Gran Trail Peñalara 2014 (10k-60k-80k-110k) See final video and photo gallery.

 Gran Trail Peñalara ultra trail was launched back in 2010 aimed at commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the mountain club RSEA Peñalara, which was celebrated lat year 2013.

Ever since, the race has grown up to become the most important annual trail running event in all central Spain. This 2014 it was qualifying race for UTMB and Western States 100 Miles. It was also one of five member races for the ultra trail national series of reference, the Spain Ultra Cup

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 The main race course is based upon a 110km complete circumvalation of the highest peaks of the Guadarrama National Park, with Peñalara peak at 2.430 meters as course summit. There are also two smaller races held, with 60km and 80km courses.This ultra trail of the Guadarrama National Park passes through different towns and mountain villages following old time trails that were used by cattle, hunters and nowadays, by hikers, and nowadays structured as an official mountain trekking route as the GR10 trail.

The race is circular and is ran in self-sufficiency mode, requiring the participants to carry a minimum amount of mandatory equipment which guarantees their safety during the 110 kilometers of the race. Maximum time allowed to complete the race is 30 hours.

The event is designed for anyone who is in physical shape and is familiar with mountain surroundings, allowing for participants of different levels to complete the race. Some will take as little as 13-14 hours of running, and others combine running and hiking to complete the event in the maximum time limits.

The event gathers trailrunners from all over Spain and abroad to experience the true beauty of the mountains of Madrid and at the same time take special care and respect for the protected environment and its immense natural and cultural value. This 2014 the male winner of the 110 main race was again argentinian Pedro Bianco, who set a new course record. The female winner, Alicia Chaveli, came from Valencia.






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The race course begins and ends at the village of Navacerrada, just 50k from Madrid itself. It heads out of town through the valley of La Barranca rising up to the summit of La Maliciosa (2.221m) and heading down through the sierra of Porrones to Cantocochino, which lies within the Pedriza regional park. The course continues through La Pedriza climbing by La Gran cañada, a former sheperds trail towards the Hoya de San Blas and the lower pine and oak groves of the old pathway from Madrid to el Paular reaching La Morcuera Pass.

From here, after a long descent, the course arrives at the Paular Monastery in the heart of the Lozoya valley, crossing the river over the historical bridge, Puente del Perdón and arriving in the town of Rascafría .

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From Rascafría and the Lozoya valley, the Gran Trail follows the top of the Montes Carpetanos, up to the Reventón Pass. From here it continues along the top between Segovia and Madrid where it reaches the highest point of the Madrid sierra at the summit of Peñalara. From Peñalara, the race drops down the Segovian side, with its majestic pine trees arriving in La Granja de San Ildefonso, where the finish line for those participating in the Trail Peñalara 80K will be.

From La Granja and following the road of the Pesquerías Reales, constructed during the reign of Charles III, parallel to the Eresma river, the GranTrail enters the pine forest of Valsaín and picks up the GR10 again, which ascends along the historical pathway between two plateaus reaching the Fuenfría Pass.

The Gran Trail leaves the Fuenfría and within the pine forest of Valsaín, climbs to the Navacerrada Pass (km 100). The last 10 km crosses the side of Las Guarramillas to the hill of Emburriadero and descends down the valley of La Barranca in order to reach the finish line in the town of Navacerrada.





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Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain