Kilian Jornet double Skyrunning world champion at Vertical Km & Marathon, plus Laura Orgue (KMV) & Luis Alberto Hernando (Ultra80k)

Kilian Jornet, Laura Orgué & Luis Alberto Hernando come back to Spain as members of its national team by FEDME claiming 4 world champions titles altogether: On Friday the vertical KM saw Kilian & Laura on top, just after Luis Alberto had won the Ultra 80k. Kilian rounded it up today winning the Marathon.

Kilian Jornet world champion skyrunning 2014 at marathon mont blanc



Kilian Jornet (2) Laura Orgué and Luis Alberto Hernando win gold for Spain.

ULTRA SKY 80K: The very first race of the championship was held on early Friday, and saw a beatiful double fight. Male title was contested mainly by Luis Alberto and François D´Haene all through the day and went finally to the spaniard by 4min. A very similar picture developed in the women´s field between Emelie Forsberg and Anna Frost, with the swede finally claming the crown.

Luis Alberto Hernando ultra sky world champion. Photo @ENDU_MAG

Luis Alberto Hernando ultra sky world champion. Photo @ENDU_MAG

VERTICAL KILOMETER: Next on late Friday came the vertical kilometer were the challenge for the title was set upon a mountain race against the clock where runners had to beat a 1.000 elevation gain within 3.8km.   Both Kilian jornet and Laura Orgué won the gold for Spain. Final positions in the men´s field were: 1-Kilian Jornet 34’18” 2-Bernard Dematteis 34’36” 3-Urban Zemmer 34’37”

“The victory was a surprise. I didn’t had many expectations to win as I just came back from Alaska and there were serious contendents. However, things went very well and I’m happy for the result, which has allowed me to prepare the race on Sunday”, said Kilian Jornet after the race

kilian jornet vertical kilometer world champion skyrunning 2014

kilian jornet vertical kilometer world champion skyrunning 2014. Photo Jordi Saragossa.

MARATHON SKYRACE: The rain and cold dominated the Skyrunning Race in the Skyrunning World Championships held this morning in Chamonix, were athletes climbed 2,486m along a 42km-circuit, shortened due to bad weather conditions. Kilian Jornet won the race with a time of 3h23′ ahead of Michel Llane and Tom Owens. With this victory, Kilian Jornet is crowned as Skyrunning World Champion, and completes a double victory with his win on Friday in the Vertical Kilometre, the brightest star in a great performance by Spain´s national FEDME team whose twelve members ran as follows.

seleccion española campeonato mundo 2014

The race took place this morning in the French town of Chamonix. The original circuit had to be modified on several occasions due to adverse weather conditions. The finishing line was reallocated to Chamonix town centre to avoid climbing to the highest areas of the original route, struck by strong gusts of wind and rain.

Kilian Jornet started the race having won the Vertical Kilometre event on Friday, but also feeling uncertain about his performance after having spent a month in Alaska. From the very beginning it was a really fast race, and immediately a group formed by Kilian Jornet, Zaid Ait Malek, Michel Llane, Aritz Egea and Tom Owens sprinted ahead of the leading pack of athletes. They all arrived very close together at Vallorcine checkpoint at kilometre 18 and faced the climb to the Col des Possettes (2,000m) the highest point in the shortened circuit.

Distances between athletes began to increase and, upon reaching kilometre 35, in Flegère, Kilian had already managed to position himself in first place outstripping his competitors by a few minutes, as he himself explained: “We started off very fast, in a race that had two very different parts. At first, it was more of a mountain race, but later it became more sky-like, more technical, and that’s where I managed to break away. It rained a lot throughout the circuit, although it wasn’t very cold. The truth is that I prefer these conditions, with muddy terrains, and slippery stones…”

Kilian Jornet world champion skyrunning 2014 at marathon mont blanc. Photo: Brian Jones

Kilian Jornet world champion skyrunning 2014 at marathon mont blanc. Photo: Brian Jones

From La Flegère, Kilian flew down to the finishing line, which he crossed with a time of 3h23′. There, he joined Bruno Brunod, pioneer in Skyrunning and a great friend of his. Michel Lane and Tom Owens accompanied him on the podium.

Upon reaching the finishing line, Jornet commented: “I did not expect to be at this level. It has been a very encouraging surprise. I’m also glad for Michel and Tom, who finished in podium positions, as they are distinguished runners and also great friends. Crossing the finishing line with Bruno has also been very special. He was cheering me on just before reaching the finishing line and he was the first Skyrunning World Champion. So, it was a very special moment. In short, I think it’s been the perfect balance for the World Championships.”

Next week Kilian Jornet will travel to the USA to prepare for the Hardrock, to be held on July 11th.




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Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain