like Turkey.
For most of the athletes the next target will be the world Championships in Italy, kicking off in less than two weeks, from 23rd February in Alpago and Piancavallo area. The world Cup itself will be back, from the end of march, with two more stages between Italy and Spain. Four more races to go: one Vertical, one Sprint and two Individuals.






After today , the Sprint cup, with one more race to go, has come to its turning point with Roux (200) and Antonioli (160) in the lead, followed by Claudia Galicia Cotrina (160) and Marta Garcia Farres for the women as well as Maguet ex aequo with Arnold (100) for men, respectively.

The Individual cup is half its way, too and when two more competitions are in the spring agenda. The women are one more year behind the strong leadership of France with Laetitia Roux (300) and Axelle Mollaret (240) who – having always been on podium – might still have the stamina to catch up the queen of the season. In the following position there is a group of ladies who will fight hard till the end: Claudia Galicia Cotrina, from Spain, now third with 155, the italian Katia Tomatis (122) and the swedish Emelie Forsberg (110) who skipped Turkey.


On the men side, the battle is even more open: the “azzurri” Robert Antonioli and Michele Boscacci are in the lead with a small gap of 6 points, but the “bleu” William Bon Mardion and another Italian, Matteo Eydallin, have both proved that they won’t let the glory go so easily. After the Champs the world Cup emotions will be right back.









Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain